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Политика сегодня: Россия США Украина
Published on Nov 24, 2017

- Игорь Надыршин
2 months ago (edited)
Ты прав!
Смотрю и пересматриваю..
- Беслан Шушания
1 month ago
Дай Бог Вам долгих лет Жизни....У МЕНЯ НЕТ СЛОВ ....МУДРЫЙ ВЫ ЧЕЛОВЕК ЯКОВ
- Robert Opeshansky
4 months ago
Муражки по коже...
Почему молчат 75 лет о правде о Хорватии?
Илья Юлдашев
1 year ago (edited)
Не забывайте!!! Нацизм религия бедных умов!!! Учите детей помнить врагов своего народа.

Komentari - #1220-#1280.....

iffen says:

small towns stocked with Bible bashing [choose insulting description to taste].

We use the Old Testament. According to some very smart people the Jews no longer use it, but prefer commentary. This could mean that before long we will be the “new Jews.” Hopefully a few extra IQ points comes with the package.

I agree with most of this, and would add just a few things.

There is no collective guilt. Jews, of whatever stripe, are not “guilty” because some (many?) strands of their historical culture are unacceptable to contemporary ethical standards. Germans, as a group, are not “guilty” of Nazi atrocities. Historical currents are, simply, amoral.

There was a genocide of Jews during WW2 when perhaps 4.5-6 million people died. Many commenters deny this, but this is their problem.

For most Jews outside of Israel there is no real Jewish identity anymore. Torah, Talmud, secular Jewish culture including philosophy, literature, music…do not exist for vast majority of diaspora “Jews”. For them, Auschwitz (as the martyrological shrine) & Israel (as a deified land of promise) had replaced traditional culture, high & low, religious & secular.

Judaist American & European Jews should, in my opinion, settle in Israel because they, emotionally, do not belong where they are now:

Basically, these people are not Americans & they belong to Israel.

As for others, I don’t see how they could remain both separate & integrated simultaneously.

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When a jew pulls the wool over your eyes, it’s half cotton.

Re-read my texts.

“Barren” as in barren landscape, as in no whites really wanted to live in the vast center of Australia or the jungles of Queensland or Darwin.

Unsurprisingly, Italians and Greeks and Lebanese like the Mediterranean climate of Melbourne. Scots seemed to fare best in the cold rugged Adelaide.

But whatever the case aboriginals by and large live in rural Australia.

Sean says:

Disturb (Them)

I would not really rate Jews that highly in an actual war. There are a few tough ones, I’ve met guys who served in the IDF, but generally war against other whites is not their forte.

The idea of Jewish Leftists or globalists actually storming Australian shores for bloody trench warfare seems unlikely.

Can they sway public opinion? Somewhat. But less so now than 20 years ago when the internet was not around and it was only the electronic and printing press.

In the case of Australia, it is going to be Chinese business people who reduce white Australians to squatters like they have in the Philippines or Indonesia.

notanon says:

i think this behavior is a logical consequence of losing a homeland.

people who lose their homeland to live as minorities among other peoples either assimilate and gradually disappear or they survive by developing parasitic-like cultural behaviors.

for example gypsies are seen as victims of racism but if you know anything about them they have a spectacularly racist and predatory attitude towards non gypsies and although the consequences of that are very bad if you look at it purely logically their attitude has probably been necessary for their survival as a group.

low IQ populations like this are a crime problem but a high IQ version will lead to civilizational collapse unless it’s fixed.

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Sean says:

The Diaspora are closer to Barak who can’t see any way out for Israel apart from a final settlement in which Israel gives land for a meaningful Palestinian state in the West Bank. Unfortunately the Palestinian side at the 2000 Camp David Summit saw that, as Barak felt compelled to make a serious offer to them, the Arabs side were in a strengthening position and should hold out. Unless the bulk of the West Bank Palestinians are transferred, time is indeed on their side.


When I have time, I think I’ll check UNZ.org, which is a particularly valuable treasure trove of resources and a virtual library.

Bless all of you truth seekers and particularly Ron Unz!

APilgrim says:

Semites are a people from the Middle East and their languages.

Ancient Hebrews were, for the most part … Semites.

Ashkenazi Jews are descended from European converts & are not Semites.

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RobinG says:

Utu, I remember hearing/reading that the Black Death never went into Poland.

Gypsies were driven out of India, a place where theft and con are relatively acceptable, which goes to show how undesirable they really are.

