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  • The head of the Justice Department’s criminal division during the George W. Bush administration reportedly opposed pursuing felony charges against pharmaceutical company executives for downplaying OxyContin’s dangers.
  • Top DOJ officials similarly rejected a prosecutor’s recommendation to file felony charges after they met with executives from Purdue Pharma and their defense team, according to The New York Times.
  • Members of the Sackler family, who own Purdue Pharma, sought to mislead the public about abuse surrounding OxyContin, a lawsuit alleges, citing company emails and other documents.

The head of the Justice Department’s criminal division under President George W. Bush reportedly opposed levying felony charges against executives of a pharmaceutical company that’s widely blamed for helping start the opioid epidemic.

She has since joined a private law firm and has successfully defended pharmaceutical companies against government investigations.

A federal prosecutor recommended the felony indictments, which could have resulted in jail time if convictions were secured, but the DOJ officials rejected the notion after meeting with the Purdue Pharma executives and their defense team, according to The New York Times. It’s unclear if the criminal division chief attended that meeting.

Over 12 years later, it’s still unknown which senior officials attended that meeting, who rejected the indictment recommendations, and why they were rejected. Local and state governments have since mounted hundred of lawsuits against Purdue alleging the company downplayed the dangers of its blockbuster opioid, OxyContin.


The DOJ declined to comment on this story.

Purdue representatives lobbied top DOJ officials on multiple occasions during the Bush administration, according to news reports and congressional testimony. Future FBI Director James Comey was involved in one instance, and Rudy Giuliani, who now serves as President Donald Trump’s attorney, was tied to another.

The prosecutor who recommended felony indictments against Purdue executives found he was recommended for termination after a third instance that occurred hours before Purdue accepted a plea deal that was offered in lieu of felony charges.

Opiods in pill, powder and syringe on chalkboard with rolled twenty dollar bills. (Shutterstock/ karenfoleyphotography)

As part of the plea deal, Purdue and three executives conceded they downplayed OxyContin’s addictiveness and collectively paid a historic $635 million in fines in 2007. No one saw jail time.

Meanwhile, more than 200,000 people have died from overdoses involving prescription opioids since OxyContin was launched in 1996, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Purdue is privately owned by the Sackler family, whose wealth skyrocketed after OxyContin sales raked in $35 billion over a 20-year period, giving the family a $13 billion net worth and making them the 19th richest in the U.S. in 2016, according to Forbes. (RELATED: ‘Joy’ And ‘Fury’: Artist And Activist Nan Goldin Reacts To The Met’s Statement About Taking Opioid Money)

Massachusetts was one of the states to file a lawsuit against Purdue in 2018, but it uniquely named eight members of the Sackler family. A recent complaint cites documents indicating the Sacklers headed a campaign to deceive doctors about the dangers of OxyContin and passed blame of negative press onto addicts.

“The launch of OxyContin tablets will be followed by a blizzard of prescriptions that will bury the competition,” Richard Sackler, the son of a Purdue founder and the company’s president from 1999 to 2003, said while celebrating the drug’s entrance to the market, according to a document cited in the complaint. “The prescription blizzard will be so deep, dense, and white.”

Bush’s Justice Department Rejected Felony Charges After A Four-Year Investigation

Then-U.S. Attorney John Brownlee concluded a four-year investigation and recommended indicting the three Purdue executives on felony charges, including conspiracy to defraud the government, in September 2006, the Times reported in May 2018.

But top DOJ officials didn’t support his recommendation after meeting with Purdue executives and their defense team, according to Times reporter Barry Meier.

One defense lawyer for Purdue was Mary Jo White, a former federal prosecutor, and an adviser to the company’s legal team was former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who was also once a U.S. attorney.

The head of DOJ’s criminal division at the time, Alice Fisher, was one of the officials who didn’t support Brownlee’s recommendation, according to the Times. She’s now a partner at the law firm Latham & Watkins.

Her bio page says she recently represented “[g]lobal pharmaceutical companies in [Securities and Exchange Commission] and DOJ [Foreign Corrupt Practices Act] investigations resulting in settlement resolutions and declinations of prosecutions.”

It also says she represented “Several global manufacturing companies about maintaining FCPA compliance and obtaining two declinations of prosecution.”

