Vatican II: Council of Apostasy; 1:30:00 min.

Traditional Catholic
Published on Jan 24, 2012
This video was produced by Bro. Michael Dimond O.S.B. from Most Holy Family Monastery, it talks about the heresies, errors and apostasies of Vatican II Anti-popes, the fraudulent election of John XXIII and Paul VI. For more information visit these websites.

Victoria DePalma
6 years ago
All - The vatican-2 heretic cult (founded in 1965 at the Vatican) *cannot possibly be* the Catholic Church … since it enforces the opposite, and the opposite of the Catholic Dogma (the actual Catholic Faith)

The founding documents of the vatican-2 heresy … the “v-2 council” documents … have well over 200 heresies AGAINST Dogma

Site > Immaculata-one (dot) com

Section 12 > Anti-Christ vatican-2 heresies (50 listed)

Sections 13 and 13.1 > Photographic *proof* of heresy at the Vatican
- Victoria DePalma
6 years ago
Continuing …

Section 13.2 > Catholic Dogma on automatic excommunication ... for physical participation in a heretic cult such as the vatican-2 cult

Section 19.1 > Dogma on Abjuration for re-entering Christianity (the Catholic Church) … Formal Abjuration also provided here

Section 13.3 > Matt 16:18, Gates of Hell scripture, defined at four (4) Councils ... is not about the Papacy

Section 10.2 > Returning to state of grace, when there’s no Confession, like now

Immaculata-one (dot) com

Ep.1: History and Genesis of Vatican II
Published on Feb 26, 2013
What caused Pope John XXIII to call bishops from around the world to Rome for an ecumenical summit in 1962? Explore the political, scientific, and social events that sparked Vatican II -- and set the greatest event in modern Church history into motion. With commentary from theologians Dr. Richard Gaillardetz, Msgr. John Strynkowski, and Rev. James Massa.
- urigeller Valdal
1 year ago
Never desert the Church , the church may have its deserters some even who remain hidden in the cloth of the clergy and may even masquerade as leaders. But the Church is its people and the people its body. Just as there was only one Temple which now is no longer, there is only one Church of which Jesus said Hell would not prevail against. The RCC may have its problems, as does all other denominations but not all denominations are Apostolic and it is upon the apostolic Churches Eastern and Roman to whom such a promise by Christ was intended.
Double Ghod
1 year ago
Vatican II: submission to modernity; unctuous acquiescence to the left; aping the Protestants. Any Catholic worth his salt will eschew this so-called "Council". If we follow its example we'll need to be counseled.
El Rico
1 year ago
There was no real reason why Vat II was even called together. Historically. all councils came about due to a real impending crisis. But... as it turned out ....Vat II did itself become THE CRISIS. Calculate the dire results since the 1960's to this date in time... too much to list here. This video is a great example of disinformation... of painting a lie to appear as something great. And they attribute it to the Holy Spirit !!! How tragic.
1 month ago
If John XXIII goal was to bring Unity amongst all the Christian churches then he failed miserably and utterly. We have more Splinter groups today than ever before and even within the church. So all it seemed to do was to fracture the church.
- B H
4 weeks ago (edited)
Since I was born, in 1965, I have (except for a few months) worshipped God in the Roman Catholic Church. I love God, pray, attend Mass, and frequent the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I believe that the reforms of Vatican 2 were necessary. At the heart of the reforms is the emphasis on living out a true relationship with God through an encounter with Jesus. What's wrong with that?
- Austin Peck
8 months ago
Vat ll was a result of modernism and the narrator says that almost exactly immediately. Modernism is THE greatest threat the church has ever encountered.
- Petru Alexe
5 months ago
Thousands of bishops and theologians were wrong, but thank God that we on the internet know the truth better than them -_-
- Asa Lee
Asa Lee
1 year ago
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — More than 1,000 children — and possible many more — were molested by hundreds of Roman Catholic priests in six Pennsylvania dioceses, while senior church officials took steps to cover it up, according to a landmark grand jury report released Tuesday.
The grand jury said it believes the "real number" of abused children might be "in the thousands" since some records were lost and victims were afraid to come forward. The report said more than 300 clergy committed the abuse over a period of decades.
Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said the two-year probe found a systematic cover-up by senior church officials in Pennsylvania and at the Vatican.
"The cover-up was sophisticated. And all the while, shockingly, church leadership kept records of the abuse and the cover-up. These documents, from the dioceses' own 'Secret Archives,' formed the backbone of this investigation," he said at a news conference in Harrisburg.
Significantly, the report faulted Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the former longtime bishop of Pittsburgh who now leads the Washington archdiocese, for what it said was his part in the concealment of clergy sexual abuse. Wuerl defended himself, releasing a statement Tuesday that said he had "acted with diligence, with concern for the victims and to prevent future acts of abuse."
The grand jury scrutinized abuse allegations in dioceses that minister to more than half the state's 3.2 million Catholics. Its report echoed the findings of many earlier church investigations around the country in its description of widespread sexual abuse by clergy and church officials' concealment of it.
The panel concluded that a succession of Catholic bishops and other diocesan leaders tried to shield the church from bad publicity and financial liability by covering up abuse, failing to report accused clergy to police and discouraging victims from going to law enforcement.
Yet the grand jury's work might not result in justice for Catholics who say they were molested as children. While the probe yielded charges against two clergymen — including a priest who has since pleaded guilty, and another who allegedly forced his accuser to say confession after each sex assault — the vast majority of priests already identified as perpetrators are either dead or are likely to avoid arrest because their alleged crimes are too old to prosecute under state law.
The document comes at a time of renewed scrutiny and fresh scandal at the highest levels of the U.S. Catholic Church. Pope Francis stripped 88-year-old Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of his title and ordered him to a lifetime of prayer and penance amid allegations that McCarrick had for years sexually abused boys and had sexual misconduct with adult seminarians.
Wuerl has come under harsh criticism over his response to the McCarrick scandal, with some commentators questioning his claims of surprise and ignorance over allegations that McCarrick molested and harassed young seminarians.
Wuerl replaced McCarrick as Washington's archbishop after McCarrick retired in 2006.
The Pennsylvania grand jury, convened by the state attorney general's office in 2016, heard from dozens of witnesses and reviewed more than a half-million pages of internal documents from the Allentown, Erie, Greensburg, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Scranton dioceses.
Some current and former clergy named in the report went to court to prevent its release, arguing it violated their constitutional rights to reputation and due process of law. The state Supreme Court said the public had a right to see it, but ruled the names of priests and others who objected to the findings would be blacked out pending a September hearing on their claims.
The identities of those clergy members remain under court seal.
A couple of dioceses decided to strip the accused of their anonymity ahead of the report and released the names of clergy members who were accused of sexual misconduct. On Friday, the bishop of Pittsburgh's diocese said a few priests named in the report are still in ministry because the diocese determined allegations against them were unsubstantiated.
- Michael Caza-Schonberger
3 years ago
The Second Vatican Council brought about great reforms in the Vatican faithful's theology so that it would get back to Scripture, which consequently brought on more of an openness to Holy Spirit which birthed the Catholic Charismatic renewal. The council was a Godsend to your denomination because it brought about many of the reforms Luther called for, and brought unity (because of the moving of Holy Spirit) with other denominations. Now if only we could get rid of the false doctrines of transubstantiation, Mary ever virgin queen of heaven, purgatory, and infant baptism.