Jews go into parasitical professions-journalist, lawyer, porn star, pawn store owner=but these are really harmless or at most, an annoyance.

Gypsies on the other hand, were never academically inclined or had the market savvy of Jews.

So there was not much they could have done but pick pockets.

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Heros says:

Another arrogantly jewish supremacist comment attempting to exonerate jews for the, on this thread documented and exposed, thousands of years of ritual sacrifice and torture of Christian children. As always, the coverup is far worse than the crime, and in this case millions have been murdered. With the Frank murder in the ’30′s, we saw all the jewish supremacist coverup machines go into full overdrive. This uniquely jewish trait, the timeless revenge against amaleks, of being able to sadistically murder a goyim and his entire family merely for exposing jewish guilt, is also the root of the Haggenah and the Irgun, Seth Rich was recent example of how brutal jews can even be to their own.

This massive religious based cover-up machine created by this tribe of sadistic child murders was still not able to prevent many dozens of ritual sacrifices from being exposed across Europe and the world. Some even made it to court where they were legally proven to have taken place. Yet on this very thread I do not believe any jew is willing to recognize the full extent of what this means. We also have no idea of the total number of rituals that are performed by which different jewish sects and secret societies, and not one jew is willing to name names. How can goyim identifiy jews in Israel murdering goy children around the world when all jews every unite to prevent this ancient truth from coming out. This also happens to be the true purpose of the holohoax, to unite jews in their sadistic hatred of Nazi Christians.

If we compare the jews history of ritual child murder to todays Hollywood, owned and managed by judaics, we can get an idea of how deep the coverup is. We keep getting more little hints of what these jews have been doing to their shicksa’s and goy boy toys. We are certainly aware that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

So it was in the middle ages too. For every ritual child torture and sacrifice, often emulating Christ on the cross, that was exposed, we can assume there were hundred, thousands or hundreds of thousands of, often orphan, children sadistically murdered that there were never exposed or were covered up.

For each of these that were covered up, there were additional victims, often family members, often brutally and sadistically murdered too.

So how many Christians could have been victims of these uniquely Jewish sadistic hate crimes over the centuries? Lets do a calculation. First gets some terms and parameters.

D =Duration=How Long have jews been blood sacrificing Christians=2000 years.
AC =Average number of countries where jews are participating in Child Sacrifice=10
NCM=Average number of coverup murders per sacrificice=5
CUF =Cover Up Factor=number of sucessfull child sacrifice coverups/unsuccessful=100000
AES =Average number exposed child sacrifices per year=.1


Thats right, Christians win the holocaust game jews. Time to pay us back for the holohoax. And if you complain, you can rot in prison like Schaeffer and Haverbeck. Age of course is no excuse for hate crimes, and no other race can hate in the same league as the jews.

And one other thing, please don’t talk out of both sides of your mouth demanding holocaust obeisance while covering up 1 BILLION children and their families that you have ritually sacrificed.

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j2 says:

“There are good argument that Black Death was not a plague but it could have been anthrax or some form of Ebola virus. ”

Utu, it was the plague (DNA shows it), and indeed, it spread too fast for it to be a natural epidemy. Maybe you want to read a short story about it, and especially to pay attention to what is in the Words of the Lord by Jacob Frank

there is a quote, decide yourself if they were spreading plague knowingly or not. By the way, this guy was a messiah and many of his followers joined Freemasonry, the revolutionary one.

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Skeptikal says:

Coming late to this (portion of this) thread.
(I had read the Shahak book a few years ago. It is/was available on Amazon.)

Re Russian art collections:
Just read (listened to audio version) Robert Massie’s bio of Catherine the Great. He devotes quite a lot of space to describing Catherine’s collecting activities. She bought up whole collections of Renaissance and Dutch masters from, for example, English aristocrats who had gambling debts. CAtherine was very canny, overseeing the activities of her agent, whose name escapes me, as he trawled through the aristocracies of Europe looking for impecunious owners of important art.

Here is an article about Catherine qua art collector:

Here is a paragraph from that article:

“After a shaky start (the paintings collected for Prussia’s Frederick II, bought in 1764, were not a splendid group), the empress and her agents began buying very, very well. In 1769, she bought 600 pictures from the exceptional von Bruhl collection. (The count had been the powerful, art-greedy prime minister to Saxony’s art collecting Augustus III.) In 1779, came 198 works from the collection of England’s prime minister, Sir Robert Walpole. Paintings by Giorgioni, Rembrandt, Titian, Rubens, Watteau and Poussin were among the thousands that came to the Winter Palace as a result.”

