Sta ljudi pricaju koji su uzeli Ivermectin, vredi cuti!!!!!




The Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded for Ivermectin in 2015.

I've had Covid for more than 4 months now and I kept getting worse. So I found a Front Line doctor to prescribe Ivermectin for me. I've only taken a few of the tablets so far and I'm starting to feel better.

 @samjarea  I took the 3mg. But the come in 6mg & 12mg. The generic name is Stromectol You can get it online from Canada along with Hydroxychloroquine (generic Plaquenil)



Nice presentation. I'm just getting over Covid - have been taking Vit D, C, Zn, Quercetin for many months. Started Ivermectin on Day 3 of Symptoms. Within 24 hours symptoms were clearing. Took it for 5 days. Had to use the horse version because my primary care doc was reluctant to prescribe. A week after getting covid I'm out working in the garden, mowing, taking brisk walks and gaining my strength back. Still in quarantine though!

I WAS a long hauler. 2 doses of ivermectin got rid of my memory loss, taste loss, fatigue and body ache symptoms, completely!!

My understanding is that COVID does not last more than 7 days. After that, you have other problems. I'm not a doctor, just read a lot.


Ivermectin is a prophylactic get hydroxycloraquin zinc vitamin c

 @World Traveller  thank you for your answer!I ve not been misinformed, i ve not been informed at all!!I just tried to think logically and sometimes it doesn't work.Anyway, ivermectin, as virologists tell, can be used to cure as well as to prevent covid. The dosage must be different ( trying again to use logic!) in the two cases!!I wouldn't use this drug to cure a 60kg heavy 12years old with the same dosage to cure a 60 y o granny. The teeny has still a good working immune system and surely needs a lower dosage ( i am not a doctor, I could be wrong!!) I am sure you are right, there is no prescription needed for ivermectin anyway i advise people to ask a doctor how to use it. Where are you from?

Proscribed? Tractor supply doesn't have proscriptions;) I just had covid for the 2nd time. Went and bought some ivermectin and I was over my symptoms within 2 and half days of taking it!

 @samjarea  per oral, same dosage as for horses 250 pound horse is the same as for a 250 pound human. I get the metric system confused. But I believe the dose commonly used for pills is 2 mg per kg of body weight in the pill and that is what it works out to in 1.87% horse dewormer paste for dosage. You probably ought to check that out though on duck duck go, Google wishes that people will overdose or not use it and die, to make it look bad to the public.

Nice presentation. I'm just getting over Covid - have been taking Vit D, C, Zn, Quercetin for many months. Started Ivermectin on Day 3 of Symptoms. Within 24 hours symptoms were clearing. Took it for 5 days. Had to use the horse version because my primary care doc was reluctant to prescribe. A week after getting covid I'm out working in the garden, mowing, taking brisk walks and gaining my strength back. Still in quarantine though!

I WAS a long hauler. 2 doses of ivermectin got rid of my memory loss, taste loss, fatigue and body ache symptoms, completely!!

There's been clinical studies on Ivermectin use to combat COVID for well over a year, with many showing positive effects and outcomes. Yet there's continuing controversy over it's use for COVID, mainly because there's issues with the lack of information that we have, and concerns over long term effects that could be impose on the patient's health. However, very little study was done on these COVID vaccines, but in those studies we saw that in some cases they may cause serious side effects, like clogging of the arteries, and congestive heart tissue. There's really not much information out there on these COVID vaccines, and there's no real way of actually knowing how these vaccines will effect the health in the patient further down the road. But we're suppose to take the vaccines over ivermectin, and not question the reasoning for that. How do people digest all of this, and be expected to not be critical of any of this, like it's not possible there's an agenda behind all of it?I'm sorry but I was born way over a day ago, and wasn't raised to be a fool.When something doesn't smell right, you don't eat it without inspecting it. I just don't eat it at all.

Seems like Trump was right all along. Ivermectin is not only for covid but for many other symptoms in general day to day symptoms. Pretty damn cool people and thank you doctor for being another outspoken voice to use this drug.

