Tips For Making A Coffee Enema For Detoxing 14:47 min.

 Published on Feb 28, 2015


How to do a coffee enema... Kate talks about how to prepare coffee for her coffee enemas that help her to heal her liver and gall bladder. Liver cleansing is really important as all the blood in the body gets filtered through the liver ever 15 minutes. If you're interested in more information about why you should do coffee enemas for your cleansing and detoxification listen to this: I find coffee enemas better than doing colon hydrotherapy or colonics, although colonics are also amazing but coffee enemas are jus easier because you can do coffee enemas in your own bathroom and home. Coffee enemas are much more private. ;) Thanks for watching this video about how we do a coffee enema. Kate and Justin ------------------- On Extreme Health Radio we discuss, natural healing, alternative health practices, health, longevity, spirituality and personal development and growth. If you're into that, connect with us below we'd love to have you a part of our growing community! :) 


William Carpenter11 months ago

Nice video. Some additional thoughts that might help folks. 1. I use two yoga blocks that I keep the plastic wrap on when I purchased them to raise my legs to keep the colon in a more natural position. 2. I prefer the same hot water bottle bag used in this video. Yet the plastic clamp is a challenge to prevent leakage. wished I had never thrown my metal one away. I heat the tube up in vanity sink water to make it more pliable so it closes easier and more tightly. 3. I have been doing these for decades. I heat up costco purchased coffee with distilled water, in a stainless steel kettle. I appreciate showing all the organic, sterile, straining methods, yet the main thing is to keep it simple and just start experimenting and doing them... And, doing them as a comprehensive health regiment with a physical as well as and even more important spiritual practice.

Stephanie Taylor2 years ago

Hi! Great video. I was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma and my naturopath has recommended coffee enemas. Is it possible to make a big batch of the coffee and use it throughout the week, or does it need to be made fresh daily? Thx!

Omni26861 year ago

How come it doesn't look dark like coffee? Is it raw?

TheArmchairrocker2 months ago

Tip 1: It shouldn't be hot.


SBS man2 years ago

Great advice, thanks, especially using distilled water and S.A. Wilson organic coffee (the best). I find it convenient to make 12 quarts at one time and store in quart mason jars, then refrigerate. This comes out to 3 tablespoons per quart using one pound of coffee for the 12 quarts. It is about as easy to make 12 quarts as it is to make one, since you bring the whole works up to an easy boil for 20 min, then cool but do not strain with filters, but draw off the top of the pot leaving the larger residue to toss into the garden (advice from Mr. Wilson). The very fine particles of coffee are beneficial and should pass easily thru the enema tube. It is also a perfect time to add some probiotics into the enema, just empty some powdered capsules right into the enema before use 50 billion bugs is about right. Sure easy to just grab a quart jar out of frig, warm to body temp and insert.       ~~~~Coffee enemas with homemade probiotics added really rocks~~~~

Paul Gordon1 year ago

U are a good talker explains that nicely and you r beautiful

SayingMakesItSo5 months ago

I think you said that the recipe makes 2 enemas worth of coffee. That we should start with boiling 4 cups of distilled water and add 6 tablespoons of coffee. Some of the water boils off but you're still left with mostly four cups of coffee. You then said the final product is made by adding one cup of the coffee solution to two cups distilled water. If you do that you're going to have enough coffee to make four finished enama mixes (4 cups coffee mixed with 2 cups of water for each cup of coffee). So, did you really mean to make four enamas worth with one cup of coffee in each? Did you mean to make 2 enamas with 2 cups of coffee in each? Thanks

Conquering Candida8 months ago

Do you know if a coffee enema is safe when trying to kill off the digestive disease candida? thanks :)

Victoria Reynolds2 years ago

I've only tried this a couple of times but I stopped because last time I put the coffee in it never came back out! It really freaked me out! Maybe my body just absorbed it? Has this ever happened to you? I really want to do this but I'm nervous.

* QUESTIONS PLEASE * Never tried a coffee enema. How do you sterilize the inside of the rubber water bottle as bacteria/mold may accumulate? I have one like this too. I like the bucket version better because you can clean the insdie real good. Are bucket enemas on on ebay too? Need a cheesecloth bag. Also is a ACV enema good candida - do you have a video of this too? Thanks very much for your time & video!! Cheers ! :)

Thanks for the info. Saludos desde la Ciudad de Mexico

Does Gerson suggest Organic Green Coffee Beans? Do I have to buy the beans and then grind them myself, which would mean I would need to buy a grinder.  What if I use my Nutri Bullet to grind the coffee and then boil the coffee in my large glass kettle then pour it through an unbleached coffee filter? Who would have thought that I would have to jump through so many hoops to try to figure this out. One woman says Org Green Coffee. Another says there should be considerations for those not used to cafienne on how much and/or the strength? Another says I should do a pure water enema first. Yet another says to use lemon water first. That yellow goop is bile. That is the color of bile. Coffee enemas are said to open the biliary tubes wide open.

Thank you, I put your instructions on a Notepad doc. I was wondering if it was ok to make a bulk amount so we wouldn't have to go to the stove every bloomin' time we wanted to do an enema. I have these milk bottles I could return to the store for the small fee I paid on top of the milk I'd purchased, but I like to keep them. Guess this is what I'll use at least one of them for! I don't have cheese cloth though, would an unbleached filter do, or a sieve do?

Do you have any advice for someone who just tried their first enema--- and had a really rough experience? Like crazy pain in the bum, and VERY caffeinated?

Is it right side or left side? some people seem to be saying left and some right! Why do yo choose distilled water over Berky water? I saw you had a Berky. How many cups per finished enema? some people again say 2 cups.

I hold it for 20 mins. Even as the enema produces pains in the first five minutes, it also seems the most purge pain happens in that last five minutes. When the pain subsides a, I purge it easily.

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