Sta je posredi- razlicita misljenja - The True Cause and Cure for Cancer - MUST WATCH!

Published on Jul 26, 2014
So many people have cancer throughout the world today, and yet the people have been deceived into thinking that drugs is the only way. It's not even THE way. Drugs will make you even more sick.

Revelation 18:23 says that Babylon has deceived then nations with her "sorceries". That word sorceries in the original Greek is "pharmakeia", which is where the word pharmaceutical comes from. The world has been deceived by the "pharmaceuticals" of Babylon.

There is a way to cure cancer and it is a natural drug free way! The natural foods and lifestyle that our Heavenly Father has given us.
Icelandic Watchman
3 years ago (edited)
We grow our own food in Iceland and we are all a healthy ardent people health savvy the Mcdonalds closed here it was for tourists only Americas food fast food is terrible so true whew......great post God bless my sibling in Christ
, my great grandmother lived to be 112 years old born 1889 passed 2003 never had surgery once or took any meds not even tylenol she lived here in Reykjavik, Iceland her whole life eating all healthy food and drinking water milk and tea only.

4 years ago
It's amazing that the doctors and scientists say "we will find a cure for cancer one day soon". And yet there already is a cure! It's found in the amazing natural diet and lifestyle that God prescribed for us .... Fruit, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds and Legumes, fresh air and exercise.

But Satan is at work and has deceived the world into having faith in the medical profession and the many drugs that they push.

People need to be shown the truth!
fastede III52
1 year ago
I had brain cancer and beat it using natural medicines. No chemo therapy or radiation. Now I am cancer free 19 years now. The heck with big pharma

From 2 Weeks Left To Live to FULL Cancer Remission - The Thomas Peters Story

From 2 Weeks Left To Live to FULL Cancer Remission - The Thomas Peters Story

3 weeks ago
Do not think in terms of remission. Stage 4 only means that it has spread through your body! I had a friend who had stage 4 colon cancer and he was very skinny and tired and he wouldn't listen to me about the natural cures.. so I told him, "when you are sick and you are not getting better even though you are taking chemo etc....then come back when you see that the doc's can't cure you! Finally about two weeks later he came to me half dead. I had already purchased the cheap, natural cures and was ready to tell him what he could eat and what he had to stop eating! I gave him the stuff I bought for him. He was skeptical but desperate. He knew he was dying. In three weeks he had to go back and have blood work and a colon test. He is completely free of cancer!! His energy is back and he's doing great!! so seriously, less than 3 weeks and he was completely healed! Another thing is you have to get your PH system to 7.3 or a little higher. Cancer can't grow in an alkaline system. Sugar to cancer is like fire gasoline to fire!!! Acidic is 6.5 or lower!
5 days ago
I used water fasting and that worked so well that I didn't need anything else. Water fasting is like immunotherapy. After 48 hours you lower Heme Oxygenase which is what is tricking the immune system into protecting the cancer. It also lowers IGF-1 which is what causes cancer to grow and Methionine which cancer is dependent upon and Glucose which is food for cancer. Not having food to digest allows the trypsin and chymotrypsin produced by the pancreas to be used to digest the fibrin around the cancer. Plus, it gets rid of viruses, bacteria, fungi and bad mitochondria. Cancer is a mitochondrial disease. They proved that. They used to think it was a gene problem, but they took a nucleus out of a cancer cell and put it in a clean cell and it did not produce cancer, where they took a nucleus from a healthy cell and put it in a cancer cell and it did produce cancer. Water fasting gets rid of the mitochondria, which produce cancer. I am interacting with someone else who tried it and had breast cancer go away in 7 days of water fasting.

Cancer patients who use alternative medicine die sooner, study finds

Complementary therapies may sound good, but they don't cure cancer.

by Maggie Fox / Jul.19.2018 / 8:28 PM ET

Acupuncture can improve a cancer patient's quality of life. 
Getty Images and Viewstock

Cancer patients who choose alternative medicine over standard, proven cancer treatments are more likely to die, researchers reported Thursday.

Complementary medicine did no apparent harm if people used it alongside conventional surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, the researchers found. But when people opted out of proven treatments to choose herbs, homeopathy or other alternative treatments, they were twice as likely to die of their cancer.

Doctors and the Food and Drug Administration have warned for years that unproven treatments may lure patients away from legitimate therapy that can save their lives. But it’s one thing to say that a treatment has not been shown to help, and it’s another to show for sure that it doesn’t.

“It’s shocking, the lack of comparative data that’s out there,” said Dr. James Yu of the Yale Cancer Center.

Yu and his team set out to show whether people who use complementary therapies are hurting their chances of surviving cancer.