I have heard about this drug since the beginning of last year. It was from an Indian doctor in India. He and his family contracted the covid 19. They all were given this Invervictin and they were cured. Thank you Dr. for also explaining about this medication.

My primary care physician (or as we call them in the UK, General Practitioner) doesn’t want to know.She’s been bought and paid for.

I took 8 ivermectin pills all at once for two days and Hydroxychloroquine after catching COVID and turning into p

- neumonia. I was also on breathing treatments 6 to 8 times a day. I could hardly walk across the room for lack of oxygen. I also took a prescribed antihistamine and a couple of other drugs. This combination healed me right up within a few days. Im lucky I knew a doctor that had a lot of success with treating COVID positive people with this medication. It’s only been a couple of weeks since then and I feel like I did pre COVID infection, but just a little stubborn cough. I was coughing up blood and all that cleared up as well with no scarring in my lungs. I’m very grateful.

FDA should give people the option to take it for covid prevention

There are excellent meta analysis studies now. An individual study could show anything. Dr Tess Laurie has a authoritative study and is on youtube.

My problem after Covid I believe is that it has messed up my vagus nerve which is now causing vcd, Gerd, and bloating.

Are you people waking up to the fact that a cure was so easy to get and is known about but they not only denied it to us they mocked people who use "horse paste" out of desperation. How many have died because of this????

I am so glad that I have found your video! My son was tested positive, he did have the symptoms, I didn't know till later. He had a dentist appointment even though I suppose the symptoms were flattening out, got the test at the dental office, then called me and said he was positive. I rushed to get tested, because he lives with me, 3 days later thank God I was negative!! I am the caregiver, I thank God for protecting me and me boosting up my immune system, and also I am an true believer of the Black Seed Oil that help protect my immune system to be the strongest at this time to protect me. My statement for the ivermectin, is that I am familiar with it as per research done, I would like it to protect my son as in the recovery time, I know it will help to speed up the process, but my doctor says that their facility does not recognize it to be helpful in that direction and my son's too. How do I resolve this as far as purchasing it? I have information that it is sold online for animals, I know I can get it somewhere, when everywhere I turn in my area in Chicago area seems to act like they have their hands tied.

We the people only want to know the truth !! I for one ☝️ would like to Thankyou because we need options And choices and also Explanations this is not nice times and we do panic !!you are doing a Marvellous job thanks

Thank you. I am using it now as prophylactic. No side effects at all.

Saved me..during my second Covid infection..still on it..

Interesting but for long haulers above 6 months, is it still worth taking Invermectin?

I've had long haul for 8 months. Last two months been in and out of the ER with seizures. Meeting with an Ivermectin doctor tomorrow. Hoping for the best. Thank you for the information.


howd it go?!!!


 @MaxxMerch  it saved my life. Best I’ve felt in 9 months.

Thank you for the information. I applied to long hauler website, waiting to hear back. These doctors near me will not prescribe Ivermectin. I am so frustrated ready to go to Tractor supply and get horse Ivermectin. Could you recommend a doctor that would prescribe for a long hauler? I appreciate any information ,as it has been difficult after all the specialists i have to get relief from many long haul symptoms. Thank you again


You can tele-med with America's Frontline Doctors to get it.My 83 year old dad got it from AFD after he tested positive in Feb. Was feeling better in 24 hours.

Side effects of ivermectin. Sinuses cleared in 3.5 hours, no headaches for 6 months now. These are the true side effects of ivermectin, since it is not officially effective on long covid. And I know these are true side effects because that's what ivermectin did to my condition after I took it!

Excellent informative Video nailing the biases and Conspiracy by Greedy Pharma companies against usage of Ivermectin.

I just got over my symptoms in 2 days of taking ivermectin. Still have some congestion though. Good ol Tractor Supply



Vaccine Pusher: "show me the tangeable, factual, clinical evidence with studies and trials"

Just reply " show me yours!" Ivermectin has been around 40 yrs..the vaccine 10 months and UNAPPROVED by FDA!