Fisher did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Brownlee publicly supported the decision not to prosecute the Purdue executives, but, according to Meier, he was privately upset. Brownlee did not respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment, and he’s previously declined to comment to other publications.

Top DOJ Officials Questioned Purdue Probes After Hearing From Company Representatives

There were additional occasions when top DOJ officials scrutinized Brownlee’s investigation after Purdue representatives contacted them.

After speaking with the company’s defense attorneys in 2005, then-Deputy Attorney General James Comey asked Brownlee why he was pursing Purdue, Brownlee said during a 2007 congressional hearing. Brownlee, who was the federal prosecutor for the western district of Virginia, drove to Washington to explain the situation to Comey, who ultimately gave Brownlee the go-ahead to continue.

Additionally, Brownlee’s name appeared on a list of U.S. prosecutors recommended for termination soon after he ignored a top DOJ aide’s request to delay the plea deal.

Hours before the plea deal was set to expire in October 2006, Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty’s chief of staff, Michael Elston, called Brownlee and asked him to extend Purdue’s deadline, the U.S. attorney testified.

“He told me he received a phone call from the defense lawyers about the case and that that the counsel had once again said that we were moving too quickly, that we had needed more time,” Brownlee said.

“Through his questions of me, I sensed that he was inquiring almost on their behalf,” he continued, noting Elston said he wasn’t calling at McNulty’s request.

Oxycodone is the generic name for a range of opoid pain killing tablets. Prescription bottle for Oxycodone tablets and pills on metal table for opioid epidemic illustration. (Shutterstock/Steve Heap)

Elston’s lawyer later said McNulty, who had replaced Comey, had asked Elston to call Brownlee, according to The Washington Post.

Elston told TheDCNF on Friday he called Brownlee on behalf of McNulty after the deputy attorney general noticed the deadline for the plea agreement was unusually tight. Elston said he was asking the prosecutor for information and not to tell Brownlee to give Purdue more time.

McNulty did not respond to a request for comment.

Regardless, Brownlee stuck with the original deadline and Purdue agreed to it hours later, Brownlee testified.

Eight days later, Brownlee’s name was included on a list Elston compiled of prosecutors recommended for termination, though he ultimately was not fired, the Post reported in 2007.

Elston told TheDCNF he did not recall any connection between Brownlee being included on the list and the Purdue case.

Also during the course of the government’s investigation into Purdue, Giuliani met with Asa Hutchinson in 2005, who was then the Drug Enforcement Administration’s chief, Vanity Fair reported in 2007. The meeting came after the DEA found OxyContin could be responsible for 464 deaths over a two-year period.

Following his meeting with Giuliani, Hutchinson began asking DEA officials why they were still looking into Purdue.

Hutchinson is now the governor of Arkansas. He did not return a request for comment.

Legal Battles Against Purdue And The Sacklers Intensify

Deaths related to opioids have skyrocketed since the 2007 plea agreement, and the Sackler family, Purdue’s owners, largely kept its name separate from the epidemic, until recently.

TheDCNF began its “American Cartel” series in 2017, which tied the Sackler name to Purdue and investigated the family’s charitable givings. The Sacklers, until then, were known for their philanthropy, with famous institutions like New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art naming entire sections after the family.

Meanwhile, lawsuits against Purdue from across the country have racked up. Evidence has trickled out showing the Sacklers knew about OxyContin’s dangers earlier than they said and showing they kept that information from the public. (RELATED: Purdue Pharma Looks To ‘Turnaround Kid’ As Opioid Lawsuits Pile Up)

Federal prosecutors discovered that Purdue Pharma knew OxyContin was being abused soon after the drug’s 1996 launch, a confidential DOJ report shows, the Times reported in May 2018. The report also found members of the Sackler family were aware that OxyContin and its morphine-based predecessor were being abused.

And a Tuesday court filing alleged that the Sacklers knew that Purdue knew OxyContin was being illegally dealt and abused, but failed to report it to authorities.

“This is not too bad,” Richard Sackler said in 2001 while serving as Purdue’s president and after a federal prosecutor reported that there were 59 deaths involving OxyContin in just one state, according to a document cited in the complaint. “It could have been far worse.”

