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Asks children as young as two to talk about ‘boys falling in love with boys and girls falling in love with girls’

 | Infowars.com - SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 

A whistleblower working at a state-run kindergarten in Sweden has revealed how officials told her never refer to children as “he” or “she,” to encourage boys to wear dresses, and to initiate conversations with children as young as two about “boys falling in love with boys and girls falling in love with girls.”

In an interview with Världen idag, “Anna,” who has been working in the kindergarten for two years, said she was quickly informed that telling children something they were wearing was “nice” was forbidden and that the pre-schoolers should not be assigned genders.

When Anna read books to the children, she noticed that all mentions of “he” or “she” had been covered with Tipp-Ex and replaced with the gender neutral pronoun “hen”.

She later discovered that the popular “Emil and Pippi” books had been thrown away because they didn’t feature any gender neutral characters and the bookshelves had “been filled with children’s books with subjects such as transsexuality and homosexuality.”

Anna also asserted that children as young as one and two were partaking in group discussions where they were told by teachers “that a girl could fall in love with a girl and boy in a boy.” The toddlers were then asked “Who are you in love with?”

A confused little boy responded, “My Lego.”

Dolls, cars and trains have also been banned at the pre-school because they are gender-normative, while a boy who dressed up in a fireman’s outfit was told by a teacher to take it off and wear a dress instead even though he didn’t want to.

“I do not want a dress, I want this,” the boy said, to which the teacher responded, “But you know you’ll have a dress?”

Anna reveals how even some of the parents are on board with the indoctrination. When a mother came to pick up her son, Anna said to the boy, “Your mom is here,” to which the mother responded, “I’m not their mother, I’m a parent.”

Officials also told Anna not to say “Mom” and “Dad” because “a child can have two custodians of the same gender.”

Anna says that a 3-year-old girl who once proclaimed “I’m a boy today!” later asked her, “Am I a boy or girl?” to which Anna firmly responded, “You are a girl.”

“I cannot follow those rules. I just cannot. They are against everything I know,” concluded Anna.

The kindergarten in question was not named by the newspaper because they didn’t want to expose their source.

Since 1998, the Swedish government’s guidelines on schooling have “forbidden enforcing gender stereotypes, and government funded gender neutral kindergartens with gender aware teachers has made it possible for families to raise their children without a set gender identity,” according to a VICE report.

The populist Sweden Democrats just increased their presence in parliament after the country’s latest election, but given stories like this, in addition to Sweden’s rampant problem with crime, rape and mass immigration, one wonders whether it’s too late.

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130 points

an hour ago

‘boys falling in love with boys and girls falling in love with girls’ 

isn't that assuming genders? lol Sweden is done.

135 points

an hour ago

1984. This is it.

160 points

5 hours ago

What’s wrong with the parents who let their kids go to schools like that. Any thinking and caring parent would remove their kids out of a school like that immediately and never take them back.

350 points

7 hours ago

Will MuzzleSwede I mean Sweden force children to change their sex if the classroom has more males then females, opp's sorry I forgot there are no male or female children there. 

The decent God fearing people have not risen up to complain, Op's sorry again , they are not allowed to complain only the Muslims 7 LGBT people and are allowed to complain. 

235 points

8 hours ago

F sweden....anyone who wants this country: its yours...there are no men

710 points

8 hours ago

Sounds like a perfect plan to create a whole race of swine which will have to be exterminated in coming years/decades -- THIS IS SIMPLY CHILD ABUSE IN THE MAX. 


755 points

8 hours ago

There is no "slippery slope". This is not radical leftist LGBT indoctrination, no no, it's "encouraging diversity" and "guided self realisation". 

And to think SJW activists used to tell us that ALL THEY WANTED was marriage "equality" and "rights". Nothing more. Now the majority have actually believed them ! Too late now, you fools. This is the sickening result of your gullibility.