 @Cynthia yuhasz  But, but they're experimenting with mRNA as we speak and some, many really, of the vaccine participants aren't happy with their decision to take it. They claim it's severely altered their bodies and the way they feel. When I ask if the makers didn't explain the side effects they just give me a blank stare. I don't know if it's because the y don't have an answer or if it's the vaccine working.


 @frutbum p  I'm against mrna gene therapy mislabeled"vaccine",shear evil

Had long haul symptoms. Mainly -Significant breathing problems while hiking. A simple hike on May 27/21 I had to stop twice to get my breath. Did a treatment that night and 30 hours later I did a major hike with no breathing issues. I followed these treatments up once a week for a month and have never looked back. It works!


This blew my mind a few days ago i was in Walnut Iowa, the owner of a huge antique store "tim " told me this . he said his friend, of 80 yrs was sent home to die a few months ago after many months of treatment for some kind of cancer,(i forget which kind) his neighbor told him to sprinkle Ivermectin powder on his food, he did it for about 2 weeks and felt wonderful, went back to the hospital and got a clean report, he has amazing energy now and is feeling wonderful . what the hell ? maybe the Nobel prize for Ivemectin was warranted !! over 3.7 billion doses i would say it is well proven.

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Thank you! Been taking IVM prophylactically for 2 months now. Feel great and feel very safe going anywhere. Still wear a mask when out in public because I want other people to feel comfortable.


I love my Ivermectin...I used that at 6 the evening and the next day was 100% ... never sick again grand kids too... day before sick next day healed ... I praise GOD for Ivermectin.. . Thousands of people are healed SPECIALY OLD PEOPLE like me ... I used it about a year ago. ..with the oil like me you use it with your weight ... thank you for your positive news... GOD BLESS you

Quercetin (over the counter), hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin are all Zinc Ionophores. Meaning they open a hole in the cell's membrane to allow the zinc into the cell. The zinc then inhibits the ACE2 receptors. You want this because the ACE2 receptors are what the spike protien of both the virus AND the synthetic mRNA from the vaccine latch onto to create more virus cells or more spike protien in the case of the vaccine. You don't want either.If you're have a problem getting HCQ, or Ivermectin then in the time being buy some Quercetin and Zinc. As a prophylactic (not infected) take 25mg Zinc and 500mg daily. If you develop COVID symptoms then double these doses for seven days as your therapeutic. As always consult a doctor but be careful because a lot of doctors don't really know how Ivermectin, HCQ, Quercetin suppress the ACE2 receptors. In fact that's your litmus test question. Ask your doctor "What role does the ACE2 receptors have in replicating virus?". The answer is the mRNA from the COVID-19 virus or the spike protien from the vaccine needs the ACE2 receptors to inject the RNA into the cell so the cell can make another virus cell or a vaccine spike protien. If your doctor can't answer your question he is not qualified. Ivermectin, HCQ, Quercetin and Zinc all block the ACE2 receptors stopping the virus cold from killing you.

Will this stuff help protect against the 'shedding' (exposure to vaccinated people) for people who do not get vaccinated?


It saved my life! Had the Delta Variant!

Great video. I know the dosage is 0.2 mg per kg of body weight. I have 12 mg tablets. Can the tabs be cut to achieve the correct dosage?

I'm using prophylaxis method of ivermectin. No issues what so ever.

How are you feeling now? I had a sore throat on Wednesday. Fri-Sunday very plugged sinus, unproductive cough ...and it feels like someone is sitting on my chest. Very tight and my shallow breaths. I also feel a little twinge near my heart occasionally. Could be panic but I think it’s CoVid. I haven’t been tested. I took Horse Paste on TH, Sat, & MON. I just finally read on FLCCC that I am to take it daily for 5 consecutive days. Hope it works.

if you have covid or are a covid long hauler take 18mg ivermectin and 50mg zinc for 4 days ina row that safely brings it to an end ,if you want the full protocol to heal the damaged immune system message me i have healed 1000s

