Muslim Community Patrol in NYC

Unknown Islamic ritual in some Islamic country..... some Islamic country......

Shock AfD Poster Shows White Woman at Islamic Slave Market

“So that Europe does not become Eurabia”.


6 hours ago


25 April, 2019

A shocking poster created by the German right-wing AfD Party shows a white woman being sold at an Islamic slave market alongside the words “So that Europe does not become ‘Eurabia’…Europeans vote for the AfD!”

The poster was displayed outside the Konzerthaus in Berlin to promote AfD candidates in the upcoming European elections.

The painting is The Slave Market by French artist Jean-Léon Gérôme. It depicts a white female slave in an unspecific Middle Eastern or North African setting. The woman is having her teeth checked by a man wearing Islamic garb.

AfD supporters see the painting as a “warning from the pages of history” in reference to current concerns about the sexual molestation of women by newly arrived migrants in Germany.

However, according to New York University’s Isra Ali, who describes herself as a “feminist media scholar,” the painting has “little basis in reality”.

Ali appears to have conveniently forgotten about an entire period of history where white European women were enslaved by Muslims.

During the Barbary slave trade, which occurred between the 16th and middle of the 18th century, Ottoman and Maghrebi pirates operating out of North Africa raided European ships in coastal towns in the Netherlands and Italy and as far north as Iceland, kidnapping and enslaving men and women.

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Vox Party Secretary General Could Face Prosecution For Decrying “Islamist Invasion”

“Civilization is seriously threatened,” asserts populist party’s number 2.


3 hours ago


25 April, 2019

The number two man in Spain’s populist Vox Party could face prosecution for decrying what he called an “Islamist invasion” of Europe.

Javier Ortega Smith, who serves as Vox’s Secretary-General, gave a speech in which he said that the biggest threat Europe faces is from Islamists.

“Our common enemy, the enemy of Europe, the enemy of liberty, the enemy of progress, the enemy of democracy, the enemy of the family, the enemy of life, the enemy of the future is called the Islamist invasion,” said Smith.

Asserting that “civilization is seriously threatened,” Smith went on to claim that Europeans were “suffering in their cities, their streets and their neighborhoods” because of the imposition of sharia law and that Christian churches are being demolished and replaced with mosques.

“They are not willing that their women should have to cover their faces with a black cloth and be treated ten steps back — worse than camels,” he added.

Smith is now being investigated by judicial authorities over the statements.

Vox defied expectations by taking 12 seats in the Andalucían regional election back in December.

The Spanish general election takes place this weekend with Vox expected to pick up around 11% of the vote.

Meanwhile, in a clear example of election meddling, Facebook removed a network of pages pushing pro-Vox content, including Unidad Nacional Española (UNE) – which had more than 1.2 million followers. - Sultan of Brunei Sends Letter to European Union Urging ‘Tolerance’ of Death Penalty for Gays--BREITBART LONDON-23 Apr 2019 - Sultan of Brunei Sends Letter to European Union Urging ‘Tolerance’ of Death Penalty for Gays--BREITBART LONDON-23 Apr 2019

London: Seven People Stabbed in Six Attacks Overnight, Machete Attacks Across UK

24 Apr 2019 Breitbart London@BreitbartLondon

If one group threatens the majority then exile it!

Des  a day ago

This is the lawless society that the Globalists are deliberately fostering, the endemic corruption hides their corruption - and of course the 'tabs' they keep on corrupt people within the hierarchy, provides the means to blackmail those people to do any bidding the Globalists desire.

Spidernancy • 12 hours ago

Before we entered the EEC this country was the safest in the world, now its a pit of despair.
I can remember a childhood of playing in woods without adults, walking unmolested at night, actually playing in the streets at night. Everywhere was safe. Now one is terrified of going to the supermarket.
Thanks a lot establishment, your really doing a good job.

flashman  EmilyEnso • 8 hours ago

When UKIP keeps getting flak from the MSM,westminster and the uncivil service then you know they are getting it right.

richie rich • a day ago

UK is willingly giving their country to the immigrants. People need to be able to defend themselves.

Xnonpcpc • a day ago

It can be solved. First tell the truth regarding the ethnicity of the vast vast majority of perpetrators. Then Imprison any individual carrying a bladed article for a minimum of 5 years in a solitary confined island prison with no visiting rights. Imprison on same island for life without remission any individual causing death of another. Or if you don't think that will work, there is always community service,, counselling, apologising for carrying out such stop and searches,Macpherson reports, Scarman reports, more left wing nation destroying grovelling to invading 3rd world;;savages, and their relatives, St Stephen Lawrence days, BBC biased black propganda, etc 

wattyler3  Xnonpcpc • a day ago

The solution is to remove the far-left globalists who are currently in power in Britain, and who form the political elite and the Establishment. Once they have been removed and replaced by Patriots, the rest will be relatively easy.

powerdesal  Xnonpcpc • 9 hours ago

'' Imprison on same island for life without remission any individual causing death of another. ''


Death penalty. It's cheaper.