1.9K points

8 hours ago

Wellll even mohammed was a pedophile who married an eight year old girl and later wanted to marry a baby and said that he received his best 'revelations' while wearing his child bride Aisha's clothes.

2.5K points

13 hours ago

Only sexual perverts in charge would dare promote this kind of crap. Parents should rise up against this.

755 points


8 hours ago

"...Parents should rise up against this....". 

Really ? How many of these same parents voted for same-sex "marriage" believing the deceptive leftist propaganda that it was only about achieving "equality" ? They have THEMSELVES to blame for this outcome. Those with insight knew this sort of brainwashing would be the logical progression from that.

10 points

14 hours ago

The people directing these individuals to destroy nations starting by the youth , hate society , they want us all dead , and they probably worship satan. Very mentally ill and its all over europe , not sure whats going on fueling this , other than peoples careers being threatened if they choose not to partake in this stuff. I suspect though , from a hypothetical standpoint , that there may be a outside influence , demonic , that has came to our realm over there that's been granted to create this toxic environment , probably not too hard to do considering how easy people are to target these days , since everyone is so materialized and immoral .

I taught my kids....

socialisation that the rest of us unconsciously absorb, via a million imperceptible cues and incidents, as children and teenagers. 

realising that our daily interactions are eased by a stream of invisible signals – a kind of silent language we all understand, which you don’t even notice until it’s absent.

I taught my kids....

As a reading teacher, I taught my kids about types of propaganda. This is the bandwagon technique. It plays to the human desire to be popular, and therefore side with the “winners.”

However, you need to be a superficial and worldly oriented person to fall for this. That is why those of us who are here seem to be immune. Those who seek Truth, especially those who have the power of the Holy Spirit, and by praying for God’s wisdom, see right through this! Praying for those who don’t.

.“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics”



James Woods


 · 31 Jul

There is a war on boys in America: chemical “castration” (ritalin), the mythology of #ADD, the scourge of pedophilia (#NAMBLA), the feminist jihad against virtually all normal male behavior in pre-teens and teens, etc. It is open war on boys and the prognosis is devastating


neglected to mention the hidden danger, environmental chemicals and food additives which humans' and other animals' bodies recognize as estrogenic, another form of chemical eugenics. The government and #FDA are all good with those, though. Involuntary population control.

JoAnne McMaster@vgasgirlreads

Libs are afraid of real men because they stick up for what they believe in and can’t be brainwashed. Real men aren’t afraid to fight for their freedom or protect their homes. Liberals, on the other hand...

11:15 PM - Jul 31, 2018

Sharon Wilson@SharonWilson16

· 31 Jul, 2018

Replying to @RealJamesWoods

One of the worst decisions our schools ever made was to limit/abandon recess. The kind of recess where children ran til they couldn't stand, kick-ball, foot races (competition), fresh air and good old fashion physical exertion. The benefits of those things were enormous.

Darby Donaho@dottsey

Began teaching in ‘89. Still teaching! I have wondered for year, saying many times, “WHAT in the hell is happening to our boys?”

10:29 PM - Jul 31, 2018

15 Signs You’re A Beta-Male

DATING JUN 3, 2018



The goal in life is not to bullshit yourself, to see reality for what it actually is and then proceed to make the necessary changes to get an advantage or an edge, today, we’re looking at the most popular traits which characterize a beta-male.

First of all:

What is a Beta-Male?

The Beta-Male is an unremarkable, mediocre, careful man who avoids risk and confrontation. Beta males lack the physical presence, charisma, confidence and success associated with winners in life.

You’re probably thinking, “well, that doesn’t sound like me at all, I’m a winner, always have always will be!”

It’s time to put that to a test!

We made this article specifically for those of you who are struggling with this, we’re not talking about Gym Lads who can bench press twice their body weight, but instead we’re focusing on a more holistic approach.

Some might even mention that there are other categories like: Gama-Males and Omega-Males, but to be honest, if you’re not an Alpha, does it even matter what you call yourself?