I don’t anything in the article about the Bolsheviks selling art from the Hermitage.

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geokat62 says:

Ron, I realize you’re a very busy man, but have you given any thought to the possibility of allowing those Unzers who care to do so to somehow download their archive of comments to their own machines for safekeeping? Not sure if others feel the same way, but given your penchant for truth telling, I have a foreboding sense that this very fine site of yours may be targeted and the record of our extensive comments may be lost.

Not sure if this is doable, but if it is it would be greatly appreciated.

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utu says:

The context of Stalin saying “Blame others for your own sins.” is entirely different:

He accuses or tries to explain anarchists. I would not perpetuate it in the way you and many on internet do it.

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A gentle reminder about another possibly plausible oddity of the religion.:

bj says:

The oddity of Judaism lies in its demonic origins and covenant with blood thirsty psychopathic Yahweh’s promise of supremacy over and enslavement of all other people’s if Jews worship and emulate psychopathy idealized by Yahweh.

The Jewish Question is illuminated by the study of psychopathy. Those who wish to worship the demon Yahweh should be removed from all nations, quarantined in Israel, lest peoples and nations of the earth perish.

The God of Israel Is a Bloodthirsty, Vindictive Sociopath – Does This Explain the Misanthropy of the Jews?—-Laurent Guyénot

“As he usurped the majesty of the Heavenly Father of all mankind, Yahweh in no way lost his character as a military god bent on looting and slaughtering the enemies of his only chosen people. Against the Babylonians, his sword is expected to “devour until gorged, until drunk with their blood” (Jeremiah 46:10). Against the Edomites, “it is greasy with fat” (Isaiah 34:6).

If Yahweh had remained a tribal god from the desert, he would simply be recognized as particularly primitive and cruel, perhaps a demon escaped from hell though an Arabian volcano. But his successful claim to be honored as the true and only God is the biggest sham in human history, and a civilizational disaster of incomparable magnitude.”

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That concept needs to be drilled into people’s heads and sealed in.

The true anti-Semites are the Zio-nuts and thier descendents; Exhibit A is their 7 decades of ineffably sadistic cruelty to the Palestinians, who are mostly true Semites.

Every idea the goons promote is the opposite of reality.

Both “world wars” can be reasonably viewed as unspeakably sadistic anti-goy campaigns complete with holocausts of tens (hundreds?) of millions of them, unimaginably gross wealth transfer schemes, and unithinkably successful control of vast portions of the world’s economy, yet, to this day, millions of dumb goyim and maybe some jews don’t realize how completely they’ve been had by the ruling mafia sects, or how it all continues as we comment.

• Agree: Rurik


Rurik says:

not for Hitler, but for Germany

Germany at the time was being menaced by a genocidal fiend; Bolshevism.

A Satanic cult of hatred, ‘equality’ and death, and there were no people on the planet the Bolsheviks hated more than the Germans.

Bolshevism is (I say ‘is’ because it’s still with us, in spades ; ) a manifestation of malignant envy, it drives its adherents to deranged and psychotic malevolence and ultimately murder. The only way these commies can ever mollify this all-consuming envy/malice, is to see the object of their torment suffer and die.

Hence all those hundreds of millions of people slaughtered in the 20th century, either directly by their commie governments (Mao’s China, Khmer Rouge, Soviet Union, etc..) or the scores of millions who died fighting against that Satanic fiend – all over Europe, Indochina, S America and beyond.

So the honorable Jews of Germany, simply saw the raw, murderous evil of Bolshevism/communism for what it was; a death cult of equality. Whereby anyone whose ability surpassed their own (endemic mediocrity), were rendered dead = finally equal.

If it came to blows today, and the nascent socialist (communist) movement burgeoning in the ZUS right now, were to go from simmering and barely constrained lethal intent for the Deplorables – (people of ability who don’t consider the 125+ million denizens of Mexico or the billions of Africa, as equal citizens of the USA who’re entitled to equal outcome at every metric of society), to a full on civil open street battle, like it was in Germany in the early 30s….

..then what would America’s Jews do under such a development?

I suspect that most would be operating the bullhorns howling that ‘the Deplorables are modern day Nazis, and deserve what they get!!!’

But many of them.. the Stephan Millers and Paul Gottfrieds and I suspect, many, many more, once the deluded Jewish supremacists finally come to understand that the orcs they’re inviting in by the scores of millions, are going to consider them ‘white supremacists’ too.

