Gerald Celente - The Fed and Trump To Ignite Economic Turmoil; 16:36 min.

Gerald Celente
Published on Sep 14, 2018

Original release:09/12/2018

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- tickpicker
18 hours ago
Yea we are all going to prosper mowing each others lawns
16 hours ago
Kudos! Got me (and my attorney friend) one of those red BS buttons couple years ago-battery bill is getting huge.
13 hours ago
retail sales hit 6 month LOW, yea the economy is booming alright!
-Eisen J Eisen
16 hours ago
It sure looks like Americas slow death into Socialism following the VAT countries to nowhere
- Red Pill Diogenes
8 hours ago
Megalithic balls on Gerald. God bless you.

The Deep State Prepares Counter Narrative, Truth Will Win - Episode 1664b; 29:51 min.

Published on Sep 14, 2018
-donald breaux
14 hours ago
The deep state, cabal and followers lost everything almost 2 years now and the more they manipulate, lie ,cheat the more transparent they are becoming only They themselves cannot see it but all of the rest of the world does listen closely and you can here "The Emperor is wearing no clothes" as the grand laughter ensues!
- Joseph Stockstill
13 hours ago
This Censorship will be broken very soon and history will record this present time as a critical time for the survival of American Civil Liberties, and the anti-American Communist Tyrants effort to derail and destroy the great United States of America. They had better be prepared to pay for these nutty ideas with their life, because We The People are prepared to defend our freedoms with our lives.
yvette rae
12 hours ago
Oregon media has been calling people asking what they think of the news media...I know cause they called my house today...they were almost demanding that I give them examples why I believe the way I do...they also were trying to get our email address here so they can check up on my complaints and issues...the guy tried to push a little to hard to convience me I am wrong and being brainwashed by the GOP side of things gs...they called the wrong house...Idiots....
- Dana M
13 hours ago
Isn't it weird how Kerry's daughter married an Iranian, hmmmm was it a deal made?!
- Wayne Teachman
12 hours ago
You can bet that is why the Guys in Benghazi were killed because Stevens found out Hillary and Obama along with the CIA were arming Isis and the others to go after Assad

10-year anniversary of the financial crash; 27:36 min.

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the 10-year anniversary of the financial crash and how the architects of the crash, including Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner and Hank Paulson, are granted an op-ed in the New York Times to plead for less democracy and more unaccountable economic powers to provide unlimited bailouts to their friends in the next financial crisis. In the second half, Max interviews Ken Silverstein of about the Neocons behind Cold War 2.0 and why the cold war was even wanted. They also ask how it is that Bill Kristol, the most ‘neoconish’ of all Neocons, has become a hero of the ‘liberal’ ‘resistance.’

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