Tony  EmilyEnso • a day ago

Any system like Islam that commands the killing of nonbelievers for simply not believing in that system should banned as dangerous and illegal. In Sahih Bukhari(V4,B52,N260): “…The Prophet says, If somebody discards his religion[Islam], k i l l him.” Sahih Muslim(B19,N4366) says, “It was narrated by ‘Umar b. al-Khattib that he heard the Messenger of Allah say: I will expel the J * w s and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim.” Koran 8:39 says, “And engage in war with them[non-Muslims) until there will not be sedition and the religion will be completely to Allah…”

EmilyEnso  Tony • a day ago

. Islam must be examined, exposed, criticized, condemned, and banned as illegal.

Tony • a day ago

Muslims brought their tools to work along with their koran. Islam teaches discrimination, deceit, and terrorism against non-Muslims because they are the worst of creatures while Muslims are the best of creatures(koran 98:6-8). Allah’s apostle was a white slaveholder and a Supremacist against Atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, J * w s, etc. Koran 5:51 says,“O you who have believed[Muslims], do not take the J * w s and the Nasara(Christians) as friends. They are friends to one another. And whoever among you takes them as friends, so surely he is of them. Surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.” Koran 8:39 says, “And engage in war with them[non-Muslims) until there will not be sedition and the religion will be completely to Allah…” Dying and paying money for j i had are two requirements for Muslims to go to Paradise. Koran 9:111 says, “Surely Allah has purchased from the believers their souls and their money so that they may have the garden. They engage in war for the sake of Allah, so they k i l l and are k i l led… .” See also koran 9:123; 48:29; 8:60…. Islam must be examined, exposed, criticized, condemned, and banned as illegal.

Mitch  christianbosnia • a day ago

"Terrorism is just part and parcel to living in a big city". Sept 22 2016 Sadiq Khan

KeepKickingMarxists  Wulf2000 • 7 hours ago

London is now a perfect expression of a socialist commune caliphate! they got it all.....depravity, perversions, crime, violence, savagery, dirt and filth everywhere, corruption, incompetence rewarded and the triumph of the willfully ignorant over the 'intelligent' .......its marvelous. A lot like Maoist China!

 Breitbart London@BreitbartLondon ;  

Khan's London: Average of 40 Knife Crimes Every Day


17‚817 views

Published on Apr 22, 2019

ISIS terrorist got €500 monthly payment after entering Europe; 3:01 min.


‘Dangerous period’ for Europe: Hungary says suspected ISIS fighter found with EU debit card

Published time: 2 Apr, 2019 11:11

© Global Look Press / Monika Skolimowska ; © AFP / Ahmad Al-Rubaye

A suspected Islamic State terrorist, who sought asylum in Europe, reportedly received a prepaid debit card meant for refugees from the European Union. The incident reflects a dangerous new period for Europe, an analyst told RT.

Hungarian counter-terrorism officers apprehended a Syrian national, in Budapest last week, who had been identified as a high-ranking member of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). The suspected terrorist, posing as a refugee, reportedly received a prepaid debit card from the EU upon his arrival in Europe – one of 64,000 individuals to receive the taxpayer-subsidized cards.

While the EU insists that a strict screening process is used to ensure the euro handouts reach the right people, the Hungarian government has argued that the embarrassing discovery highlights grave the security threat facing Europe, as jihadists fleeing the Middle East seek refuge abroad.

Philip Ingram, a former British military intelligence officer, agreed, telling RT that Europe must become more diligent as Islamic militants flee Syria and Iraq.

“We’re seeing a time of transition. They’ll transition into something different. This is a very, very dangerous and difficult period, and we need to monitor that transition very closely, to be able to identify and track known jihadists that are coming through,” he said.

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When will it be accepted to be Muslim and gay? 5:48 min.

When will it be accepted to be Muslim and gay? 5:48 min.
BBC Three
Published on Apr 9, 2014
An audience from Tottenham discusses homosexuality and Islam.
123 789
10 months ago
So I’m a vegetarian but now I’m going to kick of now because I can’t eat meat.
Simple fact is the Muslim lady was right. The rules are the rules. To be a Muslim or any other faith there are certain things you can do and certain things you can’t do. It’s not some sort of tea party group. If you don’t like what the rules are then that’s your choice. There’s no room for makin up additional rules. It’s noncense. No ones giving him a hard time about him being gay but you can’t start adding things to a religion and start watering it down

How the British Welfare System Favours Muslims

Excellent article full of facts and links on the cost of Islamic immigration: New Government Rules on Unemployment: Government Response to the Women and Equalities Committee Report on Employment opportunities for Muslims in the UK: My book, The Fall of Western Man is now available. It is available as a FREE eBook and also in hardback and paperback editions. The Official Website: FREE eBook download: Hardback Edition Paperback Edition: PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to debate with me in the comments about anything I have said, I welcome that. However please listen to the complete podcast and ensure you argue with the points I have made. Arguments that simply consist of nonsense such as "what gives you the right to judge" or "I'm a [insert religious affiliation] and you should be ashamed of yourself" or other such vacuous non-arguments will simply be ridiculed.