Indeed, once it become obvious, that the blacks and browns have no intention of living off the scraps from Wall Street and NYC Jewish supremacist’s tables, who want to use the blacks and browns to put it to whitey but good, and then muddle off back to their respective stations in society, as a permanent underclass, the Jewish supremacists will be in for a rude awakening. And when that happens, they’ll come calling at the bastions of safety and order spotting the fly-over country, and asking ‘hey, I’m a whitey too! Can I come in?’

• Replies: @Them Guys

utu, thanks for the respectful comment but I’m aware of the context.

Still, the principle, an ancient one, still applies, and it illustrates how some do business, e.g., when some fool blames Germans for “the” holocaust, it may be fruitful to look whose really the source of many of them.

I also am hoping that it raises enough curiosity in some that they go read some of what Stalin wrote, which is why I always try hard to provide credible sources. It constitutes part of an education, I think.

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Kolo says:


Them Guys says:

[Commenters that make little effort to comply with good spelling, grammar, spacing, and punctuation risk having their remarks trashed, or at least greatly delayed before publication.]

Yes like those Two back to back in Two weeks time frame, massive protests by Mexicans and lefty supporters back a few yrs ago. They had at least 200,000+ joined march, and after msm reported how it backfired on illegal Mexicans due to most all carried flags of Mexico, and praised all things Mexico nation, and every T-shirt had something mexico related as a slogan printed on it.

So, they Re grouped TWO weeks later and did yet another 2nd march with even More joining in.

So yes we can see how easy for such poor illegals seeking a better life and job and pay, just ante up Again within Two weeks, and pay for all those aprox 450,000 total T shirts at aprrox $10.00 to $20.00 Per shirt with printed slogans, same numbers of well designed printed professional signs, same number sticks to attach signs to, and TONS of Chartered Buses at aprox $2,500 per bus to take protesters to march start area. And All done not only in two weeks or less, but also all done on a few private owned home or school computers and printer machines like the machines in use at most offices and school offices or banks etc eh…”Pedro! Can ya print up another 100,000 T shirts After you get done printing them 100,000 Signs on your bedroom computer printer from HP?”

“pedro: Si I will also dig deep into Moms piggy bank back home in mexico and find another few million $$$ to assist in paying charter buses! just as soon as I print those 100,000 flyers”.

And all that had zero outside funds or pro-assistance from Soros and his aprox 170+ usa based non profit orgs all funded massively by soros and several other “Think Tanks” and Americas largest orgs like Ford Foundation etc. LaRaza aka “The Race”( and Not euro whitey race) gets about $60+ Million per year just from ford foundation, maybe laraza didn’t assist those Two back to back events eh?

No, all it was/is every time is backwards non English speaking, nice folks seeking better lives and pay and they just split the massive $10 million or more total costs and march in a peace rally for open borders. Like Black lives matters eh, head honcho female was on every tv news show for a week or longer bragging how she received $150 Million Start up funds from G. Soros, and expected more yet from other orgs like Kilintons “Globalization” funds, Plus she got total Free soros owned mansion in NY was it(?) to live in with all utilities etc all paid for by soros funds.

Must be tough coming up with such huge funds, then have to Again repeat it all over with all New USA Flags and New Pro America T-shirts, and signs, so to make a better impression after the abject backfire fail of two weeks prior, when so much in their faces anti-America but very Pro Mexico attitudes and signs and shirt slogans got most americans pissed big time and ramped up, Close the Borders attitudes going stronger yet!

Yes we all must always give more perks and benefit of doubt to illegals and lefty anti-americans and Marxist rioters because, same as with jewish issues, there just aint ever quite enough proofs is all we be sayin eh.

I rekon some folk, like a few Here at unz would also reject it as proof if a guy were to tell them that, he saw his goofy neighbor smack his left hand thumb a half dozen times, very hard smacks too!, due to he never yet worked with a real hammer like carpenters use….Maybe that aint enough proof solid so such folk would simply destroy their left hand thumb also when they attempt to hit nails with a hammer, because why should they trust that guy who warned them be carefull don’t do as neighbor goofy guy did and smack thumb till it hurts bad real bad.

And my wrong choice of word use, should now mean, all I wrote or will write need be thrown out, like baby with bath water eh…Because every tiny detail and words used Must count as if we all here are doing phd level work. Well screw that attitude and screw them type folk too is my new word choices.