VIDEO 1: Vatican Council II, Explained (from our Vatican II Series); 36:38 min.

Melanie Stovall
1 week ago
Thank you for your elegant explanation of the sad state of our church.
Lord have mercy
Precious blood of Jesus wash over us
- Nini
1 year ago
My dear TIA -- Paula told me about this video, and we watched it together: she at her home
and I at mine. Beautiful! Magnificently done by all, and it was a joy to be 'connected' to you
all through this surprise video. Of course, the scenes of NO were too painful for me to watch, so I turned away until they went bye-bye. I could not afford to buy any more books, so that's why I'm short of volumes - but know my prayers are always with you, and I thank God for
allowing me to know you personally, even though the time was too short. Love to all, jje
- luciferangelica
11 months ago
why do bishops and cardinals and benedict xvi always look so sinister?
1 month ago
28:49 this is Pentecostalism (protestantism) spreading its error.
The same with the homosexuals who say "love is love", it's a false love.
If love means rejecting everything Christ taught us and just getting along...hahaha...then we're in disobedience with God and have become men-pleasers.
- ThisIsTurok1
1 month ago
All a person has to do is study the Council of Carthage.
Right away, you'll realize Vatican 2 denies the dogma on original sin, therefore Vatican 2 is heretical.
The dogma on original sin has been confirmed numerous time, in the Council of Florence, Trent, and Vatican 1.
Anyone who denies the dogma on original sin is holding to Pelagianism and cannot by affirmation be a Catholic.
Brutus Augustus
1 year ago
Rome will loose the faith and become the seat of the antichrist

Истинная причина ухода папы Бенедикта 16 (Вести РТР); 2:28 - Ima Google prevod i podesi na zupcastom tocku....min.

