World renown vaccine specialist, Geert Vanden Bossche, gave a groundbreaking interview this week risking his reputation and his career by bravely speaking out against administration of #Covid19 vaccines. In what may be one of the most important stories ever covered by The Highwire, the vaccine developer shared his extreme concerns about these vaccines in particular and why we may be on track to creating a global immunity catastrophe.

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POSTED: March 11, 2021


Karen Sommer
 44 minutes ago

Evidence of vaccine caused injuries, diseases, and deaths has finally reached our ears after decades of cover-ups and silencing the whistle blowers. Many many doctors have been trying to get the information out but the media won’t report it, and they have had their FB and twitter accts removed. Other doctors who have made life saving break throughs such as Dr. Jeff Bradstreet who discovered vaccines contained Nagalese that shut down our immune system causing autism. But he went a step further and successfully turned it back on using GcMAF, the protein made by our immune system. He was murdered. Come on folks, it’s time to learn the truth and stop blindly trusting these criminal enterprises with you and your children’s lives. Ignore at your own peril!

Kevin McCloskey
 1 hour ago

The Global Elite
Intend to reduce  
The world’s population
By 90 Percent 
to below 500 Million

By engineering pathogens
In the laboratory 
and unleashing them
Upon the world
To Depopulate The Planet




Phyllis Nelson
 3 hours ago

What does this mean for those of us who haven’t taken the vaccine?

John Weiskittel
 3 hours ago

This is an important warning, though I still don’t know if I trust Geert Vanden Bossche entirely. He’s calling these experimental “vaccines” (really genetic modifiers) “excellent”–excellent for WHAT? They’re causing severe adverse reactions, including death in many who are getting the shot.

But he’s defending the snake oil as something good. Nowhere does he distance himself from Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, when he should be repudiating them. Not to mention the fact that as an reputed expert on vaccines, why has he waited until now to sound the alarm? How does he escape culpability, if he was involved for the past year with R&D for the “vaccine” that he’s now calling super dangerous? (His guilt at some level seems inescapable, maybe he’s grown a conscience.)

But why would he be sounding the alarm if he was supporting the false narrative about the virus? Well, one reason might be to address the large numbers of “vaccine-hesitant” people around the world by directing them to turn from the dangerous “vaccines” under discussion here to “safer” ones.

And now with talk of mutations of the virus occurring, soon no vaccine might be any good, but just multiply the problem. Yet that may be part of the plan of the inhuman powers-that-should-not-be. In any case, this video needs wide distribution, albeit with the above caveat or something similar.

 3 hours ago

He has post doctoral training in Animal virology and he is spreading misinformation. He has not been on any significant academic site. He probably did work on animal diseases with the companies you cite. 
The new strains were starting independently in multiple countries before the vaccinations started. That is what successful viruses do, they mutate. How does he expect to not vaccinate globally and prophylactically. That is the essence of vaccination to reduce the spread of deadly diseases. You treat people who can get the disease and spread it. Not every child that got german measles became deaf, but it was enough of a risk that mass vaccination was deemed necessary. A normal influenza death number is between 20-60K per year, we had 500000+ with shutting our whole country down. we still don’t know the long term ramifications of neurologic or respiratory compromise will be. The vet seems to think that asymptomatic individuals should be studied for why the clear the virus from their systems, he doesn’t even acknowledge that many of them pulmonary changes on xray indicating that they may in fact be compromised in the future. 

 3 hours ago

Maderna website calls this an “injectable operating system”. It is NOT a vaccine. It has the ability to change our DNA. There is so much evidence out there. I am a former pharma rep for AstraZeneca… and I can tell you first hand, they care nothing about your health, only profits and will do whatever it takes to smear & cover up the truth

 4 hours ago

What about all the vaccines we have taken in past – why wouldn’t they likewise be compromising our immune system – or are they?

Gavin Wyatt
 6 hours ago

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Gavin Wyatt
 6 hours ago

The biggest over reaction in all of human history which is becoming something more because of human over reaction – do not take this vaccination. I know I will not willingly take it.

