How to avoid going to the FEMA camps, Jesus exsplains. 13:09 min.

Travis Norman
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How to escape the FEMA Death camps, after the pre-planned Disasters.
This word of knowledge was given to sister Clare, from the (still small voice)channel.
I'm You
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Escape right after disaster, don't go to the fema camp rescue or give your name. They will assume you're dead if you don't go to collect aid.
Jim Kash
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Gather food and water to make it through the first wave. Then hide and follow our Lords daily instruction. Pray he takes you into his arms early on. Dear Lord I am not worthy, only say the word and I will be healed. Be merciful to me a sinner and forgive me.
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Saying the Jewish people will be the evangelists in the last days- is a false doctrine. The 144000 spoken of in Revelations are from all the tribes of Israel- which are Christian nations today. The wrath of God is upon the Jewish people to the utmost.
Rapture doctrine is a doctrine fabricated by the Jesuit conspiracy against the Lord and His people.
Rica Bogdany
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The antiChrist System is already in place. The Lord is with us even still. He is not to be fully displaced at Any time in the Holy Scriptures. His Return is inevitable... the powers of darkness and human kingdoms know it to be true. The only way to have faith in Christ is to cast down the spirit of fear and lift up the Name of the LORD by the Power of the Love of Christ, the blood of Yeshua, Eternal Messiah. His Bride and Body shall be made Manifest in this darkness and none shall destroy His Kingdom from here on. Amen.
How long do you fellowship with the Lord each day? How long do you pray? How much word of God do you know? I have had 3 visons of this without any background knowledge -- only when I googled what I say in the visions. The first was of a concentration camp in Colorado; and Colorado was a dust bowl. The second was of an intense great darkness which was very evil. The only thing that affected it was praising the Lord-flashes of light penetrated the darkness The third was of people living in tunnels (I could only think of Mammoth Cave in Kentucky). Almost all TV programs are instruction about witchcraft - with our children picking this up their lives will end up being a nightmare. Disaster follows witchcraft and idolatry - New Orleans, Haiti, New York (Hell's Kitchen), Boulder. But if you want to stay ignorant - go right ahead. Have fun.

Jesus said OCCUPY until I come (keep going, don't quit now)
PRAY you are counted worthy to ESCAPE
LOOK UP your redemption draws near
ENCOURAGE each other
COMFORT each other
PURIFY yourselves (examine your life for hidden sins)
BE FILLED ( with the OIL of the Holy Spirit) BY READING THE WORD
WATCH (see the signs of the times all around us)
WAIT (just sit tight and be patient, He IS coming soon)
BLESSED HOPE is Jesus coming in the clouds for His bride
You must be BORN AGAIN to enter the Kingdom of Heaven
WISE VIRGIN vs. foolish virgins (those that go vs. those left on earth)
WISE SERVANT vs. evil servants
FORGIVE others so that your Father in Heaven will forgive you
FELLOWSHIP with other believers
Well, it's 08/03/2017, hurricane Harvey hits, army goes live, fema camps operating, and the army occupied a church as a base camp. They just took it over
Believers will suffer more than they can understand. The filthy devil will make sure of that just so he can punish god only because that snake knows that god loves you eternally and the snake lost out forever. You and I will suffer if not today tomorrow. You will not enter heaven without persecution and tribulations. You will have both and will have no choice. Just like those before you.