Here's an interesting religious counter-argument for why Muslims should get ZERO welfare. Use their own medieval ideology against them. The Quran has stated that Muslims must pay taxes (this is a Jizya because they are a minority living in a majority country). On the other hand, claiming benefits is not stated as being permissible and is not part of the Sharia, likely because it forms part of a secular system which not based on collection/distribution of Zakat. The taxes which they pay (those who do) are used for the schools which their children attend and the hospitals which they use when they are ill. On the other hand, money for the payment of state benefits should be seen as having Riba (usuary) origins because financial services (Banks & insurance co's) generate more tax revenue for the UK government than any other industry in Britain. Therefore, when they are taking money they have not worked for which is exactly the same as taking interest. They are not "automatically entitled" to any money from this government because in order to receive benefits, they have to apply (requestfully beg) for these hand-outs from non-Muslim administrators. To which the Quran states:'Abdullah Ibn 'Umar reported: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: The man who always begs will meet Allah with no flesh left on his face.'

Islamic polygamy, and their extreme patriarchy, makes the following scenario perfectly possible... A Muslim man living in the UK has a harem of women under his patriarchal authoriy. That could include his sister(s), auntie(s) and/or two or three wives (point is that he, thanks to his religion and culture, has authority over several women and their children). Then, knowing the UK's benefit and social housing system, he is able to play it for maximum advantage. He orders the women to each go to the local council office and identify themselves as homeless single mothers. The council promptly houses these women and their children in two, three, four bedroom houses and puts them on full housing benefit, without them even being required, as others are, to sign-up for out-of-work benefits in order to receive housing benefit. NOTE: everybody else (e.g non Muslims) MUST be registered for out-of-work benefits (and must therefore actively seek work) if they are to receive housing benefit, regardless of if they're single mothers with preschool children! Muslim women are allowed to use cultural/religious reasons to avoid that requirement; at most they'll be asked to attend a friendly advice session at the job center, once a year-- no pressure. So, each "member" of the Muslim man's harem now has legal, rent free tenancy of a house, but the Muslim man makes them share just one of the houses between them; all the women and children put in one house. In addition to that, each of the Muslim man's women is awarded child tax credits: money which the women must handover to the man. By illegally subletting his wives/female relatives' tenancies, the Muslim man is now the de facto landlord of a couple of 2, 3, 4- bedroom properties which he promptly crams full of his own "tenants", i.e illegal immigrants, family/friends or anyone who is prepared to live in overcrowded accommodation and can pay cash. After a year or two, the Muslim man has amassed enough capitol to be able to (in the wife's name) get a mortgage on one or more of the properties. So then the Muslim man's path towards legitimate landlord status has begun; in 10 years time he'll have 5 properties either owned or their mortgage being paid for by the 4 students he has renting "his" property. Note: NO local council official will seriously question the legal tenant (the wife or female relative) on just how the hell did she get enough money to buy the property. It is not in the council's interest to scrutinize someone who wants to buy a council home, not when t that someone is offering to deposit 100s of 1000s of pounds into the council's bank account.

I live  near a city called Lewiston, Maine in Northeast USA.  The city is about 10% Somali Muslim who have invaded the city since the 90S(Somali civil war) and they turned into a HELL hole.  The worst city by far in the state thanks to this.  They are like 90% of all the welfare recipients and over half of them don't even work.

We are stupid. My partner has been a nurse in the NHS for over 30 years. Her body is broken. Having had cancer twice, osteoarthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome the NMC have withdrawn her registration on the grounds of ill health. She is therefore out of work and ill. Having paid National Insurance for 30 years she is not entitled to anything. I am deemed to earn enough to support her.

My God man! Finally I meet someone British who sees things as they and has the balls to say it! I spent a decade living in the UK and left disgusted by the exact same issues you discuss in this video. Maybe there is hope for Britain... Maybe Europe will survive??

If you wander around in long flowing robes, with big woolly beards, or if you are a woman who wears such robes and conceals her face, you obviously have NO INTENTION of doing a day's work. You are here to collect the money, which I have paid into the system for my entire working life! What is more, they have sheer contempt for us: they interpret our welfare benefits as the 'Jizya' Humiliation Tax; which is the entitlement of all Muslims. It is up to the Infidel (the worst of allah's creation) to pay for Muslims (the best of allah's creation). And so, they come to the West to collect their entitlement: their dues!