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 6 hours ago


Raymond Haydock
 8 hours ago

Can anyone tell me why there is such a mad stampede towards vaccination when the survival rate for Covid19 infection rests at around 98.6%? When young people and children are the least likely to suffer its ill effects? Would any parent therefore deem it necessary to have a child vaccinated or would any pregnant woman be foolhardy enough to submit to vaccination? These are, after all, experimental vaccines.

Personally, I am not convinced that there ever was a deadly Covid19 pandemic as such for much the same reasons that Dr Andrew Kaufmann gives here (brandnewtube.com interview – Waking the Future) Follow this link and listen carefully from 49.00 to 51:00 on the video:


In the midst of all the doomsday scenarios, might I offer a glimmer of hope. We were given a similar nightmare scenario during the BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) scare in Britain in the 1970s. This was when cattle developed a fatal brain disease as a result of being fed the remains of sheep that had a similar disease known as Scrapie. It was then feared that a new biological agent known as a ‘prion’ (a new protein) had passed into the human food chain. One government medical advisor issued all kinds of dire warnings about the huge numbers of human beings who would go on to develop the human equivalent of BSE, described as a variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (which existed in the human population before BSE) Naturally, people were terrified, wondering how many beef burgers they had eaten! Mercifully, nothing on the scaled predicted by the government medical advisor ever came to pass. Some people did die of – possibly a BSE-related – variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease but the link with meat eating was tenuous.

 8 hours ago

Great and very concerning info- perhaps the fact that it’s coming from someone with great credibility it will actually get the attention it needs… I searched for the link to this and can’t find it- has anyone else got it? It would’ve been good to put the link below the video.

Dennis Medical researcher
 9 hours ago

Hi Rod, you seem to have missed the most important thing here, we know that vaccinations stimulate the immune systems response to the introduced virus and by doing so this sets off a chain reactions. The most important reaction that I believe everyone should be aware of is documented in detail in Dr Russell Blaylocks book Excitotoxins. There is a direct and well proven link to cancer cell growth through the release of glutamate by the brains special immune system called the microglia. Now everyone should be aware by now that cancer cells feed on two fuels, sugar and glutamate. And glutamate being the most potent fertilizer for cancer cells. So when you over stimulate the immune system systematically with vaccinations you in turn stimulate cancer growth.

 9 hours ago

You are to pray for wisdom

 9 hours ago

The bible says that man’s wisdom is folly. Soon we shall see just how true this statement is.

June B
 9 hours ago

I trust my natural immune system against any and all man-made interferences! I have reached 76 years of age with no interference from the “scientists”. I care for my God-given protection and it works! In England the NK cells are called T-cells and they give orders for the bone marrow to make Killer T-cells to destroy pathogens. Those in power are on a culling of humans and these genetic engineering injections will do what they are supposed to do!!
The answer is to stop all injections and boost natural immune systems. It is time “scientists” stopped messing with natural protections against disease and looked to enhance them naturally! This “medicine ” is 100 years old but we and other living creatures have existed for millenia.

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Ted Seay
 9 hours ago


 9 hours ago

How do we know there are more virulent varients? Have they isolated them? They never isolated the first one. More hype and scare tactics?

 9 hours ago

If Dr. Bossche is so talented and worked for Gates a GAVI, (He calls not-for-profit) why was he not involved in the development of the mRNA injections? His name never comes up.

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 10 hours ago

Variants Do Not Exist Because SARS-CoV-2 does not exist —- Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche Says “Halt All Covid-19 Mass Vaccinations Immediately” – BUT BEWARE!….Bossche then claims the global population must undergo another round of mass vaccinations!

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 10 hours ago

BEWARE…………Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche Says “Halt All Covid-19 Mass Vaccinations Immediately” – BUT BEWARE!….Bossche then claims global population must undergo a another roundof global mass vaccinations!