Published on Feb 23, 2013
Итальянская газета "Republik" обнародавала истинную причину ухода Папы Римского, Бенедикта 16! В руки журналистов попал доклад об итогах внутреннего расследования проведенное по распоряжению пантифика. Прочитав доклад, папы Бенедикт 16, закрыл его в сейфе и объявил что покидает пристол. Все остальное смотри в данном видео!
Марина Соколова
6 months ago
Йозеф Рацингер ушел, и пришел тот, кого педофилия ничуть не напрягает.
- Юра Михов
7 months ago
католицизм давным давно отошел от Истенного Христианства, католицизм это даже не христианство,а антихристианство .
Ярик Канбан
6 months ago
Тут журнаглисты не поведали главную информацию, что ратцингера обвиняли в пропаже детей из приюта, захоронение коих было обнаружено не далеко от того самого приюта. Дети отправились как то раз на прогулку с этим папой и с королевой англии и болше в приют не вернулись. Поэтому ратцингера решили снять с должности, чтоб этот упырь затихорился. А на его место поставили другого детоубийцу - франциска.

ПАПА РИМСКИЙ Франциск – ВРАГ христианства!; 9:59 min. ima Google prevod! Podesi....

Алексей Ильич Осипов
Published on Feb 18, 2018

Многие поступки и высказывания Франциска вызывают, по меньшей мере, недоумения, а часто и впечатление, что папа прямо уходит от начал христианской веры и основ Евангельской жизни. Достаточно обратить внимание, хотя бы на следующее, чтобы убедиться в этом.

Прежде всего, его постоянные обращения к гомосексуальной тематике, которые напоминают о милосердии Божии к таким людям и наполнены призывами любви к ним, необходимости просить у них прощения за негативное отношение к их образу жизни. (РИА Новости) Сам папа при этом демонстрирует всё это примером своего поведения, обнимаясь и целуясь с ними . Всё это можно было бы понять в то время, когда люди подобной ориентации действительно подвергались дискриминации. В настоящее же время в Америке и Европе ситуация изменилась радикально. Геи и лесбиянки находятся не только под полной защитой законов этих стран, но и получили преимущества. И непонятно, о чём так беспокоится папа. Видимо, причины не социального характера побуждают его к этому. И одна из них - это подчинение курсу американо-европейской политики, направленной на внедрение данного сатанинского порока в сознание и жизнь всего общества и, прежде всего, молодёжи. Но как этому следует папа?

Он, то декларирует учение Церкви и говорит, что не одобряет гендерной идеологии, однополого сожительства, то за двусмысленностью высказываний отчётливо просматривается его положительное отношение к этому. Но, что особенно показательно, когда на высоком уровне принимаются серьёзные «гендерные» решения, то, как пишет журналист и писатель, один из главных наблюдателей за политикой Ватикана Джон Аллен (John Allen), он молчит: «В ключевые моменты папа Франциск избирал молчание: в частности, после некоторых самых значительных изменений в мире в отношении гомосексуальности – решения по легализации однополых «браков» в Ирландии и Соединенных Штатах». Он толерантен в отношении того агрессивного насилия, с которым правительствами США и европейских государств ведётся пропаганда в средствах массовой информации и насаждаются гомосексуализм, гей-парады, усыновление содомитами детей, происходят расправы над несогласными.

Более того, он, папа, блюститель христианской нравственности, обязанный поднять всю церковь на борьбу с этим извращением человеческой природы, вдруг заявляет: «Если человек - гей и обладает доброй волей и стремится к Богу, кто я такой, чтобы судить его?». (Эхо Москвы) Как понимать эти его слова? Если судьи не будут судить, что будет с обществом? И если верховный епископ не осудит зло, что будет с церковью?

Но папа Римский Франциск обращается к церкви с призывом шире открыть свои двери и быть более толерантной к геям и лесбиянкам. В этом отношении высказывания, например, патриарха Кирилла прямо контрастируют с либеральной позицией папы Франциска.

В своей книге Amoris Laetitia папа заявляет о необходимости пересмотра богозданного закона человеческой морали, утверждая, что «естественный закон не должен быть представлен как сборник уже созданных правил, которые возлагаются априори моральному субъекту, но должен быть источником вдохновения относительно принятия решений в каждом процессе. Рассуждение должно помочь найти дорогу возможного ответа Богу и росту, выходя из установленных границ» (§305).

