Gay Indian man threatened with ‘corrective rape’ by his own family

Published time: 18 Jan, 2017 15:49

FILE PHOTO: Gay rights activists wave flags and shout slogans as they attend protest against a verdict by the Supreme Court in New Delhi © Anindito Mukherjee / Reuters


A young man in India has been beaten and threatened with rape after his family found out he was living with his gay partner.

According to the India Times, the young man known as ‘Sanjoy’ was subjected to a string of physical and emotional abuse from his family in the city of Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, in West Bengal. After his parents found out that Sanjoy, in his early 20s, is gay and living with his partner, they hired local thugs to beat him and torment him psychologically.

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Koninika Roy from the Humsafar Trust, a Mumbai-based advocacy group for LGBT rights, also said that the parents tried to send him to a doctor to “cure” him of his homosexuality, and when the doctor refused they considered forcing him to undergo “corrective rape” therapy.

Corrective rape is a crime perpetrated on members of the LGBT community to ‘punish’ them for their sexuality. In some cases it might be facilitated by members of the family in an attempt to force the victim back into their traditional gender role.

“Violence against the LGBTQ community is extremely common in India. Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code and the fact that same sex behavior is criminalized in the country means that homosexuals cannot live freely,” Roy told the India Times. “The story of this gay couple is just one of the examples of how the LGBTQ community is treated in India.”

Sanjoy has since managed to get a court order against his parents and is now back living with his partner, although they have since run out of money due to their legal fees. In a statement obtained by Gay Star News, the couple say that they do “not wish to play the victim card” but expressed frustration at how “family honor” affects LGBT lives.

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“The pain is real, the hardships loom large, the tears are red and at times you feel low enough not to live or breathe anymore because there doesn’t feel a point in doing so,” Sanjoy’s partner said.

They were also hopeful, however, having got back together despite the family’s best efforts.

“Love kept us strong and our mental strength added to the fuel of the ‘won’t-be-giving up’ attitude … We are living together as for now, with nothing but each other.”

Homosexuality can be prosecuted as a crime in India under a colonial-era law, Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which criminalizes “unnatural” sexual intercourse. Although the law was repealed in 2009, it was reinstated in 2013 by the Supreme Court. Gay couples in India also have to deal with possible persecution from their families, the more traditional of which may even kill to uphold their “honor.” Honor killings are widespread across India, taking place in both traditional Muslim and Hindu communities.



Justice Ministry to appeal ECHR ruling on Russian ‘gay propaganda law’

Published time: 20 Jun, 2017 12:24Edited time: 20 Jun, 2017 15:23

© Bogdan Cristel / Reuters

The Russian Justice Ministry has announced plans to appeal a ruling that found Russia’s ban on the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations to minors discriminatory and awarded damages to several activists previously convicted under the act.

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According to the statement published on the ministry’s website on Tuesday, the ban does not contradict international practices and the sole purpose of the law was to protect children’s morals and health.

The statement was released soon after the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg ruled that the law, often described in the mass media as a ‘gay propaganda ban’, was discriminatory and encouraged homophobia. The court took the side of three Russian activists who were convicted in Russia for violating the ban between 2009 and 2012, and ordered the Russian state to pay compensation for damages.

One of the main sponsors of the original Russian bill, State Duma MP Vitaly Milonov (United Russia) called the ECHR ruling a “propaganda stunt” and a “bludgeon” used by neo-liberals to destroy their opponents.

This court became an information propaganda dump quite some time ago and everyone should stop calling it a court. Because a court is something independent and important,” Milonov told RT.

“The ECHR [European Court of Human Rights] is nothing more than a branch of the propaganda machine servicing the European neoliberal circles. It has already stopped protecting the human rights and liberties, now they use it as a bludgeon for making threats,” he added.

The lawmaker also said that the ruling can be easily ignored in Russia.

The head of the Upper House committee for constitutional law, Senator Andrey Klishas, said on Tuesday that in his view, the Justice Ministry should have sent an enquiry to the Constitutional Court to check whether the potential execution of the ECHR ruling is in line with the Russian Constitution.

According to the senator’s press service, he believes that following the ECHR orders could violate the constitution, which states that the exercising of one’s rights must not infringe upon the rights and freedoms of others, as well as banning public promotion of social, racial, ethnic, or religious hatred.

“The current legislation matches public morals as they are traditionally understood in Russian society. As any legislative solution to a public request lies within the powers of the national legislative bodies, the senator’s opinion is that European entities should abstain from interfering in the internal affairs of our state,” the press service’s statement reads, as quoted by Interfax.