This welfare invasion is happening to all white countries. The only ones resisting are Eastern Europe, which means Eastern Europe will survive after Western Europe has fully fallen to the caliphate. There is some chance Western Europe will wake up and fight back but it’s probably too late. The birth rate of Muslims is extraordinary. Given the large number of white’s who are passionately devoted to favoring Muslims, the Muslims don’t need to reach a majority to seize full power and fully subjugate the white population. Given the preferences and protections given to Muslims it could be argued Muslims are already in a dominant position of power. For example the hate crime laws are designed to prevent any criticism of Islam, Muslims or immigration.

the whole thing is designed to overthrow the western way of life. It has nothing to do with the lies spouted by those at the top, paid off to cause it (note how hardly any european leaders have kids - they have no reason to make stand). Some want this NWO thing to become a reality, and the quickest way, without resistance, is to mess up nations so bad, that nobody is left that cares enough to fight for it, why? nothing left to defend. Look at the state of this nation.

This issue is completely ignored. The left still uses the narrative that the right wing complain about "they're taking our jobs". Well, no. That stopped being an argument years ago. The problem now is that they're not even getting jobs, nevermind taking ours.

When in Rome do as the romans? Na these people are like the vandals that sacked Rome. Rome let them settle on their land. When the economy was weak and Rome was under military pressure, the vandals destroyed civilisation. I'm glad to see you covered polygamy.

Honestly, I'm loosing an inspiration to live any more in this bloody insane word. I am just totally fed up reading and seeing all these things, dear Britons. What's going on in your country now, is a heavy mockery of decent British citizens, not small part of which is being starving on daily bases. Wasting money this way is crime against thousands of British children living in poverty. Since I've left, I missed London very much. Not any more now, London and UK is lost. Even Nigel Farage will not be able to get things back to normal, what I still believed could happen just few months ago, acting without support of mass. Speed of devastating Great Britain is accelerating and unstoppable. Unless immediate resolute and brisk action of people to remove power from those responsible. And - please, support and help free Tommy Robinson!

The best thing that could happen is for Britain to be bankrupt. You know that most of our taxes that we our paying our ultimately going to people that will destroy us. we have to think buying consumer goods roughly 20% of the purchase is going in taxes do we really need most stuff. the essential things like fruit healthy foods and children's clothing which was once free of tax is around 6-12 % . I now just buy what I need i'm not entrapped into this consumer society that ultimately funds Muslims from coming here Are governments should be seen as the Zionists puppets they really are they can have all the liberal polices they want but they need a private sector too fund it . The British economy is made up of 20 % of consumer spending if we all started to just buy the essentials it would be a big step into how our government polices could change

Another excellent video, can't stop watching, thank you. How about making a video showing how mono-ethnic/cultural countries like Japan compare to multi-culti countries? Raised in the US and thought it was the greatest country on earth until I visited Japan. Was totally blown away by the cleanliness, respect, order, technology, and safety. Read that Japan & other Asian countries are watching with alarm what is happening in the West and, as a result, are even more against muti-culturalism.

How the British Welfare System Favours Muslims; 16:49 min.

Mark Collett
Published on May 18, 2017
Find out how the British Government changed the welfare system to favour Muslims. New government policies on unemployment and work place regulations have served to attract huge numbers of Muslim immigrants into the UK and have allowed Muslims to exploit the benefits system in order to stay at home and have large families - all at the taxpayers' expense.

Islamic Britain: the TRUTH about no go zones; 10:23 min.

You Kipper
Published on Feb 21, 2018
Documentary on integration, birth rates & segregation in places like Luton & Walsall. Featuring no go zones, grooming gangs and returning ISIS fighters.

Support this channel:
-Rahul Patil
2 months ago
An Indian here, I cried. As a kid, I was always fascinated by the cockney accent, those British fashion trends and the true Londoners. Watching this makes me extremely sad and I don't know how'd I fee if I was a Brit. These streets now look like every other Muslim area in India where we Hindus don't ever enter. May God bless your souls.
2 months ago
When black people cant go to an area in London... you have a problem
Robin Jacobs
2 months ago
Once you allow SATAN (allah) into your country, your on the doorstep of a HUGE CIVIL WAR!
Idea Factory
2 months ago
Just cut the benefits. Not even a single one will remain...
- Rob Ellis
2 months ago
These imigrants are having 4/6 children each so in 25yrs were going to be the minority in our own country
Tim of free thought
2 months ago
British people footing the bill for muslims to breed , then supporting their offspring with welfare. The politicians should be rounded up and treated like the traitors they are !

