How To Replace A Water Heater Dip Tube

Published on Mar 6, 2015
Go to for help. Shannon shows you how to replace your water heater dip tube. Common symptoms of needing replacement are that you don't get a lot of hot water out of your tank, you seem to run out of hot water when taking a shower, etc.

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How and Why to replace the Anode rod of a Water Heater

Published on Jan 2, 2012
This is a short description of how I changed the anode rod of my water heater. The second part of the seminar describes the theory behind how an anode rod may prolong the life of a water heater, by using a natural galvanic reaction to slow rust formation.

On a related topic, consider reviewing my other video describing how to replace the dip tube of a water heater. These two might be conveniently replaced at the same time.

Maintenance of a water heater involves risk of personal injury and possible damage to personal property. Done improperly, there is a significant risk of scalding injury, and if the new rod does not seal properly you could be witness to secondary water damage to your home. If the anode replacement does not go as planned, your water heater and your home could be permanently damaged. This is not a comprehensive instructional video, and I am not a professional plumber. If you decide to replace your anode rod, you do so at your own personal risk.

Here are a couple of links that describe the science behind the anode rod in more detail

Hot Water Heater Flush and Anode Replacement

Dogwood Tales
Published on Mar 2, 2014
I have noticed that Chrome seems to have issues playing Youtube videos for me.
If you're having trouble viewing this video and are using Chrome, try using Firefox or Internet Explorer.

In this video I share my experience in doing a couple relatively simple maintenance things to my gas hot water heater.
I set out to just do a flush of the tank. The owner's manual recommends flushing the tank at least once a year. Well, honestly, this hot water heater is now 4 years old and I had not done that yet. It's a good thing to do because sediment can accumulate at the bottom of the water tank and cause problems in the long run. Flushing the tank at least once a year will help prevent a build up of this sediment.

While I'm at it I also flush out the pressure relief valve at the top of the tank. As water circulates in the tank sediment can collect in the pressure release valve. Flushing it out at the same time as the rest of the tank will help to keep it clear and operational.

Since I'm going through all this trouble I figured it's a good time to check the anode. I didn't think of it ahead of time. I just happened to see it mentioned in the manual and that it should be checked at least once a year. Well, once you have access to it, replacing the anode is about as simple as changing a light bulb - except that it takes a good breaker bar to break the old anode loose. The factory puts those suckers in there with A LOT of torque.

At the time that I filmed the replacement of the anode I couldn't remember what it does. Setting aside the chemistry behind it, the anode takes on the corrosion your water tank would have to bear if the anode wasn't there.

I hope you find the video informative and entertaining. Learn from my struggles so maybe you can avoid them for yourself.

A friend of mine shared this link from This Old House about replacing the anode.
Of course they make it look all so clean and easy, but I like this show nonetheless.
They don't go into the actual chemistry behind how the anode works, but do explain it a little more than I do. In brief, like I said, it takes on the corrosion so that your water heater does'n't have to, so check it annually and replace it as needed.

How To Flush A Hot Water Heater To Remove Sediment

Published on Oct 25, 2018
Check out how easy it is to flush a hot water heater! This is important annual maintenance that will extend the life of your water heater, and help make sure you always have hot water when you need it. The process is very easy, and I show you every step of the way exactly what you need to do and how to do it.

Materials needed:
Garden Hose

Tools required:

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How to make a small emergency space heater

The Thoughts of Microdac
Published on Jan 10, 2014
A small space heater using toilet paper, a coffee can and alcohol.

-All open flames need oxygen to burn; all living creatures need oxygen to live. Leave a window cracked opened so you have fresh air coming into your shelter while the fire is burning. When you put the fire out, you can close the window. 4.) It's best not to leave any fire burning while you're sleeping.

-i use this qt size with alcohol all the time in my little aliner trailer and it works great, no smell or carbon to inhale..

-John leslie
4 weeks ago
Who will keep a gallon or several gallons of alcohol at home? and you need a high concentration of alcohol in order to burn. Also, in a small space, the burner will consume the oxygen in the air, so be careful.

2 years ago
Skip the toilet paper. Put sand in the can like those ethanol fire pits.

-I highly recommend ventilation and a fan set at low to keep the heat from staying in the top of the room. you probably should only use this in an emergency. the clay pot is a great idea. probably helps radiate the heat more evenly. thank you for the great idea.

- Large can filled two thirds with sand.
Then you can provide heat with food --- and keep the heat in with warm insulated clothing.
STAY WARM - STAY ALIVE - DRESS FOR SUCCESS. Do not waste your money on fires when warm clothing will do.
If you must build a fire for some shelter --- vent it out with a chimney and then burn all kinds of free stuff - wood is good.