Purdue, at the direction of the Sacklers, pushed for doctors to prescribe higher doses of OxyContin and for longer periods, resulting in massive profits for the company and the family, the lawsuit claims.

The Massachusetts complaint “irresponsibly and counterproductively casts every prescription of OxyContin as dangerous and illegitimate,” Purdue spokesman Bob Josephson said in a statement, calling the allegations “sensational” and “misleading.”

He accused the state of trying to “vilify” the company.

Josephson did not comment on Purdue’s communications with the DOJ.

He also said the Food and Drug Administration has ruled OxyContin continues to be “safe and effective for their intended use” and that the government determined in 2013 Purdue had fulfilled its obligations related to the marketing of its medications.

“The complaint is littered with biased and inaccurate characterizations,” Josephson said.

The only known instance where a Sackler was deposed was sealed as part of a $24 million settlement with Kentucky in December 2015.

Purdue recently lost an appeal to keep Richard Sackler’s deposition secret, but the company is continuing to contest the ruling. The testimony remains sealed while legal battles persist.

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The DOJ declined to comment on this story.




Global Elitists Are Not Human

It is often said that “other-izing” people overall can be dangerous and other-izing your enemies specifically can be tactically detrimental. For one, it can lead to a false sense of superiority over those people as you assert some kind of imagined genetic advantage. It can also lead to dangerous generalizations of vast groups as you categorize and pigeonhole millions as being exactly the same when this is rationally impossible. However, other-izing is perhaps the only option when faced with a very particular type of person embracing a very particular brand of ideology; other-izing can become a matter of survival.

I am of course talking about globalists.

Not the low level cronies and useful idiots within the globalist push or “movement,” because many of them simply represent a underlying gullibility or stupidity among people attracted to the inbred world of academia. Instead, I’m talking about the people behind the curtain; self proclaimed “globalists” or internationalists that have positioned themselves into strategic power centers. I am talking about the people that influence or outright control government policy as they stand over the shoulders of supposedly freely elected officials. I am talking about the people that influence economic security or insecurity through unaccountable central banking conglomerates. I am talking about the men and women that desire to dictate the fate of billions.

These people are not easily identified by anything other than their rhetoric and actions. They are made up of multiple ethnic groups. They herald from all corners of the planet. They do not subscribe to any one spiritual doctrine, but they do publicly devote themselves to many different religions as a means to “fit in” with the common citizen. Globalism IS their religion. And their god? Well, they see themselves as gods.

To be a globalist, though, one has to do more than merely subscribe to the tenets of globalism; there is a matter of character traits and actions which must be examined.

After studying the behavior of globalists and their organizations for quite some time, I have noticed that their psychological patterns tend to match with a narrow band of people that are best described as “criminally insane.” More accurately, globalists behave like high-functioning narcissistic sociopaths and psychopaths. But what are the traits of such people? Let’s take a look at some of them…

False Sense Of Superiority – Self-Aggrandizement

Every person wants to be seen as important or unique. But, narcissistic sociopaths believe themselves to be entitled to special treatment and see themselves as above the laws and niceties of normal society. They sometimes seek to prop up this attitude through “accomplishment;” scratching for positions of power and influence in order to reinforce the notion that they are special compared to others.

Of course, power is usually an artificial construct because the only power we have over others is the power they give us, knowingly or unknowingly. Power does not make one special. The narcissistic sociopath does not make such distinctions, however. He/she only distinguishes between the people who strive for dominance and everyone else. In their minds, people that covet power are a superior subspecies, while people who do not covet power are considered bugs.

Frankly, I see no reason why we should not make the same absolute statement, only in reverse.

Narcissistic sociopaths and psychopaths are stricken with visions of assumed greatness. They do not view the content of their accomplishments as necessarily important. Meaning, they think they were born great, therefore, it is not for them to accomplish anything that serves to help others or advance the knowledge of humanity. They don’t care about proving their greatness through legitimate achievement, they only care that people BELIEVE they are special, that they are anointed.

Manipulation And Coercion

A narcissistic sociopath usually prefers to get what they want easily. They expect people to hand them adoration and control automatically. But if they don’t get what they want as a matter of course, they will use any means at their disposal.