Judges found accusers 'concocted' claim of blasphemy




Hundreds of protests held by radicals demanding execution for woman who gave coworkers water

Published: 10/23/2018 at 8:24 P



Asia Bibi

Muslims in Pakistan had warned that if the nation’s Supreme Court acquitted a Christian woman accused of blaspheming Muhammad there would be violent protests in the streets.

And there were.

Protesters in major cities such as Lahore on Wednesday shouted “blasphemers deserve death” and “prophet, we sacrifice our lives for you” after the Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted Asia Bibi, ruling the basis of the blasphemy charge was a “concocted” story.

Supporters of the Islamic political party Tehreek-e-Labaik condemned the ruling, hurling stones at police and blocking roads in major cities, the Independent newspaper of London reported.

Bibi’s Muslim co-workers refused to drink water from a cup from which she had taken a sip and demanded she convert to Islam. Her refusal prompted a mob to later allege that she had insulted the prophet Mohammed. She was convicted in 2010 under section 295-C of Pakistan’s penal code that punishes blasphemy against Muhammad with the death penalty. She was sentenced to execution by hanging.

Bibi denied she made any derogatory remarks about Islam.

The TLP was founded from a movement supporting a bodyguard who assassinated a provincial government for advocating for Bibi in 2011. A federal official also was killed after calling for the Christian woman’s release.

At least 65 people have been murdered over blasphemy allegations since 1990.

See video posted on Twitter of protests:

Another social media chain included a video of a nuclear explosion, and yet another revealed a heavy police presence.

Protests were reported breaking out in Karachi and Islamabad, as well as LaHore.

The American Center for Law and Justice, which represented Bibi, said she “had been accused of speaking disparagingly about the prophet but her real crime was that she offered water to Muslim co-workers who believed Asia had made the water ceremonially unclean by drinking from the same cup.”

“They asked her to convert to Islam, which Asia refused. Five days after this argument between the women, a Muslim cleric lodged a complaint against Asia after a mob of Muslims beat her and forced her to confess,” ACLJ said.

The Supreme Court, however, found the confession was made under the threat of violence and that the story of her “blasphemy” was “concocted.”

The court said: “The alleged extra-judicial confession was not voluntary but rather resulted out of coercion and undue pressure as the appellant was forcibly brought before the complainant in presence of a gathering, who were threatening to kill her; as such, it cannot be made the basis of the conviction.”

Further, the ruling said there “is an inordinate delay of about five days in lodging of the [complaint] which casts a serious doubt and shadow about the probity of the witnesses, and in fact, after the deliberations, a false story was concocted by the witnesses and reported to the police.”

ACLJ cautioned, however, “the danger for this Christian mother of 5 is not over.”

“Islamabad, the seat of the highest court in Pakistan, was on high security alert today,” the legal group said. “Rangers were deployed around the court and other parts of the capital. And there are reports of mobs in the streets burning tires over the court’s decision to release her.

“While this is a day of victory and celebration for Asia Bibi, her family, and all those who have relentlessly prayed for her, Asia and Christians in Pakistan need continued prayers. Today’s verdict will not make many in Pakistan happy. The death threats that have been issued against Asia and the justices should be taken seriously.

“We urge the government of Pakistan to provide necessary security to Asia and give her a safe passage to a place of peace and security. And we ask each and every one of you to please pray for Asia Bibi’s safety as you rejoice at her release.”

The court’s ruling noted that the witnesses couldn’t even agree on the material facts of the case, such as when and where the alleged offense occurred.

The court concluded that since “the conviction as also the sentence of death awarded to the appellant is set aside, and she is acquitted of the charge. She be released from jail forthwith.”

Bibi, according to the Christian group Barnabas Fund, told her lawyer: “I can’t believe what I am hearing; will I go out now? Will they let me out, really? I just don’t know what to say, I am very happy, I can’t believe it.”

Kelsey Zorzi, director of advocacy for global religious freedom for ADF International, said blasphemy laws “criminalize the exercise of fundamental human rights, including freedom of speech and freedom of religion.”

“Blasphemy laws directly violate international law,” Zorzi said. “All people have the right to freely choose, and live out, their faith. We, therefore, urge all governments to uphold this right by ceasing enforcement and initiating repeal of their blasphemy laws.”

WND reported before the verdict hundreds of protests were being held throughout Pakistan by Muslims threatening destruction and murder if the Supreme Court doesn’t order Bibi’s execution.

Tufail Ahmad, a senior fellow for the Middle East Media Research Institute’s Islamism and Counter-Radicalization Initiative, wrote about the threats and violence from Muslims who were trying to influence their judicial system.

The protests took place in an estimated 200 towns and cities, often immediately after Friday prayers at mosques.