Raymond Haydock
 10 hours ago

Clearly, Dr Van Den Bossche is a very clever man. What he now appears to be telling us is that he has opened up a Pandora’s Box and let loose the Furies! It’s rather odd that a man so clever could not have foreseen this event. He is now asking us to bolt the stable door when the horse itself has already bolted.

Our clueless politicians (few of whom are medically qualified) would naturally overreact to the constant barrage of propaganda from humanity’s “saviours” such as Gates, Fauci and Schwab and make disastrous decisions. Perhaps medical science is now reaching its limits (much like the space exploration programme) having become too fiendishly clever for even our general practitioners to grasp as they beneficently dole out the vaccines like candy to all and sundry.

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Wil Rodx
 10 hours ago

I posted the below comment at RFK jr’s CHD site and it was censored.

 “I would like to call attention to this very important post by Del Bigtree at The Highwire.


A highly credentialed expert that has worked for Bilge/Madlinda foundation has exposed the fact that the mRNA pseudo-vax turns your immune system against your own body.”

I am in contact with them related to another comment they censored yesterday. Why is CHD censoring your site especially this important video?

rod densmore
 10 hours ago

I read Dr Vanden Bossche’s letter… he seems to be advocating we don’t mess with herd immunity…vaccines interfere with natural immunity, etc. Sweden chose this option initially in the pandemic and that approach has been reversed lately because too many people died. He is experienced enough to propose concrete steps to be taken that could mitigate against the dangers of the possibilities he brings up… i wish he’d done that. As a 60 something year old person with some co-morbidities i do not have a low risk if i got COVID… i can’t wait to get my second shot. As for new variants…they are caused by mutations of the virus and if there is less virus there will be less mutations…trying to link vaccines to somehow be a cause of variants is very fuzzy logic.

 10 hours ago

What baffles me; they have been giving flu shots for years due to new varients. Question we need to ask is have we seen a more virulent strain due to this

Janel Mc
 11 hours ago

Good God in heaven help us.!!
Thank you Del for clarifying, sadly it sounds like the conclusion is that any of the vaccines will destroy everyone’s God designed immune system, and give them the recipient AIDS and then kill them.
I have been directing everyone I come in contact with to your site. I am sure it helps.
however even Jesus said every person has the choice, and not to throw your pearls to the swine. Unfortunately in the situation I understand, that they are pride driven, stubbornness is criminal!
Only Jesus is bigger than this.
I and a multitude of of prayer warriors have ask God to open the eyes of those that are too proud to see.
The following is a list of believers that have followings on YouTube, most are Christian-based. I pray your researchers can find emails/contact information. Many
of them have shows like yours, maybe you can go on their show where they can be on your show. You tube: Pastor Dave Scarlett-His Glory ministry(Former Marine); Amanda Grace-Arkofgrace ministry(paralysis overcomes); George of Behizy (he is 17 but gets it & is very bright & clever) ; DrCharlie Ward.com & daily show “Awakened”(clinical death survivor, from UK, lives in Spain. Charlie has many world wide contacts with over lapping followers.;Mel K on YouTube, was told she worked for POTUS Trump.
Simone Parkes-UK; Scott McKay-AmericaSteetfighters); Robert David Steele; Doug Billingsley show; American Periscope News; LarryElder YouTube & Epoch Times;
The following are on Telegram: LLinWood; Sidney Powell; Jim Caveziel; Clint Eastwood; Mike Lindell;MikePompeo;TrueAwakening:
Can you get a channel on Telegram?
I am happy to chat by phone, my email is below.
I’ll do what I can. I will ask Jesus for His solution also.
Sincerely & compassionately, !!

Dana A Begley
 11 hours ago

this is why we already have new variants that we are hearing are more contagious than the original one. We are already seeing it happen with the Brazilian variant, the South African variant, etc.

 11 hours ago

Simple question to this esteemed virologist: what proof is there of the existence of SARS-CoV-2?
or SARS-CoV-1?
or HIV?
Virology is a scam, so what is this guy REALLY up to?
That’s the real question.