This usually includes the threat of force or the use of force, the use of torture, the use of elaborate lies and schemes to push their target into a corner (to make them behave in a specific manner), the use of psychological conditioning (molding behavior, usually through fear responses) and also the use of “gaslighting” (accusing the target of being “crazy” if they do not subscribe to the narcissist’s twisted view of the world).

Of course, this kind of disturbed person is never actually satisfied, even when they do get what they want. They always want more, there is always something else they need to fill the endless void within.

Lack Of Empathy For Others

Not all narcissists are sociopaths, but most sociopaths are narcissists. When we speak of narcissists, it is important to remember that there are varying degrees of this psychological cancer. When I mention globalists in particular as being “narcissistic,” I am referring to their propensity to be high functioning narcissists with sociopathic tendencies. In other words, they are narcissists that not only have an inflated sense of self worth, but they are also devoid of empathy and conscience. They are willing to harm others to any degree to get what they want in the moment as long as they think can avoid consequences for doing so.

There is also the matter of distinction between sociopaths and psychopaths. This is a little hard to describe being that they are so similar in many respects. I would put it this way — while sociopaths chase a goal and are willing to step on people to get to it, psychopaths step on people even when they don’t have a goal in mind. That is to say, the psychopath enjoys the act of destruction; what they want most of all is other people's pain.

Sociopaths and psychopaths both appear to permeate the ranks of globalist institutions. Some of them want to build an idol to themselves and don’t care who they harm in the process. Some of them derive great enjoyment from simply hurting as many people as possible.

Desperate Need For Adoration

It is not enough for the narcissistic sociopath to attain a level of respect through coercion. Ultimately, what they want is for the lowly masses to voluntarily ACCEPT their greatness as absolute, as an obvious and undeniable fact of life. What they want is reverence and devotion. As mentioned earlier, they want to be treated as gods by the people around them, and if they are particularly ambitious, by everyone in the world.

This is a strange dynamic indeed, for it requires a highly elaborate set of schemes and manipulations. If one is not a great person, let alone god-like, the amount of psychological conditioning needed to convince people otherwise is substantial. This makes the narcissistic sociopath a potential slave to his/her own incessantly engineered conspiracies; lies pile upon lies and schemes upon schemes in the search for something they will never truly achieve.

Globalists Are Psychologically Broken Non-Humans

In the world of alternative analysis and investigative journalism it is not uncommon to run into people who attribute an otherworldly status to globalists. Some people see them as a representation of biblical Apocalypse — minions from the depths of hell. Others see them as literally alien — interdimensional beings posing as human. And while many will laugh at such people as fringe conspiracy freaks, I think it is important to understand why they see the globalists this way.

When faced with true and organized evil empty of all care or remorse, one may be tempted to apply supernatural explanations.  I'm not sure that I am against the idea.

Globalists exhibit most if not all the telltale signs of narcissistic sociopaths, including being devoid of conscience and moral compass. While there are many definitions of what it is that makes us human, there is a kind of universal requirement regardless of culture; namely the requirement of something like a soul.

What makes a soul? How about a basic desire to do right by others even if that means not getting what we want all the time?  This is a good starting point, but there is more to it than that.

Psychologists and scientists have over many decades found a pattern of inherent character traits hardwired in the human psyche, traits present in humans from the moment of birth that stand outside of the influences of social environment. Carl Jung was the foremost expert in this field of “archetypal qualities,” with a vast catalog of case studies from around the world including studies in tribal Africa. An important part of archetypal or inborn knowledge and traits is the notion of good and evil; we are born understanding that certain behaviors are constructive while others are destructive and abhorrent. This is most likely the source of what we call “conscience.”

Unfortunately, not all people are born with a conscience. In some people, the difference between good and evil or constructive and destructive behavior is treated as blurry or frivolous. Jung and other psychologists mark this subset of our species as “latent” sociopaths and psychopaths. Together they make up around 10% of any given culture or group. Many of them remain “latent” and more or less harmless for their entire lives unless certain unstable environmental conditions provide fuel for their malfunction. Around 1% are born as full blown sociopaths and psychopaths. These are what I would call the “non-humans.”

This is because high level narcissism and sociopathy are not traditional “mental illnesses,” but ingrained character traits. A narcissistic sociopath cannot be “cured” of his ailment because it is not an ailment, it is who they are. If you were to take the narcissism and sociopathy away from them, there would be nothing left to their personality.