“Religious clerics … who addressed the rallies in these towns vowed to continue their protests until the Supreme Court delivers its judgment and to oppose any attempt to amend Pakistan’s blasphemy laws,” Ahmad wrote. “Should the court verdict be lenient against Asia Bibi, they warned of countrywide chakka jaam – laying siege to traffic, a form of protests in South Asia where protesters stop, attack and burn vehicles.”

Pakistani media reported the protest leaders also took pledges from activists and the public to offer any sacrifice of life and wealth.

Ahmad cited a report that said “the lovers of Prophet Muhammad were seen to be extremely agitated and were demanding that the blasphemer Asia be hanged.”

The protests are being led by the Islamic party Tehreek-e-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah.

The group’s emir for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province said: “The purpose of this protest is to raise awareness that if any such judgment is delivered in this sensitive case that grants concessions to the blasphemer Asia, then we will protest all over the country. We will jam [lay siege to traffic] the country and the entire responsibility of it will be on the government.”

ACLJ said the protesters are “enraged at the very possibility of this Christian’s life being spared.”

“They’re demanding her death and threatening consequences – even against the judges – if she’s released,” the group said.

“This is an incredibly dangerous time, not only for Asia Bibi and the justices deciding her case, but the entire Christian community,” ACLJ said. “Pakistan’s Christian community fears they will be the first target of retribution if Bibi’s life is spared. They are asking for prayer and protection.”

ACLJ said the “barbaric mob rule” cannot be tolerated.

“It is well past time for the Pakistani government to take action and start protecting its Christian citizens.”

Crime and Justice IssuesCrime and Justice Issues - Conservative View

Freed! Christian who was given death sentence for offering Muslims water

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has concluded that a story accusing a Christian woman who offered her Muslim coworkers water was “concocted” in order to have her charged with blasphemy, a capital offense, and “the appellant being innocent deserves acquittal. ...

 STRAVIČNA ANALIZA ANTONIĆA: Činjenice u koje nećete verovati KO NAM JE OVO SPREMIO?
19 juna 2018

 Piše: Slobodan Antonić

Zamislite Srbiju u kojoj se na jednoj strani nalaze arapski bogataši, na drugoj muslimanska sirotinja, a između njih glavinjaju srpski domoroci koji rade za svakog ko nudi €200 mesečno. Da li vam to liči na „evropsku” zemlju kakvu nam predočava standardna atlantistička propaganda?

Die Presse je objavio, a srpski mediji su preneli, da „Beč pregovara sa Beogradom o sabirnom centru za migrante koje EU neće”.

Naime, reč je o uspostavljanju „kampova za proterivanje osoba koje budu dobile negativan odgovor na zahtev za dobijanje azila, a koje su došle preko balkanske rute”.

Ta lica trebalo bi da budu privremeno „parkirana” u nekoj, za migrante „manje atraktivnoj zemlji”. Projekat, kako ističe „Prese”, bar kada je reč o zemljama EU, direktno podržavaju Danska i Holandija.

Problem je u tome što je:
1.samo 2015. godine kroz Srbiju prošlo više od 600.000 muslimanskih migranata (ovde), a posle toga još desetine hiljada (naše vlasti ne objavljuju podatke);
2.što su bliskoistočni i ostali migranti, od svih evropskih zemalja, baš u Srbiji prvi put registrovani; znači, prema Sporazumu o readmisiji koji je Srbija sklopila sa EU (2007), da se migranti koji ne dobiju azil u bilo kojoj zemlji EU vraćaju u „sigurnu” zemlju u kojoj su registrovani;
4.u ovom slučaju, to je jedino Srbija. Ne verujete? Mislite da je reč o „opozicionom spinovanju”?

Najpre je UNHCR u izveštaju od 21. avgusta 2015. godine proglasilo Makedoniju „nesigurnom trećom zemljom” u koju se, dakle, ne mogu vraćati izbeglice koje su dospele u EU. A prethodno je i Grčka, odlukom Evropskog suda za ljudska prava, proglašena „nesigurnom zemljom”. Otuda za države EU ne postoji mogućnost deportacija migranata ni u Grčku, niti u Makedoniju.

Srbija je, s druge strane, zaključila 2007. godine sa EU Sporazum o readmisiji (ovde). U njemu stoji (čl. 3) da će „Srbija prihvatiti, na zahtev države članice (EU) bilo kog državljanina treće zemlje koji ne ispunjava uslove za boravak na teritoriji države članice (EU), ukoliko je na osnovu podnetih prima facie dokaza moguće verodostojno pretpostaviti da je u pitanju lice koje je u vreme ulaska posedovalo važeću dozvolu boravka izdatu od strane Srbije”.