-Recommend using very solid rock material, i.e. not cracked or degraded -- otherwise risk the rock exploding from heated trapped internal water, etc. For those questioning if this amount of heat can make a difference, I say "Hell yes!" Been there in sub-freezing and sub-zero camping conditions and marvel at how even a single lit candle can cut the edge of the cold if you're in a small closed tent space.

- Fairy Tales
2 years ago
In 2004, we had a big icestorm in Québec, Canada. We didn't have any electricity for a MONTH. And yes, i was able to heat my living room and kitchen at 18celcius with one burner like this one and a Spring alccol burner from Switzerland ( it is made for restaurant) and use to make flamed coffee or fine trout filet. It is a cooking stove made by Spring. During that infamous month, we had some minus 20C. The artisanal burner was made with insulation wool as a wick. So, i was able to cook on my stove and getting a lot of heat from both burners. I had a window open a bit for air intake. No odor. Yes it work, i had tested it for one miserable month. exterior temp at minus 20C getting to 18C for 2 rooms. I was using around 1 gallon of methyl by 24 hours. Important note: Here in Québec, we have well insulated house. Last week we had a couple of days at minus 36Celcius. I was boiling some water in a 5 gallon big canning pot for a bath mixed with some room temp water in the bathtub. The powerline tower were falling, 1-2 feet of ice in the street, trees and branches in the street, hospital running on generators, gas station not open, groceries out of stock or closed, a lot of houses fire, no more dry wood, no more generator anywhere we have to import from USA, no more candles, no batteries, emergency was full of injured peoples, the army were installing all their generator in school against frozen pipes, all schools were closed, everything was closed. I had to make 200 kilometers to find some open city to buy some foods and methyl. Water was always running a bit to prevent freezing. A real nightmare. They made a movie with it ICESTORM. After 1 month, i was under depression, my son too and my cat was barking, poor him. I had no income for a month as a sub contractor on small parcels delivery with 3 trucks payments to do, ooch the wallet was flat as a pizza.

- Steve
3 weeks ago
I made three of these for my garage to work in - I had them all going great but unfortunately had by lawnmower gas tank near by - lucky I went over to the house for lunch, and was not in the garage - big explosion and garage burned to the ground. - so word to wise no gasoline containers near by! the fumes can ignite. Fire Dept told me that is what happened so next time I got a be more careful. Just a word to the wise!

- George Of the jungle
2 years ago
There is a video by a survival expert that made a winter emergency shelter where he dug a pit over which he put up his tent. He then heated large rocks outside the tent over a fire and brought them in the tent and put them in the pit. He said it kept his tent at 70 degrees all night - with no fume or CO2 problems. I bought a fire pit and lava rocks so I could do the same thing at my house in case the power is out for an extended period.

3 weeks ago
Microdac - Your video is like a public service announcement which can save someone's life . Folks who are SAR / search and rescue keep these heaters in snowmobiles , automobiles and backpacks . Getting an individuals core temperature up with hot soup or coffee is a life saver .
I have done some experimenting using a carbon monoxide detector 3 feet away from these heaters = No Alarm . IMO , these heaters can be used safely within the confines of a tent or automobile if there is a source of fresh air and a stable base to sit the heater on . I use 1/4" thick plywood wrapped in aluminum foil and use foil with holes punched in it over the toilet paper . Your idea of using rocks seems viable and interesting .
Thanks for a well edited video with life saving data . Happy Holidays
Lefty - Western States SAR , San Juan county New Mexico

- Terry Ketron
1 month ago (edited)
The paint cans are available online "unlined" and they might be safer to burn alcohol in than the "lined" cans since the lining will likely produce some toxic fumes. Just Google "unlined paint cans". I bought 6 one gallon sized unlined cans for about $5.75 each in a case of 6. Home Depot didn't have them but a paint store like Sherwinn-Williams might carry them in house.
10 months ago
Place a few small pieces of broken tile (say 3 or 4 - about $ coin size ) around the base of your flower pot,then place a much larger up-ended flowerpot over the whole assembly with the lip sitting on tiles , The added pot will then heat up & radiate like a storage heater." 3 of these assemblies.will keep a 120 sq ft room quite warm,for qute a few hrs in an emergency.

- Deborah Elliott
2 years ago
DO NOT USE QUARTZ ROCKS! Those will explode!

- EattinThurs61
1 year ago
John Hilsmeyer if stones wet inside they explode, alcohol eats oxygen and gives out lethal gas. Sand and outdoors and correct type of stones, maybe. Charcoal can be stored for centuries, but also is bad indoors (carbon monoxide). Sandstone? Soapstone stores heat best and one can cook on surface without grease.