We live in a world where everyone is becoming soft, not in a physical way – although that’s also happening – but in a moral way and from a mindset perspective.

People today are getting participation trophies and whenever faced with something difficult in their life they’d rather retreat than face it head on, because they lack the capability to deal with the situation directly.

It’s enough to go to any crowded spot and you’ll see them with their neck beards, in one hand holding a confusingly complicated cup of Starbucks coffee and in the other a donut while nonchalantly wearing a fedora.. Maybe we’re stretching a bit, but you know the type.

If you don’t feel like reading, here’s the video version of this post:



Well, it’s time to find out if you share the same traits as that guy and we’ll share some of the things you can do to improve your current situation. Here are 15 Signs You’re a Beta-Male & what to do about it!

Number 1: You don’t feel like your life is getting better and better
The first sign you’re a beta-male is that you’re unhappy with your life. You don’t wake up satisfied with what you’ve achieved & with your reality.

You’re probably living a boring life, where you have a repetitive job, that barely allows you to pay-rent and survive.

You look forward to the weekend because that’s the only time you escape the hamster running on a wheel lifestyle and even then you’re unlikely to do anything worth mentioning.

A Beta-Male feels trapped in this existence and for him life isn’t getting better by the day, he’s not closing in on the goals he had when he was younger, because he has already given up on those.

Here’s what to do about it:

If you’re life is not getting better and better, you might want to set 1 new objective for this year which involves you getting out of your comfort zone, something you’re even scared of doing and then dedicate your time and work to making it happen. If you do, you will prove to yourself that you are more than your current reality and start building momentum. With enough time you can improve your situation.

Number 2: You never faced your bullies
Most character traits form in childhood and stick around in your adult life. Most people get bullied in life, but guess what, you will have to deal with them throughout your life in different forms.

Bullying is bad, but they are part of your existence.

Look to your past and recall those moments, what did you do, how did you feel? Were you scared or did you stand up for yourself?

Bullies target the weak because they are easy targets, so if you’ve been bullied you probably were easy game.

It’s time to face that reality!

Now, did you change or does the same thing still happen today, only with a different cover on?

Once you realize bullies take it out on others because they don’t know how else to deal with their own crumbling reality, they no longer have power over you, it’s enough for you to face them once, stand up for yourself, prove you’re not gonna allow them to come after you they won’t bother you again or if they still do, they better get ready, because it ain’t gonna be as easy as they expect it.

Number 3: You rely on others like your family to make decisions for you
A common trait between beta-males is the lack of decision power, they fail to be in control of their lives. They’re scared of making their own decisions and usually let others make them for them.

Your parents pick your university, your parent approve of who you’re dating, your mom or girlfriend picks what you wear, so you end up becoming their idea of who you should be without being true to who you really are.

Give it enough time and these two slightly different personas start to clash within you and you end up miserable, because the life you are now living is not the life you want to live.

The beautiful thing about making your own decisions, is that even if the end result is less than what you were hoping for, you got it on your own, you have a clear image of what you are actually capable of and can now build on top of it.

Number 4: You are physically weak
Physical strength is often a contributing factor to self confidence. It happens to also be an indication of someone’s health.

As animals, ever since the earliest of days the opposite sex has been attracted to healthy specimen in order to procreate. This trait creates a feedback loop, because being fit & healthy brings in more attention and the more attention you get the confident you become.

At the other end of the spectrum lie the beta-males, who seem vulnerable and in a precarious state from a health perspective.

People do not want to be around other people who seem like they are unable to take care of themselves because they see them as a burden.

One of the most direct steps towards escaping the beta-male status is by getting healthy, cut the sugar, hit the gym once in a while, go running, shower often and you’ll see how the world is treating you differently.

Number 5: You are in the friendzone
It doesn’t get simpler than this, if you are in the friendzone, you’re a beta-male.