 @Moabman  no i am certainly not a doctor,a doctor cant tell you real science on the immune system,heres the reason you are a covid long hauler you have low glutathione levels,low vit a levels and low vit d levels thats a weak immune system that can only use cytokine storms,they can kill you take 18mg ivermectin and 50mg zinc for 4 days in a row that will safely end all post viral conditions,then take this to heal your weak immune system 2 x 600mg caps n.a.c.morn/eve to safely raise the critical glutathione levels - 1 x 1000mg caps cod liver oil morn/eve - 2 x 750mg caps beef liver extract morn/eve - 2 cloves [ not garlic ] this combination is the worlds most powerful superfoods they will safely raise the immune systems main fuels upwards so your immune system can work properly ,courtesy of biological systems engineering on the 5 box immune system,1000s all over the world are using this protocol to regain their health safely

 @Keith McElroy  take 18mg ivm and 50mg zinc with water in one go for 4 days on a empty stomache ,donot take it without zinc it wont work

i took care of a family member in a covid room of a hospital for 8 days. my swab test results were both negative before and after my stay at the hospital. i just took ivermectin human grade as a prophylaxis. no vaccine needed. it works really. stay healthy alive guys.

I've had covid since Oct 29th 2019. Where can I buy ivermectin? I have not been able to work and my Medicaid Dr won't give it to me. Are there any drs prescribing ivermectin in Colorado?

Neem plant extract. (Azadirachta indica ) has been used as a natural alternative to replace Ivermectin worldwide.

I have been using Ivermectin for three weeks. I have 5 people that have come down with covid around me. I have had some light symptoms like sore throat headaches and temp loss of taste but pulled out of it with in 24 hrs. I say ivermectin worked for me. 😀

The medical tyranny is real, my doctor said he would get flagged in the system if he prescribed it.

Just did a quick check on possible dangerous side effects..If you are taking blood thinners be cautious..ALWAYS see a Dr.. for possible drug interactions..but GREAT info..👍.

It is quite unsettling that this effective prophylactic has been side lined and ignored when study after study proves it’s efficacy! The reason? I believe they know that if there was a safe and inexpensive therapeutic available then they would not be able to push the vaxx as an EUA (emergency use authorization). So in order to promote the jab, they ignore the therapeutic! This is criminal to the core! For some nefarious reason all they can talk about is getting everyone injected with an experimental drug. This just makes thinking people distrust the injection all the more! It smells to me like a crime against humanity and it invokes Nuremberg!🔥🔥🔥

What about zinc? I thought the action of IVM was to carry Zinc into the cell which prevents replication.

Texas Pharmacist at a nationwide chain refused to fill Rx for Ivermectin.

Big commisions on meds is the reason for this drug to be silenced, BIG COMMISIONS COUNTS than cheap COMMISIONS.

Ivermectin is Ivermectin, you can get in tablet or gel.You will need a doctor's prescription to get tablets, or you can get the gel at IFA or Vet stores. You can also find the gel online without prescription. Ivermectin is Ivermectin in tablet or gel form.

I was so Sick with Covid. Day five I knew I was headed to the hospital. Ate a pea sized amt. of Ivermectin ( the horse paste), two hours later I was able to get out of bed. Took it for three days. Each day better. Got a hold of a front line doctor, she said ivermectin is ivermectin no matter what form it’s in as long as you don’t eat a huge amount of the horse paste your fine it works. You can titrate it to your body weight. She got me a prescription and now I’m finding that the pharmacies won’t fill it. I contacted a compounding pharmacy and they will fill it for me, they are just out of the powder to make it. So we’re finding that doctors don’t want to prescribe it and pharmacies don’t want to fill it. This is ridiculous a totally safe drug, and if you don’t have Covid big deal, you won’t have parasites. Parasites cause 25% of chronic disease in the US.


There's a product Heartguard plus that is ivermectin/pyrante. It's for preventing round worms in animals.Is this the same medicine as that contained in the one for human consumption.It's for treating round worms.If I present to the doctor saying that I have observed round worms in my poop and ask for internal parasite control, will the doctor have any grounds for refusing my request for ivermectin?

no money in a cheap cure glad it's getting out sad hearing the stories of doctors refusing to prescribe it crimes against humanity

I have a question about side affects from corona virus, what do you know about chronic sinus congestion from the virus, not much is being said.