They looked at the medical records of nearly 2 million cancer patients. Not many admitted using complementary medicine, or had it noted in their records, but 258 did. Their cases were compared with the cases of more than 1,000 patients who did not use complementary or alternative medicine.

Those who chose alternatives such as herbs, homeopathy, naturopathy or Chinese medicine were also more likely to refuse at least some standard cancer treatment, Yu’s team reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s JAMA Oncology.

Seven percent of those who chose complementary treatments refused surgery, for instance, they found — compared with just 0.1 percent of patients who just went with standard treatment. More than a third declined chemotherapy or hormone therapy, and half refused radiation therapy.

“If you could cure cancer with baking soda, who wouldn’t want to do that?"

Those who chose alternatives tended to be younger women with more education and more money, they researchers found.

The message to doctors is clear, Yu said.

“When a patient is using complementary medicine, make sure you are really listening to that patient and their needs because they are more likely to refuse treatment,” he told NBC News.

Cancer patients have unrealistic views of the value of complementary therapy, Yu’s team wrote.

“Approximately two-thirds of patients with cancer believe that complementary medicine will prolong life and one-third expect it to cure their disease,” they wrote.

“I think it is a very human response — when faced with a treatment that is potentially disfiguring or toxic with real long-term effects — to wonder whether there is another way,” Yu said.

“I totally get it. Unfortunately, people who have cancer are very vulnerable to unscrupulous or perhaps well-meaning but ill-informed practitioners who offer a nonmedical treatment that is unproven but on the surface seems very desirable.”

It is not unreasonable to hope, Yu said, and oncologists should listen to patients’ concerns.

“If you could cure cancer with baking soda, who wouldn’t want to do that? Or if you could cure cancer with healing power crystals or positive thinking, who wouldn’t want that? I completely understand and empathize with patients,” he said.

And if a complementary treatment helps a patient feel better, alongside proven therapy, Yu said he is all for it.

“There is a broad spectrum of complementary medicine used by patients with cancer, including herbs and botanicals, vitamins and minerals, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy and naturopathy, as well as specialized diets,” his team wrote.


“Past research has shown that complementary therapies such as massage, acupuncture, yoga and meditation can improve quality of life. Thus, it is estimated that between 48 percent and 88 percent of patients with cancer have reported the use of complementary and alternative medicine as part of their therapy.”

The research team did not look at specific, individual alternative therapies but said they can include probiotics, Ayurvedic medicine, deep breathing, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, acupuncture, chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation, meditation, massage, prayer, special diets, progressive relaxation, and guided imagery.

“We need to do a better job of listening to our patients,” Yu said. “The use of complementary medicine, I think, is very common and oncologists need to know that.”

The National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has an app for people who want to check out the research on alternative therapies.

The center says people who use alternative therapies may be afraid to tell their doctors, and notes that some herbal products, such as St. John’s wort, can interfere with cancer treatments. 

Ovaj recept je lečio i najteže oblike raka/Dr Dragana Cvejić; 17:50 min.

Dr Dragana Cvejić
Published on Jul 7, 2017
Onkolozi ne žele pričati o ovome jer je previše jeftino i neprofitibilno!-PRIRODA LEČI!
Standard YouTube License

Natural_Cancer_Treatments - PDF BOOK

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Modifilan or U-Fucoiden Capsules (Detoxification/seaweed-based cancer treatment)

VitaCost (New Chapter vitamins, Jarrow Ubiquinol, Chlorella, Spirulina, natural laundry/dish soap, Tinkyada organic rice pasta, raw coconut oil, Noni Juice)

Genceutic Naturals (Milk Thistle, Curcumin, other excellent organic supplements)

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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead - recommended film on the power of juicing

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Goodbye Colorectal Cancer & Inflamed Gut - Adiel Tel-Oren (July 2016) 1:21:11

Published on Aug 15, 2016
"Good Bye Colorectal Cancer & Inflamed Gut: Eliminate the Risks of Intestinal Disease and Colonoscopy! - a presentation by Prof. Adiel Tel-Oren MD, DC, DABFM, DABCN, CCN, LN that took place at the Silicon Valley Health Institute on July 21, 2016.

This lecture will empower you with wonderful news about the Silent Killer:
– How to diagnose colorectal cancer really early, when reversal is easy?
– Avoid the lifelong suffering, disability, & risks of colorectal surgery!
– The rarely-discussed combined cause of colon cancer & simple solutions.
– Why are virtually ALL Western intestines inflamed & diseased?
– What can YOU do to fight the inflamed gut epidemic?
– Eliminate the fear of colon cancer without invasive and risky colonoscopies.
– What about the typical stool tests recommended by your “Health Plan”?
These and many other questions are answered in this fact-filled scientific discussion that can save and improve many lives, including yours.