The truth is, most of you end up in the friendzone because all you do is act like a friend, not like a possible partner or lover. You have positioned yourself incorrectly and now you’re stuck here.

“But ALUX, i’m in the friendzone because I’m too nice, i’m not a douchebag”

No, you’re probably not as nice as you think you are. Just because you think of yourself as a nice guy it doesn’t mean the the world should see you the same way. For all we know, in her eyes you might look like a total loser, and you will maintain that image if you continue your current behavior, because it’s clearly not working.

Here’s a quick game-plan to never end up in the friendzone:

Make your intentions clear from the beginning – That’s actually it. Ask them out on a proper date, for you to know each other better, but don’t put yourself in the position of being her shoulder to cry on as she moves from boyfriend to boyfriend hoping at some point you’re gonna be next in line. That’s how most guys friendzone themselves.

Also, Being nice to someone doesn’t mean they should want to have sex with you – so if that’s the reason why you’re acting nice, then you’re an asshole.

As a beta-male you’ll be faced with situation a lot, because you’re not really sure about who you are and what kind of relationships to have with different people. The only way to break through this, is to just go for it, rejection early on will help you understand the rules of the game. Next time you try, be better prepared.

Here, this is why you can’t find love:



Number 6: You can’t to say NO & stand your ground.
Beta-males have a hard time saying NO to other people despite them not wanting to engage or what’s being asked goes against the beta’s interests.

Some hide under the mask that, again, they’re just “being nice” or being a “people pleaser”, but there’s a difference between acting for the general good of the group and doing something for someone else at your own expense.

This can happen at school, at work, in your family and in any type of relationship you might have.

If you don’t stand up for yourself and act in your best interests, don’t be shocked if you end up in a place where you are not valued, you are not happy and which you despise.

You gotta start saying NO to others and YES to yourself. This won’t make you self-centered, but you can’t help others if you don’t help yourself first.

Number 7: Even in your circle of friends, people make fun of you

It’s all fun and games until you realize that even in your circle of friend you are one of the weakest links and your friends treat you as such.

This can happen for a multitude of reasons, but even in your small circle of people who are just like you, there are small hierarchies.

Make sure to stand your ground and earn the respect of the group, do not simply demand it, because nobody has to give you anything.

Don’t be the friend that’s left walking alone behind the group, add real value to the squad and be treated as an equal.

Number 8: Your existence largely centers around pastimes like browsing the internet, anime, video games, or TV shows
There’s so much distraction around us that it is easy to get trapped in binge-watching everything on Netflix.

The beta-male is characterized by consuming a lot of junk which does nothing to increase his livelihood.

Despite what you’re thinking, all the memes on HugeLOL or 9Gag won’t make you smarter or a more interesting person.

Playing video games for 12 hours straight will not make you a better strategist at life.

Watching sports while eating Cheetos on your couch does nothing positive for your health.

Consume entertainment, but limit it do a small enough dose and instead put that time towards something productive. You’re doing this to yourself, locking yourself up in a mind state where you actively choose to escape reality because you are not pleased with the real thing.

The world looks down on these individuals, because you’re filled with potential but for some reason decided to throw it away because you’re lazy.

Number 9: You make excuses
If you say you’re going to do something then you better get to it. Nobody wants to be around someone who’s always looking for excuses, who’s lazy and doesn’t do his part.

Our word is our bond and every time you back out of something you said you’ll do, you’re devaluing it.

At one point you need to face the truth, you are always finding excuses when the real reason why you are not taking action is because you’re scared of failure or you’re just lazy.

Sooner or later, life will hit you like a brick because this kind of behavior not only is not rewarded in the real-world, but it’s gonna make it even more difficult for you to deal with the world.

Number 10: You have no sense of style
You can spot an alpha-male from a distance, he well groomed, well dressed, fit, with the right posture and attitude, in the sea of beta-males that surround him.

As a beta, you’re just barely passing by, you are an extra in this movie.