Поэтому в самой католической церкви нарастают протесты в отношении такой позиции папы. Так, более 800 тысяч католиков из разных стран мира призвали папу Франциска защитить традиционное учение Католической церкви о семье и не допустить раскола, сообщил РИА Новости из Рима один из инициаторов коллективного обращения к понтифику Хуан Мигель Монтес. В конце сентябре он вместе с коллегами из инициативной группы передал в Государственный секретариат Ватикана обращение. По словам Монтеса, проходящая в октябре в Ватикане ассамблея Синода епископов, посвященная вопросам семьи, "вносит путаницу и страх неопределенности", поскольку подвергаются пересмотру базовые элементы католического вероучения - неразрывность брака и греховность гомосексуальных отношений. (РИА Новости)


Папа Франциск масон и сатанист. Назвал Христа дьяволом. (Осипов А.И); 5:46 min.

Chudesa Bojii
Published on Dec 13, 2017

Истинность Православия (МПДА, 2017.05.16) — Осипов А.И.


3 months ago (edited)
I remember when Bendict was elected Pope and Sky news interviewed 'Catholics' who were really angry and disappointed that a conservative Pope had been elected. I thought it was strange at the time but since Francis I have become even more dismayed by the liberal direction the Church is taking.
- Memey Sangma
3 months ago
Chief exorcist father Amorth said devil is lurking in the walls of vatican
What he means is the end times has already begun
- Carol Secret
3 months ago
A satanic take over of the Church,,,and now Notre Dame had burnt to the ground. THE WAR is upon us, GUARD your Souls with Undying Love and devotion for JESUS and GO
- Susan Donahue
3 months ago (edited)
Benedict did not resign. There was, allegedly, a coup.
- Benedict, with security, may occasionally visit relatives.
- Otherwise, he remains locked away until death.
There is nothing new under the sun.

Antipope John XXIII Exposed! Pt.1 ; 10:52 min.

- John XXIII (Angelo Roncalli) - The man who called Vatican II and claimed to be pope from 1958-1963. He was not a true pope, because a heretic cannot be pope. Roncalli was a freemasonic infiltrator.

- Grand Master Mason admits John XXIII was a Freemason

- Similarities of First and Second Antipope John XXIII

Grand Master Mason admits John XXIII was a Freemason; 1:56 min.
Published on Jan 26, 2009

Video Clip from Vatican II: Council of Apostasy---This detailed and important presentation covers the heresies present in the documents of Vatican II. It shows how Paul VI solemnly bound these heresies and therefore couldnt have been a true pope. He was an antipope. The first hour is detailed and will be more appealing to those looking for the in-depth information. Those who are not interested in the heresies may want to go straight to the conclusion section (about the 55-minute mark), which covers Paul VIs ratification of Vatican II. This is the part of the tape that some feel is the most interesting.

Similarities of First and Second Antipope John XXIII; 1:57 min.
Published on Jan 25, 2009

Video Clip from Vatican II: Council of Apostasy---This detailed and important presentation covers the heresies present in the documents of Vatican II. It shows how Paul VI solemnly bound these heresies and therefore couldnt have been a true pope. He was an antipope. The first hour is detailed and will be more appealing to those looking for the in-depth information. Those who are not interested in the heresies may want to go straight to the conclusion section (about the 55-minute mark), which covers Paul VIs ratification of Vatican II. This is the part of the tape that some feel is the most interesting.

Antipope John XXIII Exposed! Pt.2 ; 14:57 min.

Published on Dec 5, 2013

The Most Specific Heresy in Vatican II !; 9:55 min.
Published on Jan 15, 2010 This video explains the most specific and irrefutable heresy in Vatican II. It shows where and in what way it precisely contradicts and rejects defined Catholic dogma.

Francis Antipope or Antichrist?