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In 2013, Russia introduced the law banning any promotion of non-traditional sexual relations to persons under 18. Before being approved nationwide, the law had been passed at a municipal level in the city of St. Petersburg.

The law ordered fines for breaches of the ban, including in the media, on the internet and via viral advertisements. Holding LGBT rallies was also prohibited as well as distribution of information aimed at forming non-traditional sexual concepts in children, describing such relations as attractive, promoting a distorted understanding of a social equality between traditional and non-traditional relations, and also unwanted solicitation of information that could provoke interest in such relations.

In late 2015, two Communist Party lawmakers proposed an additional ban on any public demonstration of “non-traditional” sexual orientation, however this bill has not been passed by the parliament.



Alex Jones discusses how chemicals including estrogen-mimickers are wreaking havoc on both humans and animals.

Alex Jones discusses how chemicals including estrogen-mimickers are wreaking havoc on both humans and animals.

Herbicid Atrozine u prirodi i vodi pretvara muske zabe u hermafrodite; preskocite i pocnite da slusate od 14:50 minute;   Alex Jones discusses how chemicals including estrogen-mimickers are wreaking havoc on both humans and animals. Atrozine - herbicid, kastrira muske zabe; pretvara zabe u hermafrodite; Gay frog holocoust! Skip and start at 14:50 min -

Pseudo-Hormoni u Ishrani.....hormone mimickers!

Tamo gde nema vise videa, to znaci da ih je cenzura skinula!!! Ostao je samo opis programa!!!

SODOM /// Zabranjeni Ruski Dokumentarni Film

Published on Apr 18, 2015
O propagandi za ljudska ''prava'' GLTB populacije (gay,lesbian,transsexual,bisexual)

Da li je homoseksualizam bolest - dr Miroljub Petrović

Gedeon Jeroval
Uploaded on Sep 22, 2011
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Sodom & Gomorrah - true location found - Ross Patterson

Objavljeno je 28.02.2014.
Many treat the bible as fairy tales, but God has left behind some very compelling evidence for his miracles. This one in particular is important for us to take heed of, as if we don't we may have the same fate.
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PROOF Homosexuality Is An Abomination!! Sodom & Gomorrah Found!! [Full Documentary] 2016; 27:22 min.;

Objavljeno je 15.01.2016.
You won't learn about this in school or on t.v. "If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination." Leviticus 20:13 "A woman must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear women's clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this." Deuteronomy 22:5
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Objavljeno je 25.12.2016.
Introduced by KQED's General Manager James Day, The Rejected is generally acknowledged as being the first ever U.S. televised documentary about homosexuality, broadcast on September 11th 1961. Originally titled 'The Gay Ones', The Rejected was filmed mostly in the KQED studio. Several sources - including co-producer Irving Saraf - confirm that at least one scene was shot on location at the Black Cat Bar in San Francisco (710 Montgomery Street). However, those scenes and others were cut from the film before it aired. Production correspondence written from March to July 1961 between KQED's Program Manager Jonathan Rice and NET's Director of TV Programming Donley F. Feddersen outline this process whereby The Rejected was edited down from it's original 120 minutes, to 89 minutes, then 74 minutes and finally the 59 minute version which aired.

The Rejected is comprised of varied discussions about sexual orientation from: Margaret Mead (anthropologist); Dr. Karl Bowman (former President of the American Psychiatric Association); Harold Call, Donald Lucas and Les Fisher of the Mattachine Society; San Francisco District Attorney Thomas Lynch; Dr. Erwin Braff (Director of San Francisco's Bureau for Disease Control; Al Bendich; Mr J. Albert Hutchinson and Mr. Morris Lowenthal (who engage in debate); Bishop James Pike and Rabbi Alvin Fine.
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The Homosexuals - Mike Wallaces CONTROVERSIAL 1967 CBS Report (FULL VIDEO); 43:46 min.

Objavljeno je 13.09.2014.
"The Homosexuals" is a 1967 episode of the documentary television series CBS Reports. The hour-long broadcast featured a discussion of a number of topics related to homosexuality and homosexuals. Mike Wallace anchored the episode, which aired on March 7, 1967. Although this was the first network documentary dealing with the topic of homosexuality, it was not the first televised in the United States. That was The Rejected, produced and aired in 1961 on KQED, a public television station out of San Francisco.Three years in the making, "The Homosexuals" went through two producers and multiple revisions. The episode included interviews with several gay men, psychiatrists, legal experts and cultural critics, interspersed with footage of a gay bar and a police sex sting. "The Homosexuals" garnered mixed critical response.
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Homosexuality and Controversy of Gore Vidal; 3:22 min;

Objavljeno je 10.06.2014.
Gore Vidal's homosexuality, promiscuity, and controversy are looked at from documentary, GORE VIDAL: THE UNITED STATES OF AMNESIA. the documentary on the renowned controversial writer and cultural critic,
Watch the full episode here:

Gore Vidal on 60 Minutes (HD); 16:09 min;

Objavljeno je 02.03.2017.
A 60 Minutes segment on the intelligent and odious American patrician, author and social critic Gore Vidal. Firmly believing that overt American pride is a national security issue. This segment aired in 1975.
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15 Famous GAY People Who Died of AIDS; 4:46 min.