• Replies: @Talha

Wally says:

So IOW, Israel knows the ‘holocaust’ is bullshit.

Otherwise they wouldn’t be arming ‘Nazis’

Rurik says:

Yes, certainly it’s evidence of a far more organized protest.

All ‘wet blankets’ aside, your characterization as ’100%’ is no doubt due in part to the tone of my post you were replying to, where I took egregious liberties with formally recognized protocols of discourse.

the English are not all ‘gay’, (just a critical mass, including all of their leaders and cultural elites ; )

So in the spirit of a certain levity, you also took a certain liberty.

However, we should be cautioned that there are some who’re ideologically opposed to us, and who’ll use any opportunity to attack any lax we display here at Unz, (no matter how petty) for their own ideological agendas.

There is a school marm type here for instance, who considers any Swede who’s opposed to the radical transformation of Sweden into a strife-ridden shithole of a country, as being a ne0-Nazis type full of hate.

They don’t get that what the Swedish nationalists, (or British nationalists or Alt-right types in the ZUS) are motivated by, is love. Pure love for their people and heritage and traditions and culture.

And as these Swedes love their fellow Swedes, and love their illustrious heritage, their enemies are going to try to twist that beautiful love they have for their lands and people…

into an expression of “hate”. And it’s pure projection. As I’m sure you must know. 

you wouldn’t be alone, Them Guys.

The ‘wet blanket, ‘school marm’ types would also seek out the safety and decency of the Randy Weaver types, if the kind of society they advocate, (diversity, multiculturalism, white genocide) were ever to reach a fevered pitch, as it has in many places.

There were no doubt a lot of white liberal, progressive, diversity mongers in Rhodesia, demanding black rule, until that day came, and they were ordered out of their homes, (or slaughtered if they didn’t leave fast enough). As indeed is going on in South Africa as I write this. How many I wonder.. of the refugees fleeing to Russia from South Africa, were progressives demanding an end to the racism of white South Africa, only to be told to get their white arses out of their homes and farms, sans any compensation?

How many times in history has the warning ‘be careful what you wish for’, turned out to be all too true?

• Replies: @jacques sheete

bjondo says:

Not selling. Stealing.

Them Guys says:

Any Germs experts here that can verify how long a small pox germ will remain potent or viable to inflict disease?…..Typical health warnings we usually get during flu season tells us that most germs only remain live to cause sickness for a few hrs or some maybe last 24 hrs at best when germs found on kit counter tops etc. Or germs found on bath sink faucet. Do blankets in a storage locker room last a lot longer? Seems I recall reading several articles that disputed small pox blankets as a fraud that would not work as intended even if tried for real.

However we who were not there at that time, may have similar ideas or okays to it if we too faced such brutal savage killers that typically first did terrible tortures to a person, lasting weeks at times, prior to killing or allowing them to finally die off eh. I think I’d fully agree that whatever it takes to rid planet or at least usa lands of such a savage Inhuman menace is a-ok by me.

I also think even if 100% real as per small pox blankets to cause disease, so what?…That compares to such savage vicious inhuman tortures prior to long awaited death by the unlucky victim captured alive by the savage sub humans?…No not hardly.

I find it difficult to ponder about how most whites back then, had a universal belief in Save Last Bullet for Self and Never let the savages take You alive!…That speaks volumes as to just what they dealt with eh…Commit suicide rather than be taken alive, and if have wife and kids?…Murder them first then kill self rather than subject family and self to such brutal unspeakable inhuman savages and their evil tortures before death agendas.

One more aspect is that most often prior to wars with injun savages, various Christian type persons or groups tried to enlighten the injuns to see how civilized society works better. Most of them got badly tortured and murdered also. So, not hard to understand attitudes whites had then eh.

Kinda like afrcian savages and Mexican dope cartel or ms-13 mex savages today. At some point Whitey just must Take the proverbial Gloves off so to speak, and simply Waste em all for it seems history shows no other methods works.

And I’d bet, if I were a gambler type, that if one day folks saw on tv news that the usa prez ordered Nat Guard squads or Divisions, to go into ghetto zones like Detroit and Chicago, and first warn everyone in area to go into Basements or safe room spots, and in ten min after warning sounded, Nat Guard are going to Open Fire a few Ma Duce .50 Cal. Machine guns and sweep every degenerate gangbanger and doper etc away for good…I bet a lot of folks, black folk also, and especially whites would silently cheer…Some who lived with such savages in same areas, would likely cheer Publicly and Loudly at such a positive outcome agenda. Because yesterdays savage injuns were very akin to todays savage Africans and Mexican cartel or gangbangers. And after Your wife or teen daughter got Gang raped for an entire weekend, then viciously hacked to death or set fire to while yet alive to destroy “evidence” and witness to it….You too may think similar eh. As in Eliminate them all and move on to better things once completed.