This is not about having expensive clothes, it’s about respecting yourself enough to take care of the way people perceive you.

Regular showers and baths can go a long way for most individuals.

Knowing how to buy the right type of clothes for each season, for your body type or occasion requires just a couple of minutes of research, which most people never choose to bother with.

Fashion is so cheap these days with fast-fashion brands like Zara or H&M leaving you with no excuse not to have appropriate clothes.

If this is something you’re currently struggling with, there’s a video on our channel called: 15 Things Every Man Should Do According to Tom Ford:



Number 11: You don’t look people in the eye and you’re nervous when you talk to them
Even now, your palms get sweaty thinking about it.

Looking people in the eye – in a not creepy way – during a conversation, let’s the other know that you value what they’re saying and that they have your attention. You take this conversation seriously and you are honest about your intentions.

It’s a sign of confidence in your own capabilities. You can tell that a person is hiding something or is disingenuous from the way he behaves in social interactions. If looking people in the eye when talking to them is something you find difficult, you’re likely to be a beta-male.

Number 12: You don’t get laid much and even when you do, it’s not that great.
Being a sexually active person is a sign of good health.

If you’ve checked off most of the boxes so far it isn’t a surprise that you don’t engage with the opposite sex, I mean, when would you?!.. when you’re spending most of your free time playing Fortnite or binge-watching anime series?

The woman of your dreams will not show up to your doorstep just presenting herself. You need to get out more, interact with others, try things, experiment, that way you get to learn new things about yourself and being around other people will get easier in time.

Go get laid, it’s great for both your physical health and for your mindset.

Number 13: Actually has a big ego – but you can’t control it
You must think that having a big ego is usually associated with alpha males, but it isn’t true. We all have Egos it’s just that some control it better than others.

Beta males have a big ego, but it usually backfires on them because they are insecure or too sensitive about everyone’s opinion about him. You can spot a beta-with a ego problem because he’ll always try to overcompensate by pushing forward his qualifications or awards.

They usually think they are better than everybody else, feel insulted if you question their abilities, but when things really come to shove he can’t put his money where his mouth is.

A true alpha doesn’t need to do that, because he is confident in his own abilities.

Number 14: You are a follower, not a leader
Beta-males are not the ones who take initiative, they usually wait for someone else to initiate and then jump on the bandwagon.

They rarely have original ideas and tend to live in the shadow of an alpha. He is unable to coordinate people or get them to follow his plan of action, because people disregard his ability to achieve results.

This often happens in companies where usually people rally behind those who manage to get the best results.

The world needs followers, otherwise we’ll all just be fighting for the title, but if you identify as a follower and not a leader, this usually correlates to being a Beta.

Number 15: You feel offended by this article
If anything we said in this article offends you or you had to stop reading because you were getting triggered, you’re a beta-male.

You’re offended by someone you’ve never met over the internet, because deep down you know we struck a chord somewhere too close to the truth and you’re aware of that.

With that said, we didn’t write this piece to offend anybody, but instead have it as a cold shower which should make everyone reflect on what their life is currently like and maybe find a few things to improve.

If you take a single piece of information from this article, tackle it head on and you’re life is better because of it, we are pleased with the end result.

There are two types of beta-males in the world, one who is aware of his situation and is looking to improve it or the ones who will never do anything about it.

Hopefully you aluxers are either an alpha or in the first category.

We’re curious to know, with how many of the points mentioned on this list have you identified with? Let us know in the comments. This will be a sign that you are open to dealing with them and improving your reality instead of brushing it off and ignoring the problem.

Next Sunday we’ll do the opposite of the coin and look at what are the traits of the Alpha Male.

15 Signs You Are An Alpha-Male
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Emil Anton
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Here are the most common ways to check if you are an alpha-male!
Last week we did a very controversial article about Beta-Males which garnered a lot of hate because we pointed out some truths people are not comfortable hearing. This week we’ll taking a look at the other side of the coin, at Alpha-Males.