When a normal person comes in contact with someone that has no inherent conscience there is an immediate recoil; a sense that they have just stumbled across a monster. This is not an exaggeration, this is entirely accurate.

High level narcissists and sociopaths are physically human of course, but if we were to peer in at a visual representation of their psyche, we would find a barren wasteland — a place where ghouls lurk. They do not dream as normal people dream. They do not feel joy in the manner normal people do. They do not feel fulfillment in the things that commonly lift up the rest of us. They are incapable of love for others. They are incapable of regret for their actions, and only ever feel regret over failing to get what they want. They do not see other people as individuals, they see them as tools to be exploited.

Being sociopathic though does not mean that they are ignorant of what makes the rest of us function. On the contrary, sociopaths are very good at identifying the personal desires and drives of others, and mimicking people in a way that makes them seem “human.” They are parasites by nature,and thus they have to be able to get close to their host victims if they are to survive.

The globalist dynamic is interesting in that it is an example of organized narcissistic sociopathy.  Globalists have stood at the forefront of numerous wars, economic collapses and tyrannies over the years, all ending in great suffering for the masses.  Contrary to popular belief, sociopaths and psychopaths DO work together towards a common goal as long as there is a sense of mutual benefit. In fact, these people seem to gravitate to each other in odd ways. It is my belief that globalist hierarchies actually seek out people with narcissistic and sociopathic personalities; that they do this deliberately when they wish to expand their ranks. These seem to be the only aspects that they all have in common.

It is quite a “conspiracy theory,” I know. But look at it this way, how else can we explain their tendencies and behaviors? If organized annihilation was an intrinsic value of humanity then we would have died out long ago. The globalists are not human, though. They are something opposite, and if you do not understand this core truth, they can be bewildering and terrifying.



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written by Brandon Smith , May 16, 2018 

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Votes: +5
I concur 
written by Jasper , May 16, 2018 

I've come into contact with some of these 'beings'. You are spot on, they are not human. I had one who shape-shifted on me. Nothing we can do about it. 
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Votes: +7
oh my 
written by Lynn Booth , May 16, 2018 

The one I know began shape shifting several times as well! Also, while with life long friends we played a board type word game (can't recall name of it). His thought process to reach answers was completely foreign and not very productive, very strange. Had occasion to see him demonstrate superhuman strength as well. Needless to say I've nothing to do with him x 10 years now. Tried to warn people but they think I'm crazy. Great article. 
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Votes: +5
Outside appearances deceiving 
written by Hubbs , May 16, 2018 


Probably as important a feature which you only touch on is that sociopaths outwardly can appear to be very pleasant and agreeable people, especially when they are trying to get something from you. That is why they are so dangerous. 

Once they have what they want, then the difference becomes night and day. The true extent of their treachery is unbelievable. 

I know, I married one. Not to recommend you waste your time and money reading this, but this is what happened to me...and the consequences. 

My Medical-Legal Back Pages Bryce Sterling. Amazon. 

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Votes: +9
Right on the money 
written by Escaped certain doom , May 16, 2018 

...thought you were describing my ex-wife. 
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Votes: +12
just a slight correction, thank you 
written by fanofjesus , May 16, 2018 

The only thing I disagree with is that these sociopaths and psychopaths are born that way. These "labels" only categorize their dominant traits, but all mental illness, according to M.Scott Peck, constitutes a "substitute for legitimate suffering"; i.e., these people were wounded/abandoned/not cared for, etc in childhood such that they could not pass the developmental stages of normal growth of the personality, character, etc. Thus they are vulnerable to evil spirits, who tell them lies, such as "you are not worthy of being loved" and all such lies that keep them from ever having hope in being loved. Thus their behavior is to one degree or another a compensation for not getting the love they need. Of course, as peck suggests, they never get in touch with the agony of their truth, and grieve it and get healed and restored to capacity to love and be loved. and then it is enabled by these evil spirits, who give them guidance and even enter them; I theorize that the psychopaths are the sociopaths that have been possessed by demons, which is what makes them murderous. 
so, what people are reacting to when around them is the presence of evil within them. 