Visit the Silicon Valley Health Institute (aka Smart Life Forum) at

Silicon Valley Health Institute Smart Life Forum Palo Alto

Is Ozone Therapy the Miracle Cure That So Many Seek? - Dr. Robert Rowen 1:30:15

Published on Aug 19, 2014
"Is Ozone Therapy the Miracle Cure That So Many Seek?" by Robert Rowen, MD
A Lecture by Dr. Robert Rowen.

Ozone therapy has been used for decades in health and medicine as well as dentistry. It kills microorganisms quickly, is an antioxidant, and provides the essential element , oxygen to the cells. It improves blood flow, the immune system, reduces inflammation, detoxifies, fights cancer and stimulates the regrowth of joint cartilage.

Alternative Cancer Therapy 57:48

Published on Oct 22, 2012
Dr. Shallenberger gives the facts on chemotherapy and why it doesn't work. He goes on to describe the need for comprehensive cancer therapy. This is why cancer programs at The Nevada Center are specially designed to meet the needs of patients who have been newly diagnosed, are currently in treatment, or who have completed treatment. Individualized protocols of homeopathic anti-cancer therapies combined with therapies designed to increase vitality, strength, and immune function. Every case is analyzed and treated individually according to its particular characteristics.

How I survived terminal cancer w/ alternative cancer treatments 35:46

Published on Sep 28, 2012
What really happens when someone has cancer therapy and they get home? What do their friends and family say? What happens when they try to eat an organic diet when no one else at home is? What happens when the whole family wants to go to Burger King and you stay home?

Rick Hill knows what this is like and more because he underwent alternative cancer therapy 38 years ago after being diagnosed with stage three, high-grade embryonal cell carcinoma (cancer of the lymph system). Hill tells it like it is in this engaging video and offers real solutions to long term health.

Most of all, he challenges cancer survivors to find a meaningful crusade in their life once returning home to make their life count. "After all," Rick says, "we didn't survive terminal cancer to make daisy chains..."

To learn more about alternative cancer treatments at Oasis of Hope, or to request a free consultation visit

Cancer Introduction: How to Outsmart Your Cancer 1:15:09

Published on Dec 8, 2012
Dr Lonnie Herman reviews cancer, history of cancer and help you understand their are steps that can help you naturally reverse cancer.
954-370-3100 and 1-855-270-HOPE

Outsmart Your Cancer, Tanya Harter Pierce -Alternative Cancer Treatment Methods (In Context) 10:10

Uploaded on Apr 2, 2011
Cancer is more than a $100 billion a year business and could reach over $170 billion by 2020 and around 1 in 4 people could die from cancer. But does it have to be that way? Ken MacDermotRoe and Gus Cantavero, co-hosts of the radio series In Context, discuss non-toxic alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation in the treatment of cancer and the efforts of the cancer industry to suppress these alternative treatments. The discussion draws on material from Tanya Harter Pierce's book Outsmart Your Cancer. Ken and Gus's entire radio interview with Tanya Harter Pierce is archived at

We first list how the medical community has confused the conversation about cancer treatment by obscuring the statistics and how environmental influences have helped cancer rates to rise uncontrollably. Then we list some of the treatments described in the book.

Neither co-hosts Ken MacDermotRoe and Gus Cantavero nor Tanya Harter Pierce, author of Outsmart Your Cancer, are physicians and nothing in this program should be regarded as providing medical advice or prescribing treatment. Rather, the purpose of this program is to encourage cancer patients to research all available cancer treatments, including non-toxic treatments, and to discuss them with their doctors.

This program is an edition of the series In Context produced by MDR Productions, Inc. In Context is a live, call-in show that originates at Pacifica affiliate WPKN 89.5 FM, Bridgeport, CT whose signal reaches most of Connecticut and parts of New York.

It is broadcast on the first Sunday of the month at 10pm and first Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm and is streamed live at For further information, please visit

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Anti Cancer- baking soda and lemon juice

Discover the baking soda and lemon juice combination that eradicates cancer cells better than prescription Doxil and Adriamycin
Sunday, June 12, 2016 by: David Gutierrez, staff writer

Medicinska saznanja o arteriosclerozi i karcinomu Prostate iz Aprila 2013 -PDF

2013 g. - Uticaj ishrane, i mikrobne flore digestivnog trakta na Arteriosklerozu, Infarkt, Slog, i karcinom Prostate.

Apricot Seeds: A Natural Alternative Cancer Treatment 1:42

Uploaded on Dec 21, 2010 Apricot seeds contain a strong cancer fighting agent called amygdalin. A cancer survivor uses apricot seeds daily both as a cancer treatment for her, and her partner uses apricot seeds as cancer prevention for him.