Candle Powered Air Heater - DIY Radiant Space Heater - flower pot heater - Easy DIY

Published on Sep 1, 2013
Candle Powered Heater DIY Space Heater. Clay/Terracotta pots absorb the thermal energy of the candles and convert it into radiant space heat. Reaches temperatures of 160F to 180F. Heater stays hot for hours. use caution, the inner chamber can reach 500F. heats a small area very effectively. uses 1 to 3 candles or more. could also use small alcohol lamps instead of the candles. of note: heater works by trapping and concentrating the heat that would normally just rise to the ceiling and quickly dissipate in the surrounding air. once pots have warmed up they stay hot for hours. I built both 2 and 3 pot heaters. the 2 pot heater seems much more effective (if you are using large thick pots). if the pots are smaller then 3 pots may be better.

Jay Bates - Woodworking Videos
5 years ago
This would work great with a pilot light setup. A small continuous flame from a propane bottle would last a long long time.

- Khan Loo
3 years ago
It is a great idea. However, I would make one minor change to your design, though. I would turn the bolt the other way around so that it comes out of the two pots outside so that you can have a handle in case you want to lift the pots, using a insolated glove, of course.

5 years ago
I built this two years ago and since then have cancelled my natural gas heating. (I still use electric HWH.) Natural gas bill used to average $125/month in the winter months. Now I burn two candles in the morning to take the chill off the house, and two candles at dinner time.

- 1212yod
4 years ago (edited)
Try getting 165 degrees F + 2 feet from an open candle flame. This is really awsome. Thanks for sharing. I saw another version, which I like a little better. I ended up getting a 3 inch pot, a clay saucer which was right next to it in the hardware store - put the candle on that, surrounding it with 3 stacks of 3 pennies, put the pot on the pennies, more stacks of pennies on top (bottom of pot) and then put a ceramic saucer on top.
This allows for convecting as well as radiant heat.

5 years ago
If you leave the top pot hole open... you will allow convection to occur (drawing in cool air and sending a moving flow of warm air) :)

Arizona penny can alcohol stove

Published on Aug 13, 2016
In this video I'll show how to make a penny can alcohol stove using Arizona tea cans. I like these cans because they're thicker and hold more fuel. Enjoy!

Josephine Hogg
1 month ago
SUGGESTION: instead of cutting the 'lid' so close to the paint line, how about cutting the length of the tin so that it has a handle instead? Perhaps a long'ish handle like you would find on a frypan? cut the tin so that the 'handle' might be 3" wide and fold 1" on either side of the handle, so that the handle is 3 x 1" thick? I think that would be a bit safer than trying to drop a lid, without a handle, onto a flame-up


DIY Brick Rocket Stove - Cooking Without Power

Tinyhouse Prepper
Published on Apr 19, 2017
How to build a simple and inexpensive rocket stove for cooking using 25 bricks for about $15.

Char Brady
2 months ago
I made my rocket stove principally the same, but with red brick and I built it on top a metal table. We recently had a tropical storm from a hurricane. There was no electric power for days. Besides cooking my food, I also kept hot water pot going for bathing myself and hot coffee/tea on demand. Stove made my situation a lot easier. Try It!😋 Thanks guyz😘

Свеча длительного горения одна свечка заменяет 76 свеч Бюджетный вариант

Published on Dec 15, 2017
Уважаемые посетители моего канала из представленного вам мастер-класс, вы научитесь делать економ свечу длительного горения своими руками это свеча (Масло восковая) с экономить ваши деньги.


Греющая свеча горит 13 дней. DIY Свеча своими руками!

Валерий Рыбаков - художник, самоделкин, зож
Published on Dec 15, 2018
100-процентный Рецепт СЧАСТЬЯ:
Представьте... Свеча своими руками, которая не только горит 13 дней, но при этом еще и обогревает пространство вокруг себя! И я сделал такую долгогорящую самодельную свечку из подручных материалов! Эта свеча прекрасно подойдет тем, кто любит медитировать или просто уют в доме, когда за окошком мороз и холод.

Как сделать свечу за $5 горит 13 дней ЛЕГКО! Свечка длительного горения своими руками.
Теплее в доме и квартире можно сделать за 1.5 часа!

How To Heat & Cool your home for Free ! by Missouri Wind & Solar

1 week ago (edited)
Damn, I never thought of that! Thanks. Will try it. Sounds great. I have redirected the dryer output into the living space because of the crack air leakage I had considered but the lint clogs up every filter I've ever tried and abandon the idea. The other half got pissed seeing her panty hose flapping in the breeze which turned out to be the most effective for a very short period of time until they, both legs, became clogged with lint als

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