Published on Dec 1, 2011
What´s it like flying down a mountain at 250 km/h? Espen Fadnes - The World's Fastest Flying Human Being 2010 - and Project Managers Goovinn teamed up to communicate the experience of flying. "SENSE OF FLYING" came out of the collaboration.
3 years ago
Indian para commandos and Airforce commandos are now practicing this maneuver and logging wing-suit flight hours.
Practice makes perfect. We are training to fly at night using heat sensing and night vision goggles.

Tribute to Graham Dickinson

Robert Lowe
4 days ago
He died like he had lived
Doing what he loved, if we could all be so fortunate!!!!!
- Allee Oop
3 months ago
I went back and watched his flights and I am convinced that he knew he was not going to survive for long because each flight line brought him within feet to yards of crashing multiple times during the descent and many times he ventured into ravines where he could not see that far in advance. Thus I have to conclude that the adrenalin killed him.
- jeffmack57
2 days ago
The problem with these guys is they are cutting things too close.
- Andrew
2 years ago
1:08 I'm not surprised we have yet another wingsuit tribute video. Mad Respect to him and his life choices. But I kind of think pressure to get ultra close to the rocks is being driving by social media and views. Are we all killing these guys?

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