Trebalo bi znati da nijedna zemlja na izbegličkoj ruti nije registrovala migrante pre Srbije. Upravo smo mi svimmigrantima nudili da izaberu koji će od dva papira da potpišu: „za tranzit, ili za azil”. Ogromna većina potpisala je „za tranzit”. To, međutim, znači da se oni koji budu odbijeni u Nemačkoj ili Švedskoj automatski vraćaju u Srbiju.

Čak i ako migranti nemaju srpski papir, „prima facie dokaz (iz Sporazuma o readmisiji) eufemizam je za neoborivu pravnu fikciju prema kojoj pretpostavka mogućnosti postojanja činjenice formalno figurira kao dokaz”. Prošli su kroz Srbiju koja je jedina izdavala papire – dakle, imaju srpske papire!

Naravno da EU birokratija ove stvari ozbiljno shvata. Portparolka Evropske komisije Nataša Berto izjavila je još 2015. da će EU po osnovu Sporazuma o readmisiji vratiti u Srbiju sve imigrante koji ne budu dobili utočište u zemljama EU. Isto je potvrdio i komesar za ljudska prava Saveta Evrope Nils Muižnieks: Nemačka će neželjene migrante da vrati Mađarskoj, a ova onda Srbiji.

U praksi to znači da, kao u slučaju jedne iračke porodice koju je Nemačka odbila, Srbija postaje konačno odredište deportacije (ukoliko imigrant ne želi povratak u zemlju porekla). „Nemačka dakle, kao nekakva turistička agencija, nudi teritoriju Srbije za naseljavanje migranata sa Bliskog istoka”.

S druge pak strane, Momir Stojanović, svojevremeni predsednik Odbora za bezbednost Skupštine Srbije, još 2015. nagovestio je imperativ izgradnje smeštaja za 400.000 „migranata” na teritoriji Srbije. I Aleksandar Vučić je tada migrantima poručio: „Uvek ste dobrodošli u našu zemlju. Oni koji se odluče da ostanu, dobrodošli su i mi sa tim nemamo problem”.

Pet dana docnije, tadašnja Poverenica za zaštitu ravnopravnosti otkrila je i moguće lokacije za naseljavanje bliskoistočnih izbeglica u Srbiji. „Njima bi se mogla ponuditi opcija da ostanu u delovima Srbije koji su pusti”, rekla je ona. Na to se nadovezala poslanica Ljiljana Malušić (SNS), član skupštinskih odbora za spoljne poslove i za ljudska i manjinska prava koja je izjavila da je u Srbiji „na desetine hiljada kuća prazno“ i da je „humano“ po tim kućama rasporediti migrante.

Srpsko društvo demografski ubrzano propada. Svake godine Srbija, zbog negativnog prirodnog priraštaja, gubi oko 35.000 stanovnika (toliko više umre nego što se rodi). Takođe, Srbiju svake godine napusti oko 15.000 ljudi. Srbija je u poslednjih 10 godina izgubila 500.000 stanovnika, a do 2050. godine, po nekim demografskim projekcijama, naša zemlja će imati dva miliona duša manje.

I baš kako je primetila Poverenica, u Srbiji je 1600 sela prazno, a u selima gde još ima ratara najuspešnije napreduju – groblja. I upravo tu treba naseliti Arape?

Srbiju, inače, Brisel i Berlin guraju u ćošak koji se zove Zapadni Balkan, „mala Jugoslavija”, kao u bescarinsku zonu u kojoj, kad predamo Kosovo, treba da počnemo da gradimo puteve za Albaniju i da mirno čekamo da nam se evrobirokratija smiluje i pozove nas u EU.

A Vučićev Srbin-glasač, baš kao kakav Kunta-Kinte koji se prodaje za češalj i ogledalce, nekako i dalje veruje da će Srbija, posle svega, biti ravnopravan član EU i da će, odmah po prijemu, upravo on imati 3.000 evra platu?

No, ne mogu a da se ne zapitam – da li i taj siroti, srpski, evro-entuzijasta može da poveruje da će Srbiju kao deponiju bliskoistočnih migranata Berlin ili Pariz ikada primiti u EU?


I baš me zanima šta će na to kaže naš kompradorski šljam koji već godinama raspreda priču o tome kako je Srbija „najbolje mesto za provod” mladih Nemaca i Britanaca – misleći pritom na jeftin smeštaj, jeftino piće i jeftine srpske devojke, čiji vrhunac, valjda, treba da bude „Beograd na vodi”.

Upravo ovih dana je izmeštena železnička stanica iz centra Beograda, kako bi se napravio prostor za nove luksuzne stanove, nove hajklas hotele, marinu za privatne jahte i najveći tržni centar na Balkanu. Kao glavne mušterije očekuju se arapski šeici i drugi orijentalni biznismeni, koji će se, kako zamišlja SNS elita, razbaškariti na desnoj obali Save.