Alpha-Males are the dominant pieces in the puzzle of everyday life, they are the change makers, the ones who shape reality to their own expectations, we used to call them Aluxers here on this website.

This article is not centered around the strongest guy at the gym or the Casanova who gets all the ladies, but instead we’re looking for someone who’s winning the race against himself. The same values apply to women, but we titled the article like this because based on our analytics you are more likely to be male than female when reading this. – and no.. we didn’t assume your gender snowflake, we base everything on data.

We believe most of you have what it takes to become an alpha but not many of you will get there and that’s ok as well.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to re-evaluate where you are in life and see if there are aspects of your existence which can be improved.

If you don’t feel like reading, here’s the video version of the article:


With that said, let’s see how close you come. Here are the 15 Signs You’re an Alpha-Male

Number 1: You are really happy with your life
Without being pleased with your existence you can’t win at life.

This is reflected in everything you do and everyone around him notices that. The alpha male looks and feels alive, he enjoys living. For him life is an adventure and he’s taking it in one second at a time.

The way he’s designed his lifestyle is mysterious and even foreign to most people, but it gets him the best results.

If you are an alpha male, you enjoy your everyday life, you don’t look forward to the weekend and you don’t feel tired on Monday, because you’re life is so well structured that these common worries do not apply to you.

Congratulation if you relate to this first point on the list.

Signs you're an alpha male alux luxury article - you are happy with your life
Signs you’re an alpha male alux luxury article – you are happy with your life
Number 2: You feel in control of your life
Not only is the alpha-male pleased with his reality, he is actively shaping it to fit his desires and needs.

As an alpha, you are in control of almost every aspect of your life, if something happens, it’s because you made it happen.

Something about your reality is bugging you? You get if fixed right away!

You are taking action in all aspects of your life and it feels amazing to have this type of control.
Even when things don’t go according to plan, you are in control of the way you react to these events and seek to get the best result out of every situation.

Signs you're an alpha male alux luxury article - You feel in control of your life
Signs you’re an alpha male alux luxury article – You feel in control of your life
Number 3: You get things done
Unlike the rest, when you say you’re going to do something you get it done.

A true alpha doesn’t go back on his word and is well known in his environment for making things happen.

He’s strategic with his time, ressources & willpower, focusing on what’s important to him and those he cares about.

He is very result oriented, as an Aluxer, he is well aware that talk is cheap so he lets his work speak for itself.

Signs you're an alpha male alux luxury article - You get things done
Signs you’re an alpha male alux luxury article – You get things done
Number 4: You take care of those around you
An alpha is the leader of his pack and looks out for its members.

It’s not enough for an Alpha that he wins, but he’s actively looking to share the success with those who are in his inner circle.

He mentors others and helps them be successful in order to take care of even more, that’s how his network increases.

His inner circle is made out of valuable individuals which all work together in order to increase everyone else’s value.

Among them, the Alpha stands out as an example for the rest.

Signs you're an alpha male alux luxury article - you take care of your pack
Signs you’re an alpha male alux luxury article – you take care of your pack
Number 5: You’re winning the high-risk high-reward game
If you’re an alpha-male you don’t play it safe, you’re not here to satisfy your needs on the breadcrumbs of others, instead you want the entire pie for yourself.

That’s why alphas go for high-risk high-reward ventures, they’d rather risk it all than play it safe.

Life is filled with challenges and everyone has their own level of risk which they are willing to take, that’s why most people will never get rich, they are so afraid of taking risks that they would rather settle for mediocrity.

If you look around the world, alphas stand out as titans of industries, as movement leaders, as change agents where they had to put everything on the line to get themselves in that position.

These people are an inspiration for any upcoming alpha.

Signs you're an alpha male alux luxury article - You’re winning the high-risk high-reward game
Signs you’re an alpha male alux luxury article – You’re winning the high-risk high-reward game
If this is the path you’ve chosen we recommend you check out our 15 Skills you Need to develop if you want to be rich video. It breaks down which aspects of your day to day life you need to improve in order to give yourself a better shot at financial success.