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Votes: +1
written by Brandon Smith , May 16, 2018 


I'm sorry to say but M.Scott Peck is utterly wrong. Peck is what I would call a pop-psychiatrist from the baby boomer era desperate to promote the idea that all negative character traits are a product of environment. This is false. High level narcissists and sociopaths are often born with the exact traits I describe - also, many of them are born into well-to-do families with no history of abuse or neglect. 

The majority of people that suffer abuse also do not become sociopathic. It is essentially impossible to take a person born with empathy and turn them into a sociopath. They have to already have the trait in them. 

That said, a LATENT sociopath or narcissist has an inborn POTENTIAL to become a full blown monster. Many of them don't because their environment is too "stable" to bring out those negative traits. 

I can't really comment on the whole demon thing. It's not something that can be conclusively proved or disproved. 

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Votes: +16
written by Crickets , May 16, 2018 

Yes, they are actually DEMON MEN. Under the control of their father SATAN. Very inhuman, indeed. Very strange people to watch. Their demeanor and appearance change and why many are very ugly and have demonic appearances, especially in their eyes. 
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Votes: +13
Delusions of grandeur 
written by Yeti , May 16, 2018 

I definitely see that false sense of superiority in some of our political leaders. 

Take Tony Blair and Emmanuel Macron for example. They possess ridiculous levels of self esteem. 

I guess a lot of psychopaths rise to the top all by themselves (they learn it "on the street") but I suspect some get a helping hand. 

Clever spotters and kingmakers - themselves psychopaths most probably - will intuitively know one when they see one and help them on their way. They make good puppets. 

Blair and Macron were both Bilderbergers. So often we see Bilderbergers airlifted into positions five stations above their true calling. And at such young ages. 

Tom Cotton is another example. 

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Votes: +11
written by a garde , May 17, 2018 

The current power structure is not sustainable with the current population. However, change the power structure, change the culture and we have more than enough resources for the current population. 

As an example : thorium vs uranium for power. One would be limitless, clean, free energy (for all intents) but not able to be weaponized. Hence why we use uranium. The psychopaths need the weapons, and if it destroys most life on earth, so be it. 

Change the culture to do more of your own gardening, aquaponics, etc.. along with a reduction in meat consumption. This won't happen as the psychopaths need to control the fool supply as well. 

You see, it's all about them owning and controlling everything. It has nothing to do with them being benevolent, misunderstood protectors of humanity. 

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Votes: +7
written by awed bawl , May 17, 2018 

May 26, 2005 

Twins Study Finds Genetic Cause For Psychopathy 

Twin studies can help distinguish between genetic and environmental determinants of violence, said Essi Viding of the Institute of Psychiatry in London. In antisocial 7-year-olds with callous and unemotional traits, Viding found, the antisocial behavior was strongly genetic in origin (a group heritability of 80%). If these youths can be identified early, perhaps with a genetic test on cells from a cheek swab, one could target programs for them. "Genes are not a blueprint that determines outcome," said Viding. "Rather, they act together with other risk or protective factors to increase or reduce the risk of disorder." 


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Votes: +3
Origins of mass psychopathy 
written by rwinkel , May 17, 2018 

Few people are asking where these damaged people are coming from. Humanity has always had problems with psychopaths but they seem to be in mass production now. How is this happening? I believe I have at least part of the answer: 


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Votes: +1
Re: Twin study finds genetic cause for psychopathy 
written by rwinkel , May 17, 2018 

"A sample of 3687 twin pairs formed the starting point for this research. Teacher ratings for antisocial behaviour and psychopathic tendencies (i.e. lack of empathy and remorse) were used to classify the twins. Those who were in the top 10% of the sample for antisocial behaviour were separated into two groups - those with and without psychopathic tendencies. ..." 

Twins are born at the same time in the same facilities under the same medical care to the same parents. Please see my article above. Also see http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2...nd-family/ 

Perhaps there is a genetic component, but such research only validates helplessness. Not a recipe for change. 

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Votes: +0
written by Margot , May 17, 2018 

If we make the assumption that sociopaths are born, and not bred - it means that sociopathy is a genetic trait (dare I say defect).. 

Makes one wonder what the genetic markers for "Globalists" are? 

Maybe they are already privy to this knowledge, and are actively seeking out and breeding more of themselves - that is the mandate of life, after all. 

The rabbit hole deepens... 