Daunte Slettebak
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With all the disasters out there going on all over the world! I was laying in bed just thinking about a natural disaster happening in my hometown? As I live in Seattle, WA. and they say the Pacific Plate may snap soon? They were warning folks to leave the coastal cities asap! That a huge earth quake and tidal wave may hit the coast! Well I got to thinking about my Native American ancestors the (Cherokee's Indians) and how they lived on the plains. Many of these types of tribes would roam from place to place and hunt and live off the land in the USA. My people started out in the FL. area, and were then forced by the U.S. cavalry to walk on foot (ouch!) across several States to OK.! This was called the trail of tears! Very historic! Although some died, but many lived! Very brave people! Anyway! Then I got to thinking about my grandma telling me about how the plains Indians would travel all over the Midwest from place to place! They lived in Teepees, all through the four seasons! (3 sticks and a leather tarp to go around! Basically!) They would build fires to cook over, hunt and gather food! This made me think of what foods are available to pick and hunt! First I started thinking about my own neighborhood and city! Its important to go where the food is! Just like the Native American's did! Get a log book or a journal and write down where everything is growing so you won't forget! There is such a bounty of food out there in the USA! You just need to be aware of your surroundings! I started thinking about Seattle and what free foods were growing all around? You need to gather in the summer and fall! Up to Dec/Jan/Feb in Seattle because that is when the winter months are and the freeze and snow comes! So be aware of the seasons and plan ahead! So! I started making a list of foods found in my area! Here is the list! There are many places you can go to find free food in a natural disaster! You must think! And be aware of your surroundings! And journal where you found it, so you can go back there in the future if you need to! You also need to go where the food is! So I thought to myself...hmmm Fresh water lakes provide fish like trout and salmon. You can find these at the Ballard Locks, Lake Union, Lake WA., Lake Sammamish, Golden Gardens, Alkia Beach etc. Clean water lakes and streams are the best because they provide you with clean water to drink and bathe in. You can purify water by adding 2 Tblspns of alcohol to it and boiling the water over a camp fire! You can also get water purification pills at the Big 5 sporting goods, Bass Pro Shop and online! Also be careful of not eating toxic chemicals as they are not good for you! You can also get clean water in a pinch from hotwater heaters in homes, swimming pools and wells! Always purify your water so you don't get beaver fever or the itch! Now you can find your wood and newspaper all over fhe N.W. that will be your fire fuel (store it in a dry place! So it will burn well!) You can build yourself a log cabin to live in or a lean too with tarps as well! If you have a family! I suggest the 3 stick teepee! You can line it with blankets, pillows and furs, this will keep you warm all winter long! Old shacks or cabins can also be good! Store up fuel and water in jugs! Recycle and layer your clothes! You can fish... trout, salmon, fry fish, flounder, bass, scallops, lobster, octopuss, squid, dig clams, oysters, mussles, seaweed, kelp, sea enemies are on the beaches! In the woods you can forage for thistle, certain mushrooms, certain ferns, dandelion leaves, chick weeds, rose hips, collard greens, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, squash, pumpkins, apples, pears, oranges, plumbs, certain flowers, blue berries, raspberries, strawberries, salmon berries. Look for local areas that have large farms, fruit trees and produce! Look up foraging sites online and journal what you like to eat and drink! You can hunt small animals for meat! Like deer, beaver, varmit, raccoon, game hens, wild turkey, ducks (keep them for the large eggs!), chickens (keep them for eggs!) goats (milk), cows (milk), snake, moose, buffalo, pigeons, rabbit, frogs. In the desert areas you can eat aloe vera meat and gel, prickly pair cactus meat and slice it open and it has drinkable water inside! It will keep you alive if you get stuck in the hot desert! Many foods abound outside! When I was driving the west coast I noticed many fruit trees lined the highways and roads! The oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes just falling off the branches onto the ground! Also look for avocado they are a good source of protein! You can also dry meats and smoke them to make them last longer through the winter months! You must store up can goods and packaged foods and water, juices, coffee and teas etc. If you are rich you should buy a dollar store and warehouse the food to trade in a disaster! Trading posts, farms and ranches are also a good ideas for food! Now that everything is available you should try to fill up your pantry if you can! Just in case! I hope this helps someone? So you see you don't have to be so fearful! As there is a bounty to eat if you look for it! Think of the Native American's and the Amish, they hunt and gather and trade! They make everything from scratch! And they have lived off the land for years! So keep that in mind for the future! Create a journal of foods and where to find them! Store up goods and be ready! PEACE AND LOVE! -D:)

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