Number 6: You don’t need other people’s approval
Living your life based on someone else’s expectations is just another form of slavery!

As an alpha male you are aware of who you really are, what your life should be like and you have the ability to put yourself in check.

Most people rely on others for feedback on how well they are doing, while the alphas rely only on data, because it’s objective. People will always be biased, they will always have agendas, but numbers don’t lie.

The only approval you need in life is that of yourself, be happy with who you are and seek to be the best version of yourself possible. You don’t need people to like you, because you’re on a different journey than they are.

Signs you're an alpha male alux luxury article - You don’t need other people’s approval
Signs you’re an alpha male alux luxury article – You don’t need other people’s approval
Number 7: People want to be around you
A clear sign that you’re on the right track is that you are attracting people towards you.

Alpha males inspire confidence and success, two traits that make others gravitate to you. Everybody wants to be on the winning side and they enjoy being part of the group.

They want to know you personally, they want to be your friend because they believe that associating with you will improve their own lives.

Run the experiment backwards, who would you like to hang out with? Any celebrities? Any billionaires? What would your life be like if you were part of that “squad”?

That’s how you know you’re an alpha, you will be that someone for others.

Signs you're an alpha male alux luxury article - People want to be around you
Signs you’re an alpha male alux luxury article – People want to be around you
Number 8: People know who you are when you walk into a room
This has to do with how you’ve been positioning yourself throughout your life and career.
Any alpha male is himself a brand, people know of him, they know who he is and know what he stands for.

You’ve probably heard this before, but a clear indication of success is:

Work hard enough until you no longer have to introduce yourself!

A personal brand is such an incredible tool to have at your disposal which will open doors for you that are closed to others.

If your personal brand is not created by your design, you will be left with whatever the world thinks it is.

Signs you're an alpha male alux luxury article - People know who you are when you walk into a room
Signs you’re an alpha male alux luxury article – People know who you are when you walk into a room
Number 9: You control your emotions
A running theme throughout this article is being in control of as many aspects of your life as possible and emotions are one of those things that seem not that important but could make or break a person.

Alpha males have a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence, they control their own emotions and are able to read the emotional state of others and act accordingly.

While average people are rattled by external factors and alpha will maintain his cool, rationalize the situation and act in the best interest of his goals.

This doesn’t mean that you are cold and never show your emotions, it means that you understand the value of your feelings and don’t let them control you.

Signs you're an alpha male alux luxury article - You control your emotions
Signs you’re an alpha male alux luxury article – You control your emotions
Number 10: You inspire others
You don’t do that through your words, but through your actions.

People might forget what you tell them, but the results of your actions speak louder than anything you can tell them.

Walk the walk! Don’t just talk the talk.

Be consistent in your work, maintain focus and people will take notice. Those who themselves aspire to similar goals will see the hard work that you put in and will be inspired by it. They see your struggles, your motivations and how you overcome obstacles thrown your way and they’ll take that with them in their own journeys.

Signs you're an alpha male alux luxury article - You inspire others
Signs you’re an alpha male alux luxury article – You inspire others
Below you’ll find an entire playlist filled with inspiring people who you can learn from. We worked hard on all those videos so you can get valuable nuggets of gold from their stories. From Elon Musk to Oprah to Michael Jackson, we’ve covered plenty of people who inspire us. Go check it out.


Number 11: You take care of the way you present yourself

Alpha-males don’t look like slobs, they take care of themselves and the way the world perceives them.
If you want the world to take you seriously you better take yourself seriously first.

Lose the beer belly, get yourself a proper haircut and buy appropriate clothes. Have you noticed who take care of their image always stand out in a crowd? That’s the power of understanding that people judge a book by its cover.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror and see if there are things to be improved, imagine you’re meeting that person for the first time today, what would you think about yourself.