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Votes: +0
written by Brandon Smith , May 17, 2018 


Not necessarily. There is no concrete evidence that character traits are specifically linked to "genetics", that is simply an assumption that scientists make because they do not take into account the notion of "other sources". 

In fact, no one actually knows exactly where archetypes come from, which is why I refuse to discount spiritual explanations. It could be that there are no genetic markers for pyschopathy, and the only way to discover a psychopath is to wait and watch what a person does. 

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Votes: +5
Psychopathy is tied to specific brain deformity 
written by nat , May 17, 2018 

Brandon, Nice article. You might read "The Psychopath Whisperer: The Science of Those Without Conscience" by Kent A. Kiehl PhD. He took a new generation NMR machine into a hard core prison and documented specific brain deformities (atrophies) which physiologically distinguish psychopaths from those who do feel remorse, empathy, and bonding. Further, he found the extent of the brain deformities and the regions affected correlate well to the degree of psychopathy. (Psychopathy is not an all or nothing trait). 

Prior to his work the only way to identify psychopathy was via psychological testing for evidence of guilt, conscience, thrill seeking behavior, empathy, social behavior, bonding, abstraction, etc. Psychological testing, of course, is not very rigorous - especially in high performing individuals who can be quite cunning in mimicry and charm. The smart psychopaths learn to cry when needed and otherwise fake facial cues, although their act seems a little shallow since they really can't feel the emotions and bonding they are feigning. 

The word "sociopath" doesn't appear to have a rigorous definition and you might want to either define it with exquisite precision or, better yet, discontinue its use as it mostly seems to provide an alibi for psychopaths and their apologists. 

In SOME circles, sociopaths are distinguished as those who have LEARNED to disregard their human feelings and, presumably, can learn to be human again. While I think this can happen (viz, those who learn to kill or be killed in a war/gang zone) it is most definitely NOT the same thing as psychopathy at all. Further, I think you get it -- but most people don't -- that ENJOYING killing is distinct from psychopathy. 

Most intelligent hard core psychopaths don't want to kill. They don't want to kill NOT because they care about anothers' suffering but because killing increases the chances they will get caught and put in prison. So likely the vast majority of intelligent psychopaths fake normal emotions as necessary to rise to the top of high-paying fields such as politics, law, medicine, and business. In these fields, their utter ruthlessness gives them a distinct advantage. Another trait of psychopaths is that they typically regard themselves as BETTER than human since they are unconstrained and, to their minds, therefore superior. 

Anyway, with that substitution for a more rigorous word, you say: "High level narcissists and [psychopaths] are physically human of course..." Well, no...I'd say they are not physically human. 

In closing, I want to thank you again for your article. I think you have put your finger on the root cause of so much of the world's suffering. We are ruled by overlords who are not human in the soulful sense of the word. 

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written by Brandon Smith , May 18, 2018 


That is not exactly accurate. Scientists have noticed some "deformities" in very limited studies of criminally violent people, however, they did not provide extensive background analysis of the case studies involved and apply it in discovering if there were any alternative causes to the brain "abnormalities". Meaning, they simply assumed that the abnormalities were related to their violent behavior. But, as any real scientist or psychologist knows, correlation does NOT necessarily mean causation. 

For example, there is evidence to suggest that character traits and behavior can affect the very makeup of one's brain chemistry and activity, rather than brain makeup determining behavior. 

Also, sociopathy is a concrete and well recognized psychological trait. Not sure where you got the idea that it is somehow undefined. It also rarely has anything to do with "learned behavior". I suggest you pursue far more study into the subject. 

Despite your misconceptions about this issue, I appreciate your comment. 

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One effect of mass obstetrical abuse on psychopathy rates 
written by rwinkel , May 18, 2018 

"Modern" obstetrical practices metastasized from rockefeller american medical education constitutes a form of psychological torture 


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Child abuse changes brain structure 
written by rwinkel , May 18, 2018 

Childhood Abuse Disrupts Brain Formation Harvard Study Says 

Childhood abuse leads to permanent changes in a seahorse - shaped area of the brain that can cause adult depression and drug abuse, Harvard researchers said in a study that raises the possibility of new treatment. ... 