I had chronic sinusitis until I started taking Ivermectin - now it is gone. 2 pills every 2 weeks. Cost per Ivermectin pill is $0.20 - yes, less than a quarter. Compare that to big Pharma's solutions.

Why dislike this video? Medicine shouldn't be politicized. He's just giving us what research has shown.

Why is there so much negative resistance to this drug. It seems like medical malpractice for a doctor to not use a medication that has some evidence of stopping something that could kill a person 🤷‍♀️

Neurological damage is why.

 @David Cox  I haven’t heard any reports of neurological damage from this drug. And is neurological damage worse than all the people who have died from covid if this drug can save even half of them?

 @Laura Davenport  Why not just get the vaccine? Is it worth damaging your brain to avoid mainstream medicine?

 @David Cox  I’m concerned about the vaccine because no one knows what the long term affects of it will be. I have an autonomic nervous system disorder called POTS that may have been caused by a vaccine and it has ruined my life. It may be a good option for most people, it’s just not right for me and I need options in case I do get covid. I know I’m not the only one out there who feels uncertain about the vaccine and would like an alternative.

Just do it ! It works, I’m using the horse paste as a prophylactic now. 1 teaspoon on 1st day, 3rd day and 7th day. Then 1x a week. If that fails I have thirty 6mg OTC human pills I bought and brought back from Brasil, I weigh 178 pounds

Tell your doctor you have scabies and they will prescribe Ivermectin. Lol. Make sure you have red itchy spots on your skin to show the doc. Haha. Truth!


Same thing with Hydroxychloroquine. It has been around for more than 40 years, and proven to be safe. The big problem is it is the generic and affordable. I was put on it for my lupus, and had been on it for over 2 years when all this COVID crap started. When everything settled down and I could get back in to see my doctor, he told me that out of all his lupus and autoimmune patience’s not one had come down with COVID. Later he started with well I am not sure, maybe this or that. Figured he had gotten a tongue lashing over it.Then what do you know they started wanting to switch it, or the drug store saying they just could not get it anymore. My husband through a fit, and refused to just let it go. Finally they found another supplier. The loud problem gets attention.

Ummmm nope #NoJab4MeI'll take #Ivermectin instead thankyou. #GeneTherapy#EmergencyUseAuthorization

One problem is ivermectin against COVID doesn’t suit the political agenda in America under the current administration !

Why does Ivermectin work? Think about it. Parasites!!!

I'm very disturbed that I never hear of the warning about pregnancy and ivermectin."At 10–100 times higher than current human doses, ivermectin is a known teratogen in mammals.""There is insufficient evidence to conclude on the safety profile of ivermectin during pregnancy. Treatment campaigns should focus additional efforts on preventing inadvertent treatment of pregnant women." very much appreciate your instructions to talk with the patient's primary care physician; that is hopefully enough to prevent trouble... but the specific warning to pregnant women would be important anyway. Everything is a technicality until something goes wrong.

I live in Mexico and went to the pharmacy and purchased 16 tablets for $31.00 !

Get your Faucci ouchie regiment now and quit complaining!!! Compliance is mandatory, resistance is futile. (Horse paste cured me). Shhhhhh.....

Cdc won't give ivermection treatment in hosp patients die my c husband died hosp would not give ivermection not in cdc guide line joke

I have COVID now it’s been over 15 days Fever comes back night started second round of. Ivermectin the day before yesterday tomorrow will be third dose hoping for no fever tonight I am still real weak during part of the day also have Crohn’s disease still in a flare it was real bad until a few days ago

Over 4 billion doses have been prescribed... That's 4 billion... With a better safety track record then over the counter Tylenol

Are You Kidding Me?? It's ok to prescribe this medication to long haulers but totally denied at the onset of Covid-19??? You do realize that all those people Did Not have to DIE!!! This is absolutely making me sick. Who are YOU working for???

What is ivermectin? Something the Swamp government does not want you to have........