Objavljeno je 06.08.2016.
It's always heartbreaking to find out that a beloved gay celebrity has died of AIDS. AIDS is a disease which effects an individual's immune system, for which there is no known cure. In the 1980s and early 90s, several famous gay people contracted the disease.
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1. Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury was diagnosed with AIDS in 1987.
He died 24/11/1991 due to complications with the disorder.

2. Anthony Perkins
Anthony Perkins died from AIDS on September 12, 1992.

3. Roy Cohn
Attorney Roy Cohn was diagnosed with AIDS in 1984. He died on August 2, 1986.

4. Rock Hudson
Rock Hudson was diagnosed with HIV in 1984. He died on October 2, 1985.

5. Robert Reed
Robert Reed was diagnosed with HIV and it is believed that HIV played a major role in his death.
He also had colon cancer. Reed died on May 12, 1992.

6. Denholm Elliot
Denholm Elliot was diagnosed with HIV in 1987. He died of AIDS in 1992.
He was in an open marriage and he had several affairs with men throughout his life.

7. Liberace
Liberace died on February 4, 1987 due to AIDS.
Liberace never publicly came out as gay, but his sexuality was documented by close friends.

8. Keith Haring
Keith Haring was diagnosed with AIDS and died in 1990.
Haring frequently expressed his feeling about gay rights and AIDS awareness in his art.

9. Steve Rubell
Studio 54 owner Steve Rubell was diagnosed with AIDS in 1985. He died on July 25, 1989.
Rubell was openly gay.

10. Perry Ellis
Designer Perry Ellis had contracted AIDS.
He died on May 30, 1986 from viral encephalitis and AIDS related complications.

11. Pedro Zamora
Pedro Zamora was diagnosed with HIV in 1989.
He died on November 11, 1994 due to AIDS related complications.

12. Ondrej Nepela
Figure skater Ondrej Nepela died from AIDS related complications in February 1989.

13. Paul Shenar
Actor Paul Shenar died from AIDS related complications on October 11, 1989.
He was once romantically involved with the actor Jeremy Brett.

14. Brad Davis
Brad Davis was diagnosed with HIV in 1985. He died to do an intentional overdoes in 1991.
He discussed having relationships with men.

15. Stephen Stucker
Stephen Stucker was diagnosed with AIDS and 2died due to AIDS in 1986. He was one of the first actors to publicly announce that he had AIDS.
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"String Impromptu Number 1" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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Gay Hollywood:The Last Taboo(2009) documentary; 47:15 min;

Objavljeno je 15.02.2016.
Looks at the challenges facing gay artists in Hollywood past and present. Hollywood in the 1920s was the most homosexual friendly place to be as most of the behind-the-camera staff were gay. However, for those in front of the camera there was no tolerance from the movie-going public. Any homosexual who wanted to maintain a career had to remain in a well-locked closet. During the 1950s, the studios provided their own "police" who would be the first to arrive at any scene of an "indiscretion" or other scandalous act. Their task was to collect and remove any evidence and then call the real police if necessary. The studios, wanting to safeguard their investments, even forced male gay actors, like Rock Hudson and Cary Grant, into sham marriages.
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Top 10 Celebrities whose HIV/AIDS Diagnosis Shocked Fans; 14:07 min.

Objavljeno je 23.11.2016.
Top 10 Celebrities whose HIV/AIDS Diagnosis Shocked Fans
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The world was shocked by Charlie Sheen’s HIV/AIDS announcement in 2016, but it was unfortunately not the first time that fans had heard such a tragic diagnosis of the deadly disease. Of course, this disease isn’t exclusive to any one group of people, so we will be looking at the most notable and famous cases of HIV and AIDS within the public conscience: music artists, actors, activists, politicians, athletes and many more who both survived and fell victim to this tragic disease.

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00:45 #10. Gia Carangi
01:47 #9. Rock Hudson
03:05 #8. Pedro Zamora
04:14 #7. Greg Louganis
05:30 #6. Isaac Asimov
06:35 #5. Eazy-E
07:28 #4. Charlie Sheen
09:06 #3, #2 & #1. ????

