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IMF have there foot in the throat of the Jamaican government;31:33 min.; 2,263 views

IMF have there foot in the throat of the Jamaican government
gms jamaicabusiness

6 years ago
jamaica is suffering from the same debt crisis Greece , Spain, Portugal and Italy only difference is jakes are dumb and a sleep.

A Monstrous IMF Secret Is Going Viral: You Won’t Believe What They’re Doing! You’ll Be Enflamed; 15:55 min. - 267,841 views

Johnny Wayne
2 years ago
The IMF has been raping Nation States with impunity since the 1940s. This is definitely not breaking news.
- Rick Edwards, 2 years ago, IMF The international Missing money Fund.
- Road Dog 50, 2 years ago, They have a license to steal from the world.
- Charlene Dorame
2 years ago
WOW!! Every day I am more and more floored by what I see but, this one is definitely appauling!! No taxes, no seizures, no LAWS THAT they are under the authority of really. They are pretty much their OWN group doing their OWN thing!!, Sounds like they don't want anyone to be able to monitor, track, analyze or investigate ANYTHING for ANY REASON!! I call that LAWLESSNESS!! And they are the ones making the MAJOR DECISIONS FOR THE COUNTRIES that are ready to collapse AND WORLD BANKS in financial crisis??!!! Unbelievable!
- Read the Economic Hitman....... All about the IMF from someone inside....... Just another evil and lying organization.
- Lisa, Washington DC is not a part of the United States. They do not belong to Maryland or Virginia nor are they subject to their laws. The US Congress is the supreme authority and overrules all local, county, and state judiciary. They are the Queen of Englands' overlords that rule the American people, and essentially the world with our military. The IMF are the debt farmers for The World Bank. You seem surprised by their elitist behavior and exemptions but those are the least of their sins. They don't just say "screw the world" they actually screw the world. All roads do not lead to Rome, that's just a nice stop along the way (The Vatican City), all roads lead to The City of London.
- Obama care??? What care? I had a really bad tooth ache. I had my fillings redone. one tooth pulled out. And one bridge. I had no insurance but paid 4000 approx. But the actual work and the benefit I recieved was a fair price to pay. Just recently While riding my bike. I fell I spang my arm I waited a few days. But it didn't get better. I walked into Emergency. They took X Rays. And gave me a brace. That too was around 4000 but I still have to pay 700 Why It's called a deductable. So what is the point of paying for insurance??
- D.C. technically is not part of America. Never has been.
- They've castrated our Judicial System ...
2 years ago
As i keep having to explain. They "can" do this because legislative statutes are NOT LAWS, they are privately created corporate or club rules, which means they receive authority by consent of the membership. LAWS, on the other hand, are the product of rights, and the means by which they are protected. Rights are created by reciprocal duty..... ie, we both agree to honour each others property, thus creating property rights - a law therefore is spawned from that agreement as a means to enforce any breach of that peace. Governments only have the authority to do what has been expressly granted to them by the people, for the service of the people. Anything beyond that is unlawful, and occasionally our history demonstrates that the people must use force to repel such aggression from government servants wishing to become masters.
- Ok, good but the worst of the worst is the FED! And it's because of the FED that all Americain just because they are Americain have debt. The reason why you are paying so much taxes is because of the FED. The FED and the financial system they put in place is based on dept. Make your research and show it to every one. This is huge, big information.
- Yea--I know of the I.M.F. They bailed out Greece in 2013, and 14. The Nation has to pay them back over the length of 10 generations with interest. Greece is bound to a strict austerity conditions. The Intentional Monetary Fund controls the wealth of nearly all the nations of the world. The U.S. even owes them debt as well as China. When our economy collapses, there will be a world-wide ripple effect.
- Grey Alien
2 years ago
Good insight into the IMF but I was under the impression that you think the IMF consists of mostly foreigners and that the U.S is being taken over by global elite. Lets not forget the Bretton Woods conference and idea of the IMF stemmed from an American, hence why the conference was and the IMF is held in America. Not to mention there are the elitist American families who, despite not being listed on Wikipedia, have the most power over this institution
- The documentary 'Life and Debt' reveals how the IMF actually operates in practice, and is worth watching. Quite an eye opener.
- THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION: US Statue Code Title II, Sec. 286: The United States is a Corporation UNDER the IMF. WASHINGTON DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA INCORPORATED is a separate corporate-state from the 50 state union. It has been a private foreign owned off-shore corporation since 1801 and is a de facto fraudulent usurper and occupational criminal slave-master since and before The Act of 1871, when our nation was stolen, as were 'We The People'. Then we were hypothecated, collateralized, securitized, monetized and personally 'incorporated' as 'Federalized Citizens' to USA Inc., as surety to pay-off all debts incurred by the criminal invading USA Inc. Go to: www.annavonreitz.com and hear it from a Superior Court Judge.

BBC Life in Debt Valley bbc documentary 2017 YouTube

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