Oursmart Your Cancer

Alternative Non-toxic treatment Approaches to Cancer | Protocel | Oursmart Your Cancer

O KRIJE ISTINU OD SVETA: Naš lekar iz Švedske otkriva velike tajne do kojih je došao istraživanjem!

Gost na YouTube kanalu "Nauka i Misterije Balkan" bio je DR. Jasmin Topalović, medicinski istraživač i nutricionista.

Čovek koji živi u Švedskoj i koji je tamo rođen, ali izuzetno dobro govori srpski jezik. Preporučujemo Vam da pogledate celu emisiju i saznate više o brojnim zanimljivim temama. Emisiju je vodio novinar Aleksandar Pavković.


Kao i uvek, svaka reč vašeg cenjenog gosta kojeg visoko poštujem je iskrena i istinita. Ovakvi ljudi su bili potrebni uvek a naročito sada u ovo teško i složeno vreme puno prevara u svim oblastima života.Dr. Jasminu veliko hvala za sve što radi u cilju pomaganja ljudima i vraćanja nade u ozdravljenje.


Odslusala sam cijeli intervju sa gospodinom Topalovicem, mnogo mi se svidio ali sam se na kraju ipak razocarala jer sam se nadala bar nekom savjetu, bar nekom recepticu, pored ostalih problema koje imam najvise me interesuje gojaznost i dijabetes. Ocekivala sam bar neki konkretni savjet ili objasnjenje za bilo koji zdravstveni problem, medjutim na kraju krajeva nista od toga. da je barem ostavio broj tel. za kontakt kako bi svi oni koji su zainteresovani mogli pitati sta ih interesuje.

Koliko sam od svega razumela i jednostvano rečeno jeste da je;- LEK JE NAŠA HRANA - NAŠA HRANA JE MEDECINA!

Ovo sto kaze Doktor to je istina jer kako kazu izreka "kakve su ti misli takav ti je i zivot ".

Dr Jasmin Topalović OVO JE UDAR NA ZDRAV RAZUM - Postali smo taoci globalistički izmišljotina, vladari iz senke žele da nam nametnu to zlo! Jasmin je u ovoj emisiji pokazao više primera brzog i efikastnog poboljšanja zdravlja koji su još neki primeri savršenstva Metoda Funtastiq Života, koji se širi oko sveta i pomaže ljudima da žive jedan funtastiq život, gde god se nalaze.

Druga emisija Dr FUNTASTIQ, Jasmin Topalović na Youtube kanalu - Nauka i Misterije Balkan Vrlo jaka emisija gde je Dr FUNTASTIQ, Jasmin Topalović, odkrijo velike tajne zdravlja, kao pravu istinu visokog pritiska, kolesterola, stresa i mnogo više. Gledajte ovde..... Svedočanstva o FuntastiqLife metodu

Gost na YouTube kanalu "Nauka i Misterije Balkan" bio je Jasmin Topalović, medicinski istraživač i nutricionista. Čovek koji živi u Švedskoj i koji je tamo rođen, ali izuzetno dobro govori srpski jezik. ... SAD U 21 UŽIVO - DISKUSIJA NA TWITTER SPEJSU - SLOBODA I ZDRAVLJE ČOVEKA Drži Dr Funtastiq Jasmin Topalović i Bojan Ljepoja ...





 7NEWS Australia

 Australian scientists are celebrating the discovery of a powerful new treatment for cancer. The trial drug targets cancer cells directly, and promises to extend, even save lives of patients.


#9News #BreakingNews #NineNewsAustralia

New cancer calculator giving hope to patients | 9 News Australia

Melanoma patients whose cancer has spread can now find out if immunotherapy will work for them before the treatment even begins, thanks to a world-first, Australian-developed calculator that predicts a patient's repsonse to the treatement.


New treatment option for breast cancer patients sparks hope | SBS News

Jun 21, 2022

There could soon be a new treatment option for women diagnosed with an aggressive and difficult-to-treat form of breast cancer. Scientists at the Garvan Institute are beginning clinical trials with an experimental drug that's designed to make triple negative breast cancer more responsive to chemotherapy.


Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatment Video - Brigham and Women's Hospital\

Brigham And Women's Hospital

Nanoparticles have a unique ability to target cancer cells and wipe out tumors. At Brigham and Womens Hospital, development of these new technologies holds tremendous promise for cancer treatment.

I love all the guys that worked to develop this cure! It would make the world a fantastic place if nobody dies of cancer anymore. I absolutely love you guys!

Is nanomedicine used in any hospital in Texas? Has it cured cancer patients?

What is the difference between this and the research of Angela Zhang?


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