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Saudi Arabia executed and then crucified a man in the holy city of Mecca on Wednesday, employing a rare form of punishment the kingdom uses for grave crimes.

Elias Abulkalaam Jamaleddeen was accused of breaking into the home of a woman from Myanmar and stabbing her to death, Bloomberg reported, citing the Saudi Interior Ministry.

He was further charged with attempting to rape a separate woman and kill a man whose house he also broke into.

Saudi Arabia frequently uses the death penalty for a range of crimes including murder, adultery and apostasy, but crucifixions are much rarer. Crucifixions in the kingdom often entail hanging a body in public after the condemned has been beheaded.

Wednesday’s crucifixion was upheld in Saudi courts and endorsed by King Salman, the Associated Press reported, citing a Saudi Press Agency announcement. At the direction of Salman’s heir, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia has moved to liberalize some of its famously restrictive social policies, but the kingdom still retains its medieval Islamic character in matters of criminal justice. (RELATED: Saudi Arabia Seemingly Threatens 9/11-Style Attack On Canada)

Saudi Arabia executed at least 146 people in 2017, according to Amnesty International. The U.S., with a population roughly 10 times larger than Saudi Arabia, executed 23 people the same year, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.

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‘I’ll have you killed!’ Duterte scolds 100+ corrupt Philippines cops brought before him

Published time: 8 Aug, 2018 04:25Edited time: 8 Aug, 2018 06:52

© Dondi Tawatao / Reuters

President Rodrigo Duterte has demonstratively threatened to keep a close watch on and to neutralize suspected corrupt cops if they ever make a single mistake that taints the public image of the Philippines’ police force.

More than one hundred policemen, who are currently being probed for various offenses across the country, were delivered to Malacañang Palace for a public scolding by the Philippines’ president, who made it clear from the start that they are totally “useless” to the country and represent a “plague” of society.

“I’ll be frank to the entire Philippines. If you continue your way, son of a b*tch, I will really kill you. You can be sure of that. I have nothing else to do with you fools,” Duterte told the policemen, who are accused of robbery, extortion, kidnapping, rape and other corrupt actions.

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Those involved in drug-related offenses amid the administration's ongoing battle against narcotics in the country were especially singled out by the 73-year-old, to be hunted down by a special unit.

“Those involved in drug syndicates, corruption, I have a special unit that will monitor you for the rest of your lives. And if you make another mistake, I’ll have you killed,” Duterte said, promising to review individual cases.

Describing those brought before him as “criminals” and “dogs,” the president asked their families not to come crying to him if one day the corrupt cops are murdered. “If these sons of b*tches die, don’t come to us yelling ‘human rights, due process’ because I warned you already,” he warned, in Filipino.

Trying to protect the image of law enforcement in the country, amid international and domestic criticism of the drug war, remains one of Duterte's top priories. More than 1,800 cops out of 6,401 facing administrative charges were dismissed from the force and some 3,600 temporarily suspended during the time of Duterte's presidency, the Philippine National Police (PNP) said last week. Among those sacked were 261 policemen who tested positive for drugs.

Just as Duterte threatened to kill corrupt policemen, a third person from the so-called presidential 'drug list' of former officials and politicians was killed in less than a week. Exequiel Sangco, a former member of the Valenzuela City police force, was gun downed by agents of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) after he pulled a gun on authorities during the arrest, Senior Supt. Nicolas Poklay, Valenzuela police chief said.

A day earlier, a retired policeman, Supt. Roberto Palisoc, was shot dead inside a pedicab in Manila by unidentified gunmen riding a motorcycle. The same day, a Manila policeman, Rodolfo Cruz, was gunned down in Malabon City by a lone, masked assailant.

READ MORE: ‘God’ agreed to send all victims of extrajudicial killings to heaven, Duterte claims

More than 4,540 people have lost their lives in the country’s brutal anti-drug campaign, PNP data covering the period of July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2018 reveals. However, human rights groups, which continuously condemn extrajudicial killings, allege the number has topped the 20,000 body count.

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‘I’ll have you killed!’ Duterte....

You can if you have the will and reason. But you donkeys won't realize whose controlling the drugs and alcohol trade

He is the most awesome leader ever. Putin and Trump have nothing on him.