Published on May 22, 2017
- ChristianSaintSavior
1 year ago
To all faithful Catholics: no matter how bad or confusing things get in the Church, always remember to always stayed focused on GOD, through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, united and guided by the Holy Spirit. And, additionally, always stay close to Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary. She remained at the foot of the Cross with John, when mostly everyone else scattered in fear and confusion. Pray the Holy Rosary faithfully everyday.
Stephen Cockett
1 year ago
Good Catholics instictively understand that as the keys to the Holy Church were handed down to St. Peter and to man directly from God - the primary role of each Pope is to keep those keys safe and to be the principle GUARDIAN of Catholic Christian truths and standards - no matter what.
The person sat in the Chair of St. Peter does NOT have the authority to succumb to modern trends, fashions or misguided ideologies - and inflict them on the Church. In particular at a time when we have been specifically warned by Our Lady against 'diabolical disorientation'.
Ave Christus Rex
2 years ago (edited)
People, don't forget the title 'Holy Father' and 'Pope' says NOTHING of the holiness of the Pontiff, the Pope. It is the office that makes one the current "Holy Father", not his holiness. No one is truly, truly holy but God!

All that it takes to be the Pope is to be elected by the cardinals.

It doesn't follow that he will be holy. But it ought to be the case.


St. Francis of Asssisi said in those days God will send "not a true Pastor but a Destroyer" so we expect that this is possible.

In short, it's possible for a Pope to be a bad teacher, and to hold heretical personal views.
- Bratty Young
2 years ago
This pope disturbs me.I don't like what he says or what he does. I BELIEVE he is trying to destroy our Catholic faith.The latest, bringing in a pro choice person to work with the pro Life academy.😲😫😞
Sweet Harmony
2 years ago
What if Pope Benedict's "resignation" was invalid? Maybe Pope Emeritus Benedict is still the real pope. It is clear that Bergolio is not even Catholic, much less the pope. Pope Benedict admits the Barque of St. Peter is on the verge of capsizing. It's time for him and some good cardinals to remove the heretic Bergolio for the sake of the church and the souls for which it is responsible.
Arlene Shimkus
2 years ago
I wonder about the final comment: "Most of the things Pope Francis seems to be doing is destroying the Church; to declare that he is not the pope is just going to cause more harm than we already have--see, in the Church." I shudder to think of how many have been or are being disastrously misled. I would echo the question of ivornovello from 1 week ago: can the Vicar of Christ lead the faithful to Hell? I have never seen anything remotely like this papacy, if that is what it is. Again, just for one thing, Pope Bergoglio (as we often see him referred to by some at the Fatima Center) was adamant that Cardinal Schoenburn's interpretation of AL footnote 351 was the authoritative interpretation and the very meaning that he himself (Pope Bergoglio) intended. (By the way, 351 is the inversion of the number of Hail Mary's in the 5 decade Rosary.)

Pope Francis Must Resign: Digging In

Church Militant
Published on Aug 29, 2018
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The Vortex—Half of Priests and Bishops are Gay; 9:09 min. - Ima Google prevod, i podesi na zupcastom tockicu....

Church Militant
Published on Jan 11, 2016

А.И. Осипов. Сатанинское руководство человечества (ч.8/8); 10:19 min.

Published on Feb 6, 2010 8я часть лекции "Свобода" профессора Московской Духовной Академии и Семинарии Алексея Ильича Осипова.
- Анна Строкова
4 years ago
подарок интернета только за возможность слушать осипова интернету можно простить многое даже не хочется смотреть и слушать тех кого называют книжники и фарисеи которые напалают на него это и есть бесы о которых так хорошо и доступно а главное не вызывает сомнений о правдивости этого человека чтобы довести до нас безбожников хотябы частичку истины общается как с малыми детьми повторяет терпеливо чтобы до нас дошло а моськи его просто боятся они конечно знают что этот человек говорит правду о них обо всем спасибо от ваших лекций не возможно оторватся
- Veniamin Lapshin
5 years ago
Иисус Христос сказал:"Невозможно, чтобы соблазны не приходили в этот мир, но горе тому человеку, через которого они приходят". Горе и тем людям, которые стоят у власти и, якобы, не замечают всей той гнусной мерзости, заполонившей СМИ, особенно, - телевидение. Более того, они всячески ей потакают и, что самое опасное, стремятся сделать ее нормой для молодежи!
- Michael Brando
6 years ago
Спасибо профессору Осипову за то, что озвучивает с высокой кафедры эти мысли. Голос правды и совести. Глубочайшее уважение.
- Tt T
7 years ago
Какая радость, что есть у нас еще такие люди. Огромное спасибо вам Алексей Ильич за ваши лекции. Народ, мы современники великого человека, одного из немногих еще борющихся не только за свою, но и за НАШИ души. Пока есть такие люди еще будет жить наша земля.
- Vladimir Wardell
7 years ago
The ruling elite has no faith in the power of love to discipline, give courage, and lead. They believe this can only be done by force and fear; the principal of Satanic rule?

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