Be the type of person you would like to meet.

Signs you're an alpha male alux luxury article - You take care of the way you present yourself
Signs you’re an alpha male alux luxury article – You take care of the way you present yourself
Number 12: People want to be you
Even your haters would secretly want to trade places with you!

This is because you are living at a higher level than everybody else is. Your life is better than those around you and you are aware of that.Your partner is hot, you’re making new friends, visiting new places, things are going well for you.

While some people will be jealous of your lifestyle others will be inspired by it and work hard to get their own. Don’t be the jealous type.

Signs you're an alpha male alux luxury article - People want to be you
Signs you’re an alpha male alux luxury article – People want to be you
Number 13: You dominate your environment
Whatever it is that you are doing you are well known as the person who’s making a killing at it.

You understand the game, the rules and you’re winning; nobody is even close.

While beta-males tend to compete between each other, the alpha male is waaaay waaay in the lead, dominating. Competition is for losers, alphas choose to completely dominate.

Our favorite examples for this happen in high-end sports where you have prime athletes like Michael Phelps or Serena Williams completely dominating their field, while everybody else is left fighting for second place.

Who do you want to be in life? Do you even know who is the second fastest swimmer in the world?

Signs you're an alpha male alux luxury article - You dominate your environment
Signs you’re an alpha male alux luxury article – You dominate your environment
Number 14: You are authentic
In today’s world everything is a copy of another copy. Trends come and go and everybody looks, talks, behaves the same way. The only way to stand out is to know who you are and be that person.

Let the world adjust to who you are not the other way around!

A great example here on YouTube is Casey Neistat [Nice-tat], who combined most of the items we’ve mentioned on this list to create a new genre of content. It doesn’t matter if you agree with us or not, but Casey made Vlogging Mainstream and it all happened by his design.

His style stood out sooo much in an area where people were all doing the same thing that it blew him up to super-stardom.

People missed the most important lesson in Casey’s trajectory, the part of being authentic, instead, they just copy and pasted his style hoping to get the same results.

Authenticity is a premium these days, so if you manage to find yours value it.

Signs you're an alpha male alux luxury article - You are authentic
Signs you’re an alpha male alux luxury article – You are authentic
Number 15: You don’t turn the other cheek
Alpha males do not let other walk all over them. If someone barks, you bite, so they think twice before they bark again!

This means you have to exercise your power and play your position. If you don’t people will come after what you have built for yourself.

Notice how we don’t endorse this as being an offensive strategy, but one that should keep your haters at a distance.

In the words of Howard Stark:
The best weapon is the one you never have to fire!

But if you do have to fire it, you only have to fire once, so they never come after you again.


Feb 16-2018


This man is the number one voice of reason on TV

Chris Menahan | Information Liberation - FEBRUARY 16, 2018 

Tucker Carlson said Thursday on Fox News that psychiatric drugs, social alienation, the destruction of the nuclear family and the war on men are far more relevant topics to discuss than gun control if our goal is to stop mass shootings.

This man is the number one voice of reason on TV.



From Fox News:

In contrast to Tucker’s comments, this is the advice that’s coming out of the left:

Let’s take a look at how America has changed since the 1960s.

Demographics have shifted dramatically since the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.

Violent crime rates have skyrocketed and despite falling since the 1990’s they’re more than double what they were in 1960.

Out of wedlock births are skyrocketing.

Economic gains are mostly being concentrated in the hands of a tiny globalist elite.

Debt levels across the board have skyrocketed.

The US went from a creditor nation to a debtor nation.

Deaths of despair among the white working-class are surging (and this is being cheered by the left).

White women are now drinking themselves to death at record rates.

Women’s happiness is falling despite feminist “liberation.”

One in four women are now on psychiatric drugs.

Divorce rates are also way up.

Might it be possible that these issues have a bit more impact on our society than gun ownership?

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