'I think it’s only a sliver that really love political correctness. Everybody else likes the truth, which is different'

"Trazili ste, glasali ste, i evo vam sada gledajte vas film.....sve je sistematski obesmisleno, imamo dogovorno pravo.....a ne "pravda" pravo.....nazalost zakon vise ne postoji....to je postao promenljiv pojam (tj. zavisno od trenutnih potreba struktura na vlasti)."

"Tell me you smart monkeys, how many times can the media and government conspire and lie to your face, before you call this crap exactly what it is, "CRAP".

"A large portion of attorneys and judges that have SOLD OUT HUMANITY for a place in temporary power and profitable Marxism deterioration and destruction systems run by those sworn to kill and take over you country, mostly for money and other perks often to horrible to mention. "


"Who promotes break up of families, or people in general that go along with the "anything goes" mentality? Does child abuse fit into the "anything goes" category? How about child sex abuse, or sex changes before the age of 18, or worse asap after birth? How about using people as revenue source slaves? You can all thank the deceiving portion of the earths hierarchy, their willing key positioned helpers, and other repeating helpers for this criminal insanity and to much more to list. They want to pervert the viewers by making boys/men desire homosexuals, transgenders, or men posing as woman AKA impostors. Then vise versa with woman posing as men. Welcome to horrible evil criminals playing games with humanity. Absolute power, corrupt fraudulent free money, that THEY charge others full value for, which corrupts absolutely. Add inbreeding, GMO humans, surgical alterations, mind control and cloning etc., and you get something worse then the times of NOAH AKA NOAH 2.0 clean up time. If we the decent people don't do it, love our enemies into being good through REAL truth telling education, then God and the angels will. Trust me you don't want the latter. Last time it was a flood, but this time it will be direct targeting of deceivers with supernatural fire. A instant burn, a shocked horrible regret on the face of the deceivers, or those they deceived, as they realize the reality of punishment and a rapid burning death. See what the deceivers attempt to hide from you, to trick you into aiding them, doing their dirty work, or allowing others to do it here.. www.jahtruth.net or jah truth dot net "


"A free thinker, is not allowed in your country? Because some of his/her ideas differ from yours, and you have to throw in the mental health card at them, just like in the former Soviet Union?  It is not allowed to be  out of the ordinary "sunken/conformist" place,  when he/she is being himself/herself unique and  which is free/un-constrained and very expressive............."


"See/observe if it is possible to successfully break free from the main stream mental prison? General George Patton once said, "if everybody is thinking alike, somebody isn't thinking."

"Are You in with people who have common sense, are considerate, empathetic people, who protect, defend and enforce our supreme laws of liberty and rights for ALL?"

"You're not intellectually equipped, if truth is not behind you, and you're not red pilled.  Would You be able to handle the overwhelming attacks against you if you rebell and and not concur with main stream political position? "

 "Let's stop looking at this celebrity TRASH daily media served, and start trying to defend what little bit is left of this our damned country!! "They’re a part or apart of the degeneration happening to our country." Are You one of them? The ones at the top want MILLIONS of Americans to die, and what's left out of that to have no money, no guns and no homes. Just a little space in a tightly packed city so they can be controlled easily."

"Koju pilulu sisas, Crvenu ili Plavu? Seti se filma "Matrix" i uticaj na tebe kao individue."

"Re-Educators and their Reeducation methods are to brainwash and force compliance, such as a Nazis, Maoists, Communists, or other prison camps rulers? These deceivers are horrible endless lying scam artist, thiefs, control freak criminals, illegal monopolizers, enslavement running human rights violators, covert genocide program runners, terrible propaganda spreaders, militant atheists, anti traditional family activists, and to often child sex abusers."

Trump and Fake News Journalists....

"Trump is only expressing our long held beliefs,” remarked one. “For the most part, in the US anyway, they are not reporters any more. They have become political hacks,” added another. “If the “journalists” would stop trying to “change” the world, and just report the news like they are supposed to, they probably wouldn’t be hated so much,” commented another respondent."


"All Tucker commentary in USA, left out, was their "Democrat's" open advocacy for Big Tech’s censoring of the internet. The Democrats modern platform is one of racial hate, mass censorship, open borders, civilian disarmament and politically correct thought policing." The part she left out was that the First Amendment also gives Americans the right to criticize the press.