The President , should address this big problem!! And jail for those people who don't care about the respect of human life.! The dark and deep swamp need to out by our PRESIDENT D. TRUMP and disarmed all this dirty party that is democrats !! We want justice ⚖️ ! "WE THE PEOPLE" ASK FOR OUR JUSTICE !! NOW!!!


Your trump IS an actor on a stage like ALL of them! He was not elected but selected! Hes also FTM! A jesuit freemason satanist!


Trump was himself in the swamp. When you benefit from a system, you cannot throw stones at comes back at you, like a boomerang. That is what happened to Trump.


Why are you even here? You are not contributing anything useful to the conversation. We are talking serious medical issues here. Not politics with lunatics! Please exit stage left. 🚪 ⬅️ Thank You!


If doctors in Australia prescribe hydroxychloroqine or Ivermectin they face jail.


They got to stop the meds that are killing the kidneys

Ivermectic works they are not making big money off of it there for they will talk against it. They make millions off of something that don't work.


Covid-19-long-haul syndrome-Symptoms; 9:03 min.

Covid-19-long-haul syndrome-Symptoms - ;
Get the latest information from the WHO about coronavirus.
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Long hauler symptoms and potential treatments (part 1)
11,243 viewsApr 12, 2021
Gateway Health & Wellness Center
1. Chronic COVID Treatment Center (by IncellDX)

2. Dr. Patterson’s pre-print study: COVID-19 Survivors’ Reports of the Timing, Duration, and Health Impacts of Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 (PASC) Infection

Another great video about the IncellDX Chronic COVID website:

Another great video explaining long hauler symptoms
Dr. Mark White
Gateway Health and Wellness Center
Columbus, OH

Covid-19/Ivermectin - Long hauler symptoms and potential treatments (part 2)

Covid-19/Ivermectin - Long hauler symptoms and potential treatments (part 2)
Dr. Mark White
Gateway Health and Wellness Center
Columbus, OH



Long hauler symptoms and potential treatments (part 1); 11,243 viewsApr 12, 2021 -


Ivermectin - Long hauler symptoms and potential treatments (part 2)-

173,674 views, Apr 19, 2021


Gateway Health & Wellness Center

7.02K subscribers


A great resource for long haulers:


— Dr. Mark White Gateway Health and Wellness Center Columbus, OH Follow us on Facebook at:


  1. is a database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world. - 
  2. NIH COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines - - -
  3. The FDA-approved drug ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro
  4.  - -
  5. Prophylactic Ivermectin in COVID-19 Contacts -
  6. Efficacy and Safety of Ivermectin for Treatment and prophylaxis of COVID-19 Pandemic -
  7. Use of Ivermectin Is Associated With Lower Mortality in Hospitalized Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019 -

Ivermectin for COVID-19 in Peru - Abstract


Introduction. On May 8, 2020, Peru’s Ministry of Health approved ivermectin (IVM), a drug of Nobel Prize-honored distinction, for inpatient and outpatient treatment of COVID-19. As IVM treatments proceeded in that nation of 33 million residents, excess deaths decreased 14-fold over four months through December 1, 2020, consistent with clinical benefits of IVM for COVID-19 found in several RCTs. But after IVM use was sharply restricted under a new president, excess deaths then increased 13-fold. Methods. To evaluate possible IVM treatment effects suggested by these aggregate trends, excess deaths were analyzed by state for ages ≥ 60 in Peru’s 25 states. To identify potential confounding factors, Google mobility data, population densities, SARS-CoV-2 genetic variations and seropositivity rates were also examined. Results. The 25 states of Peru were grouped by extent of IVM distributions: maximal (mass IVM distributions through operation MOT, a broadside effort led by the army); medium (locally managed IVM distributions); and minimal (restrictive policies in one state, Lima). The mean reduction in excess deaths 30 days after peak deaths was 74% for the maximal IVM distribution group, 53% for the medium group and 25% for Lima. Reduction of excess deaths is correlated with extent of IVM distribution by state with a p value of 0.002 using the Kendall τb test. Conclusion. Mass treatments with IVM, a drug safely used in 3.7 billion doses worldwide since 1987, most likely caused the 14-fold reductions in excess deaths in Peru, prior to their 13-fold increase under reversed IVM policy. This strongly suggests that IVM treatments can likewise effectively complement immunizations to help eradicate COVID-19. The indicated biological mechanism of IVM, competitive binding with SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, is likely non-epitope specific, possibly yielding full efficacy against emerging viral mutant strains.