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Gay Rappers Exposed: P Diddy - Music Industry Blackmail Homosexual Culture; 15:27 min.;

Objavljeno je 20.09.2016.
P Diddy has been surrounded by homosexual allegations for many years. When he was fired from Uptown Records, he started his own record label, Badboy Records with the help of Clive Davis. Clive davis a jewish music industry executive was rumoured to partake in gay rituals with artists and producers in the music business for them to progress further into the industry. Some have speculated that diddy was involved in a strange homosexual relationship with Clive.

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Gays + Homosexual Rituals In The Hip Hop Industry - Satanic illuminati Exposed; 14:09 min;

Objavljeno je 26.05.2016.
Countless artists have left the music industry and some have even given accounts of being offered better opportunities if they performed homosexual rituals and/or going down the path of blood sacrifice rituals. What do you guys make of it?

This video isnt bashing homosexuals but merely pointing out the many accounts of individuals in the industry talking about such "rituals"

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The Tall Israeli That Runs The Rap Industry - Illuminati Satanic Music Industry Exposed; 17;00 min.;

Objavljeno je 27.10.2016.
Lyor Cohen has been actively involved in hip-hop at various top labels for more than 30 years. But how much power does he have in the music industry.

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Lightless Dawn by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...)
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Objavljeno je 13.03.2010.
Vintage footage interview with Irv Kupcinet in September 1967. In this tumultuous decade for civil rights, Judy expresses a disdain for attacks that were made against homosexuals, especially her audience. She was always ahead of her time, an advocate for human rights. Her death and funeral, in June 1969, is believed to have inspired the Stonewall riots, the flashpoint for the modern Gay Liberation movement. The Rainbow is the universal symbol for the LGBT community.
The psychology of Judy as a Gay icon is a matter of debate. Personally, I don't think human rights is about psychology ... there is no great mystery to understanding the fundamental need we all have to be treated with dignity & respect, forging the dream to be who we are. Judy understood.
What is particularly interesting about her comments is that Judy described the writer as a lesbian. It seems to me, Judy made the slander of homosexuals a matter for the woman to consider, as an evident self contradiction & perhaps for the writers self-awareness.
The conversation was sparked by Kup's reference to an August magazine article , highlighting Judy's appearance at The Palace.
Here is the excerpt: "Curiously, a disproportionate part of her nightly claque seems to be homosexual. The boys in the tight trousers roll their eyes, tear at their hair and practically levitate from their seats, particularly when Judy sings: If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow,why, oh why can't I?
Psychiatrists offer multiple explanations for the phenomenon. Manhattan's Dr. Leah Schaefer claims that homosexuals gravitate toward superstar because "these are people they can idolize and idealize without getting too close to. In Judy's case," she adds, "the attraction might be made considerably stronger by the fact that she has survived so many problems; homosexuals identify with that kind of hysteria."
Agrees another Manhattan psychiatrist, Dr. Lawrence Hatterer: "Judy was beaten up by life, embattled, and ultimately had to become more masculine. She has the power that homosexuals would like to have, and they attempt to attain it by idolizing her."

Irv Kupcinet (July 31, 1912 November 10, 2003) was an American newspaper columnist and a broadcast personality based in Chicago, Illinois. He was popularly known by the nickname "Kup".

August 2010

Since the date of this posting, there have been many comments that have been interesting, insightful ... differences of opinion, interpretation.
I suppose I could offer words to establish my position, but I prefer not to.
I posted this interview - title & description - exactly the way I wanted to. ... A conversation about A Great Lady, her love for her audience - Gay or not - & the history that will always be a part of our societal growth & experience.
In many ways, with Judy as part of that history, I consider the remarkable changes that have happened ... And I am reminded about how far we still have to go.
I think the comments tell the story of a society that is becoming more enlightened - about Judy & sexual orientation, & the fundamental rights that all of us are born to.
Interspersed with the Light will always be shadows - comments, ways of thinking, manners of approach - that still tell the story of where we are not ...
I already know the truth about Judy ... her views ... her life experiences in the Gay Community.
Anyone who knows about Judy also knows these things.
There is no great mystery here... nothing new under the sun ... But perhaps the sun is a little brighter than it used to be ... Hopefully to get even brighter.
Judy lived & performed in a bright light.



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*All audio/video content remains in the sole ownership of their creator*
*For entertainment purposes only*
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Bob Larson vs Demon of Homosexuality - Gay Exorcism Complete Show; 30:29 min.;

Objavljeno je 14.04.2016.
Bob Larson does battle with what he labels a "filthy stinking sex demon." Find out the secrets of black magic and other ancient (and cutting edge) forbidden knowledge here: www.cotum.com
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