Them Whiteys what disagrees can usually be found standing side by side at next negro loot-shoot-Riot-Burn city down event, until it really goes Hot, and same rioter negroes grab closest Whitey to murder next…Then those bleeder heart whiteys will learn finally eh. Too late. But learn they shall.

• Troll: utu

Rurik says:


The ‘Jews’ are not a congenitally evil people. But their narrative, based on the

has made it inconvenient to deal with such Jews in a good faith way. When their motivating principle is that you don’t have a soul and were put here by their genocidal god to serve them as slaves.

Just consider, the Sephardic Jews are genetically identical to the Palestinians they want to genocide.

What can account for the Pals, being so inoffensive for generations, allowing all and sundry to come live side by side with them, Jews, Christians and Muslims, for hundreds of years…

vs. their blood relatives the Sephardic Jews, who demand death and misery for their cousins, based purely on a religion more suited to hyenas than to humans?

What else can explain the corruption of such ethnically and territorially distinct people as the Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews, if not their (megalomaniacal, racial supremacist) religion?

These two peoples come from wildly distinct histories. One is from the Levant, the other is a blend from Eastern Europe, Turkey and Asia. The Khazars. And yet they both distinguish themselves with their treachery, rapine and hatred of all ‘others’.

I posit that it is the demented religion of hatred and murder (red in tooth and claw) that binds these two (13) tribes to their hate-cult, and menaces the rest of the planet.

• Replies: @Anon

Damn, you write well! You continuously make great points and express them excellently too.

• Agree: Them Guys

Them Guys says:

the Jewish supremacists will be in for a rude awakening. And when that happens, they’ll come calling at the bastions of safety and order spotting the fly-over country, and asking ‘hey, I’m a whitey too! Can I come in?’

Ha Ha Ha Ha ha! Like now when internet Hasbarat Jews and TeliViv online back-talkers paid by mossad always begin a reply post with…”My Fellow White People”!….Yep sure thing, just come on in to safe harbor with those well armed progun Euro Whiteys you tried so hard to destroy all of your miserable jew lifetime!…Here jewboys take My Seat at head of Table why don’t cha! heheheheh hahahah…That’ll be the Day eh.

No, instead what folks will be seeing, is radical Marxist Bolshevik jews & their cohort shabboz white lib leftys and neocons, all of them, running back and forth between pro American whiteys side, Vs, enemys of America side, And being shot at from Both groups sides!…They well deserve it too.

Because what they all are going to learn and learn it the Hard way, is that this time when jewry infiltrated America. They Bit Off Way More than they ever can..Jew.

I also agree our side pro usa group will have good jews take our side too. All…Two..Dozen or so Good jews within America.

Rurik says:

Hey Talha,

not 100% of the time perhaps, but as I just replied to Them Guys, I suspect that he was just rolling with the tone of my post, which wasn’t even attempting any kind of pedantic rigor.

If we’re all expected to practice 100% scrupulous severity in our prose, I feel it may take some of the fun out of it, no?

Certainly his wider point, that all too often the ‘spontaneous’ protests against Trump or Les Deplorables, are all too often organized by powerful Zio-forces.


• Replies: @Rurik


Several have commented on the mediocrity of some of them which obviously drives them insane; obsessive, compulsive, pathologically tenacious, jealous, and when all that fails, destructive and psychopathic, and ultimately drives them to a religion where they can hatch any ego-soothing drivel that a wretched mind can invent and stamp with the authority of some “G-d.”

Mr Unz’s comment at 135 seems to explain a lot.:

It appears that resort to a G-d that loves ya and thinks yer special is the only thing some of the inadequate buffoons have to soothe their bruised egos. Making fools of others, looking down on them, mocking them and over achieving by any means possible seems an essential part of the picture too.

So I think that you are once again correct in what binds them, and I also think that it’s interesting that the word itself may be related to a binding, or bonds, (religere) .

• Replies: @Rurik

utu says:

I am not convinced that the DNA argument is definitive in this case.

Thanks for the interesting link about Jacob Frank.

Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

Gypsies were a caste of criminals in Northern India for centuries. They never made a living by farming, the trades or small businesses. They were always criminals.

When the Muslims conquered N India the muslims demanded mass conversions and established a government that outlawed fortune telling, magic, and other gypsy scams. The Muslim government was more effective than the previous Indian government in controlling wandering thieves like the gypsies.

So the gypsies left for the greener pastures of Europe and swiftly claimed to convert to Christianity.

• Replies: @notanon

Rurik says:

they’re even translated to Spanish

Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

Don’t forget the Mizrahi indigenous Jews who never left but stayed and endured. They’re a big part of the criminal under class of Israel. They blame their poverty on discrimination by the Zionist European Jews.

NYCTexan says:

The Hammer family run a Christian academy in the Cayman Islands. They also broadcast one of the largest evangelical Christian radio station out of the islands, and the current Hammer patriarch sits on the boards of several prominent Christian higher education institution. And yet they still consider themselves Jews. Of course they push a dual covenant theology, which came about after WWII. They are certainly not the only Jews who run a good portion of purportedly Christian movements from behind the scenes.

Used to I could find pictures on the internet of the Hammers masquerading as Christians, such as that of the young Armie Hammer (yes the actor) wearing a Young Life t-shirt at Dallas Country Club. I guess they got wise and took those down.

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Whites can leave Detroit, but it is harder for the average Swede or Brit to go anywhere. Inevitably, they are all similar to the poor Polish immigrant retiree in the Detroit ghetto-his house is worth nothing after a lifetime spent paying for it, he is taxed to death and at dusk he goes inside like peasants in Transylvania.

It is not so much about love, as pure survival. At a certain point, given numbers, the immigrants will simply kill and rape the indigenous population. Younger women will end up being like the victims of rape in Serbia. Older people will be killed. The money will run out anyhow because nobody will be employable and taxes cannot pay for families of 5 (which is why immigrants move to Sweden or Germany instead of remaining in Malta).

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I definitely agree that in a massive group and in spontaneous protests, professionally made signs/materials lend weight to the suspicion. Especially in these days.


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Rurik: I agree and am well aware of what you said. I also think we pro Whiteys can consider what we do by promoting truth about jews and hoax issues, as well as African savage negro issues, as a form of Love for our fellow Others….it is an act of Love for Truth, and we need to assist the masses of jews and negroes et al others, to finally speak truth also. Therefore each time one of us debunks the holyhoax rabid false claims jews keep spewing, it is simply we trying to get jews to be Honest jews.

Same for usa negroes and various slavery and ghetto life issues etc. We are sick and tired of being labeled falsely as “Nazi deniers” and Antisemites and, rayyysssis white crakahs for simply speaking truth and facts about the too many to list deficiencies and lesser abilities most africans and negroes in America have, compared to when whiteys run things. Whites have proven in spades to run things better, period. If it were not so, we’d all still be in caves and jungles. Without modern day vehicles and most every good thing ever invented by whiteys.

So perhaps those pro American European whites that have a good platform and write articles like here at unz has so many of…Maybe They need start promoting a new agenda called something akin to.”Please help us spread the word for an agenda to assist most jews and most blacks in America to finally become Honest Truth tellers, instead of always constant Lies about various jew and negro issues done to always Paint euro whiteys in a bad way, and creating vast hatred of whiteys, and mostly done based on Lies and False holohoax claim sob stories…..Lets join to Make Honest Jews and Blacks out of the current crop of massive percentages of Liars and wild tale fablers and story tellers who Live to Lie”. They can also promote it as, An agenda of pure Love for Others!

And if that fails to produce a more Honest bunch of jews and negroes?….Then whiteys must move to Plan-B…..Tough Love. What Ever it takes eh, to assist them to become Honest for a change.

Not many folk can argue with an agenda of causing Honesty & Truth to prevail and wash over the vast lands of America. A type of Clean Sweep actions some might call it. Clean is good, truth is good and honesty also is good, and whom can refutes that and still remain sane?

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they didn’t have hospitals in America in the 1740s. Maybe someone went around gathering blankets that had been used by smallpox victims. But the people who gathered and packed the blankets would have gotten small pox too.

People didn’t know about germs in those days. But it was an ancient custom to burn clothes and bedding of people who died in epidemics because people figured they spread the disease.

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Look bro, I have the same suspicions as you do so I’m not saying you are this 100% wrong – that would be doing the exact thing I am discouraging.