8. Coronavirus Treatment Ivermectin!? Covid-19 Medication! How to treat Coronavirus? Study Review, 25,449 viewsPremiered Apr 8, 2020 -

Edgy Edge -Hope everyone is doing well during this pandemic. A new study came out talking about the potential use and efficacy of ivermectin to treat coronavirus (Covid-19). In this video, I highlight the main points of the study and give my take on it's potential use as a treatment for coronavirus.

Link to the study:

Ivermectin is an FDA approved medication that is used as an anti-parasitic. Ivermectin also has reported antiviral activity and is theorized to work against coronavirus. It's proposed mechanism of action is preventing the coronavirus protein from entering the nucleus of your cells.


Dr. Pierre Kory, Ivermectin, and COVID (Let’s help end the pandemic.) 253,267 views•Streamed live on Feb 26, 2021; 1:47:59 min.

Drbeen Medical Lectures
272K subscribers
Dr. Pierre Kory, Ivermectin, and COVID (Let’s help end the pandemic.)

COVID and the lung damage
Updates from the Ivermectin world
COVID long-haulers and the management approach

Dr. Kory gained international fame when he went to the US senate and asked for the approval for the Ivermectin for COVID. Since then, INH has changed their position from against Ivermectin to neither against and nor pro Ivermectin - a neutral position is still a better position to allow physicians to use it without fear. Similarly WHO has started reviewing Ivermectin’s efficacy for COVID as well.

Gates foundation has started trials too to vet out the efficacy of Ivermectin.

Here’s Dr. Kory’s biography
Dr. Pierre Kory is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Critical Care, and Pulmonary Medicine and is also a Testamur of the National Board of Echocardiography Exam. He recently served for 5 years as the Medical Director of the Trauma and Life Support Center at the University of Wisconsin where he was an Associate Professor and the Chief of the Critical Care Service. He is considered a pioneer and national expert in the field of Critical Care Ultrasonography and is the senior editor of the widely read textbook “Point-of-Care Ultrasound” which is in its 2nd edition and has been translated into 7 languages, having won the President’s Choice Award for Medical Textbooks from the British Medical Association in 2015. Dr. Kory also ran a busy pulmonary practice in New York City for almost ten years and has also lectured on and published numerous peer-reviewed articles in two other areas of clinical interest and expertise; 1) the use of therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest and 2) the efficacy of intravenous ascorbic acid in the treatment of severe infections and septic shock.
He has also previously served for three years as a Program Director of a Fellowship Training Program for doctors specializing in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and has won multiple major Departmental Teaching Awards at each institution in which he has served as faculty. More recently, he became one of the founding members of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance ( composed of 5 national/international critical care experts that devised a COVID-19 treatment protocol called MATH+ and he also served as an emergency volunteer during the early COVID-19 pandemic in New York City, NY where he spent 6 weeks attending the main COVID-19 ICU at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center.
-Coreen Ann
1 month ago
Dr. Kory. I'm a nurse. I've lost all faith in our medical system here in usa. Thank you for being extraordinary. Thank you for stepping up when the majority do not. 🙏🏻
4 weeks ago
Anybody who blocks this drug from being distributed is committing crimes against humanity.


Cle B.
Cle B.
1 month ago (edited)
Dr. Kory is a real doctor, everyone else is just a robot, always being curious and having a open mind, makes you great, as a trained chemist and geneticist myself, your truly saving lives, thank you Kory! 🙏🏼


Julie WIlkinson
Julie WIlkinson
1 month ago (edited)
Ivermectin saved my neighbour’s sister in South Africa . She was given it after her 70 year old brother who lived with her contracted COVID in hospital and subsequently died. Shocking that doctors ca