Its about time that the drug dealers get worried about THEIR lives, they are not worried about the lives they destroy. The big drug hoods go to luxury prison, its about time they paid the ultimate price for their horrific deeds. Duterte is giving them the only language that they understand, =violence

No one forced the people that take the drugs to take them, that was their own choice , so you cant fully blame the dealers. People need to take responsibility and instead of killing a lot of people , maybe FIX the underlying problem...

what is this luxury prison you speak of? l regularly hear of these luxury prisons, but nobody can tell me which prisons they are, or what is so "luxurious" about them, unless you are paying corrupt guards to bring in contraband, that is the fault of the prison officials not the prisoner, please, ANYONE, tell me where these "luxury" prisons can be found.

for one here in Finland. mobile phones ,internet, gym, education etc. oh and in Norway they even have one with a professional music studio. Just google and RESEARCH!!!

The money from drug lording is so much, they can rival the government. Duterte is killing fire with fire, third world countries do not have enough resources to fight the scourge, unfortunately this is the only way.

We have to take matters in our hands in a similar way. If the masses of peace loving humanity doesn't stand up to defend the peace and law, we should not be surprised to lose our family and life to the drug mafia!

I like this guy, Mexico needs to learn from his approach of how to deal with drug syndicates and the police who protect them.

You cant compare Phils to Mexico , no comparison. The Drug lords in MExico are too powerful and too influential and have more weapons that the government, so nice dream but youre in la la land

So, what you are saying is Mexico is stuffed and the problem can't be fixed. That's very defeatist isn't it. If everyone caved in as you have, the whole world would eventually be controlled by criminals. There are a lot of people who were told they were dreamers and lived in La La Land but they persevered and made the world a better place.

Pretty much. Mexico is the gateway to the US market. The amount of drug money that crosses the border is phenomenal and the cartels are very rich. The rule is "plomo o plata" - lead or silver/money. You either take the bribe offered and look the other way or you get a bullet in your head. Lots of mayors and police comissioners have simply been shot.

He is the man with IRON Bal** or man on mission. Only a DON could deal with gangsters. bravo

A REAL LEADER. Unlike the weak pansies in the West.

That gun he is holding is the only language drug traffickers understand. Jail does not scare them. Hope he doesn't get any gun oil on that nice white suite.

CIA is trying to flood that country with drugs and then take over.

Have you ever been to the Philippines , obviously not by your ignorant comment. Corruption there is endemic and the Police have been are part of that problem for decades . I said decades not just in the last few years . They have been involved with drugs , money laundering , murder , bribery and all crimes known too mankind. I know that from personal experience .

My wife's uncle , a politician , was assassinated in broad daylight. When they went to the Police station they were told by the Police that they knew nothing about it , case closed. Obviously already paid off by the rich person who paid for the hit.

Duterte is trying too rid the country of the scourge of meth which has been financed by Politicians , the very rich , with compliance by corrupt Police. He is doing what is the only thing possible and that means killing a lot of people in an effort too tamp out the problem. Anything less would be like trying to drain the ocean with a roll of toilet paper.

Police are corrupt everywhere, even here in little New Zealand. Human nature has a tendency to take over some of these ***s and they think they are above the law. Unfortunately while we have humans with no moral compass writing laws, and some very questionable people enforcing them, it paints a bleak picture, but a necessary evil until the restoration of all things.

The corruption with the police in NZ v Philippines is light years apart. There is no comparison. Try bribing an NZ cop and you stand a good chance of going to jail. Bribe a cop in Philippines and you can get drugs , commit murder with impunity , get out of prison , have all charges dropped , have an opponent framed and arrested . Not even close sorry..

The only solution to all crime is effective punishment. Drugs , whether pushed or prescribed are killing people. Countries such as Saudi, China and Thailand simply do not tolerate drug dealing and perpetrators are executed.

He's following in the footsteps of Chiang Kai-shek.

Resorting to the final solution to corruption without do process may be pushing the limit but it might just be effective to stop corruption in the police forces. Perhaps this is a practice other nations in this world might consider.

he should do mandatory lie detector as well with the police.

Duterte is crude, but is there any other option? This way the country might have a chance. Mexico and Colombia have lost the war on drugs and organized crime long ago. Brazil is also nearly there.They will never rise to prosperity because of that.

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