The Muslim community is no stranger to well-funded groups that are trying to undermine us:
In “creating” Muslim organizations and leaders and “expanding their influence,” the key goals of the Soros-linked foundations are: reframing the community as primarily a racial or ethnic identity group rather than as a religious group; emphasizing the community’s support for Democrat-friendly political issues; and weakening the community’s traditional religious teachings such as defined gender roles and the prohibition on same-sex sexual relations.

I already stated I’m not for mass immigration and don’t mind if the door is completely shut.

However, absolutist statements don’t help.


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I read and appreciated the article, can’t be bothered ploughing through the comments, but it seems like a record number for your site.

In any case, mine now is pushing it even closer to 1,300!

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That family of Hammer’s IIRC were Al Gore Sr.’s and his son Al Gore’s top main funders and promoters to get elected as us senator’s etc. Sure seems to be a lot of jew bolshies who have constantly funded so many dem libs to high office eh. Then after they captured the entire dem party, they started in on repubs. Today both dems and repubs are totally in bed with the worlds absolute worst examples of a human being. Maybe some folks consider being a good human being as one with tons of money and material possessions. I sure do not.

No real honest person with integrity and who speaks truth can get elected for other than small town insignificant offices that matters little as far as doing good things to benefit americans and America. Any who may get elected must change 180 degrees or face loss of position at next election cycle.

And first main thing all elected must do is to visit israels “Wall” of an old roman fortress, and wear a jew skull cap, swear the wall is remains of 2nd temple, and bang head against wall, then visit yeshiva Talmudic learning rooms, and sign an Oath document for AIPAC jewry to always vote Yes if its good for jews and Israel, and vote NO if it aint. No other skills or degrees nor abilities are needed to become a us rep or us senator or even usa Prez!…Just keep kissing jewish ass profusely and often and yes You Too can be elected to high office and get fabulously wealthy in quick time.

Rurik says:

Thanks Jacques, (and your kind sentiments are reciprocated wholeheartedly!)

Mr Unz may not be as attractive as Goldie Hawn, (another self-avowed Jew who seems to lack any of the rancor), just as many of the Jews I know don’t display those traits. But Mr. Unz has distinguished himself in other significant ways. A successful businessman and academic, he’s well respected for who and what he is, regardless of his religion.

Can Max Boot say the same? If Max Boot were not a Jew (ish supremacist), what would be his credentials? He’s been (catastrophically) wrong about virtually everything he’s ever spewed.

But as long as he hates, and hates as only a Jewish supremacist can – he gets a platform.

How many of the known Jewish supremacist, genocidal fiends of the world, going back in history, were either particularly intelligent or distinguished themselves in sport or amore or all of the above?

Lazar Kagonovitch or Bela Kun or Solomon Morel, Ilia Erenburg etc..

these genocidal monsters were distinctly mediocre men.

vs. the giants, like Albert Einstein* or Bobby Fisher, whose towering intellects set them apart. They had no need for an ego-boosting religion that told them they were super-duper special, and better than all the rest!!!

*(please don’t tell me that Einstein was a fraud and a charlatan. He may not have been the smartest man who ever lived, [as the Jewish supremacists would have us believe], but he was very smart indeed, and yet as a mild form of Zionist, he spoke with tenderness and justice about the terrible plight of the Palestinians).

So I suspect that there’s some there there.

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Rurik says:

I don’t consider myself that, Them Guys,

but you could say I’m pro-Western civilization, and it’s people. Perhaps that’s the same thing, but here in the ZUSA, I feel the Amerindians and descendants of African slaves and all the rest of the endemic races and tribes that have been here or came here, (sometimes not of their own accord) over the past centuries are all equally part of the fabric of what used to be these ‘United’ States.

However, what you can say is that I am definitely anti – anti-Whitey. IOW anyone who says White men must be fucked-over with Affirmative Action and mass non-white immigration can eat shit and die, as far as I’m concerned.

If you were the descendant of African slaves, God bless you, you’re my fellow countryman. If you’re the descendant of Amerindians, I love that you’re thriving on casinos and so forth.

But if you’re a Mexican or African who demands to immigrate into this nation and get on the dole or prey on the locals, (as many or most of them do) then fuck off. You’ve got nothing coming.

If that’s pro-Whitey, then so be it.

well, as long as the left is definitively anti-Whitey, then I say we try the ballot box first, and if that fails, then yup.. come what may.

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