Upgrade your Life Gallery #2.

My today's resolution. Reboot, Rewire and Rethink my way of Life, Living, and Destiny.


Keep that in mind, when dicussing an issue.

Do not "GENERALIZE." Not all the "Apples" are bad, just a few "disgraceful" ones.

God is Watching You! So watch your step, for You will be accountable!

tV X 24 hours = Indoctrination/manipulation through media pictures! Silent and covert subliminal education???

Are you aware? Your Permanent Guests at Your Home: News Corp, Clear Channel, Disney, Viacom, Facebook, Google, Instagram, HBO, Sports Channel, Adult industry, and all the above take up your very limitted time and model your mind "CORE". It is an ongoing fight to control your mind. Press the "close" button on all your "remotes", start reading books, communicate in person, be honset, be God fearing, be compasionate, and Love Your neighbor as you Love Yourself. And make it your Goal to see that you become a Human being again, and not a permanent puppet on a string in this vicious "orchestrated busy" life.

Endless preoccupation ? And the "Real Life" bypassed us.

Entrampment at work into enslavement.

Financiers = Bankers fuel the games we must play. How much are you in DEBT, and when are you going to see the Light of the Day. When and where this nightmare "GAME" ends. I hope, way ahead of our sudden death. We have sopped Smiling, Loving, Feeling, Socializing, having kids-family, being Relaxed, Carefree, Smart, Logical, and having a set and realistic life plan. We became a leaf in a wind, never to be grounded again, except when we die. Rest your life, before it is to late. UPGRADE YOUR LIFE. You know what you must do. Think for yourself.

Was it worth it? Student loans and worthless diplomas....

A universal carrot method!

What about your garden, have you done your weed plucking and discading?

Dumbing down #1 ?

Dumbing down #2 ?

Sounds to be true ?

DeEvolution ?

Think for yourself.

No, No, No, and no, I am Not in your Game anymore!