I sad, zamislite Srbiju u kojoj se na jednoj strani nalaze arapski bogataši, na drugoj muslimanska sirotinja („fukara“), a između njih glavinjaju srpski domoroci koji rade za svakog ko nudi €200 mesečno. Da li vam to liči na „evropsku” zemlju – kakvu nam predočava standardna atlantistička propaganda?

Ne, to je tipična država „poluperiferije” koja služi kao spremište „rezervne radne snage” potrebne za povremene periode ekonomskog buma u centru evropskog trans-nacionalnog kapitalizma. A mi i naši budući sustanari – Arapi – trebalo bi da imamo funkciju upravo te nemačke „rezervne radne snage”.

Tako se još jednom pokazuje da gubitak suverenosti ne može biti „na parče”. Narod koji zbog obećavanja boljeg standarda pristane na gubitak makar dela suverenosti, ubrzo dobija kolonijalnu upravu koja je ravnodušna ne samo prema njegovom sve lošijem standardu nego i prema zameni tog istog „desuverenizovanog” naroda nekim drugim narodom.

I bez obzira na to gde, koliki i kakvi budu „migrantski kampovi za readmisiju” u Srbiji, oni ostaju pokazatelj statusa naše zemlje.

Za nas nema „evropskog” puta. Ima samo puta u sve dublju EU koloniju.


'We feel like foreigners': Mother in Germany on son's daycare where '2 out of 25 speak German'

Published time: 28 Aug, 2018 08:34Edited time: 29 Aug, 2018 09:49

©Facebook / Leen Kroetsch

In a polarizing viral video with almost 2 million views, the mother of a 3-year-old boy complains that her son cannot socialize with other kids in a public nursery, as only two out of 25 can speak German.

In a Facebook video post filmed on August 15, the mother, Leen Kroetsch, takes aim at German politicians for what she claims is a botched immigration policy which is forcing her 3-year-old, who has no immigrant background, to adjust to an alien environment in the daycare center.

Kroetsch claims that out of 25 children, her son's group consists of only two without an immigrant background and who can speak German fluently, while the other 23 are unable to understand German at all. At the same time, these other children, according to Kroetsch, can easily communicate with each other while speaking in their mother tongues, which her son obviously does not speak.

"My son must adapt to other children. This isn't integration, dear politicians, integration is a bit different,"Kroetsch says.

The woman also expressed outrage at the fact she had to win the right to send her boy to the daycare center in court, saying she almost lost her "existence" job as a result.

She claims that her son's case is not an exception and is rather commonplace in Essen, the fourth largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, noting that her friend's child is also one of only two in his class who do not have an immigrant background.

Kroetsch says she is concerned not only about the present situation and the well-being of her 3-year-old, but also about the future – in which she fears her son might feel like a foreigner in his own country.

"I'm scared, I'm scared for my son's future and I do not know what to expect next. My son and I feel here like foreigners. Was that intended?" she said, adding that she might be "forced to immigrate someday" herself.

The woman said that although her child was granted a place in a daycare center, she had to fight the center in court, while parents "of Muhammad, of Ali, and as they are all called" don't have to.

The video has polarized people on social media. While many echoed her concerns, saying "there is no big difference to Berlin" and praising the "courageous woman," others said, "nowadays, it's apparently so bad to be Muslim."

While the video has been making the rounds on social media, as well as grabbing headlines in the German media, the official in charge of the institution, Petra Struck, contradicted the account of the disgruntled mother, saying that although it is true that only two out of 25 children were German citizens, the "only common language" they had was German. Struck told Westdeutschen Allgemeinen Zeitung (WAZ) that around half of the students in the group can speak German, while some need more time to learn the language, as they have only been in the kindergarten for "several weeks." She noted that the group was a kind of emergency measure in order to give the children the opportunity to attend daycare.

READ MORE: Is Merkel saving face? Controversial Germany-Spain deal on migrants comes into force

Kroetsch argued that Struck was unaware of the situation "on the ground," saying that she was personally told by the administration that only seven children in her son's group have at least a basic knowledge of German.

"Mrs. Struck has never attempted to speak with me," the mother told HuffPost. 

In her video, she stressed that she is not blaming the children in the daycare or their parents. Kroetsch herself also deals with children with immigrant backgrounds in a boxing club.

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Daily Mail pulls story about ‘migrant-infested’ Paris suburb after backlash

Published time: 6 Aug, 2018 22:02Edited time: 7 Aug, 2018 07:22

MIgrants stand near a makeshift camp in Saint Denis, Paris © Charles Platiau / Reuters

The Daily Mail has pulled a feature exposing a Paris suburb overrun with illegal migrants after local residents pointed out obvious mistakes in the story. It was, however, based on an alarming state report about a wider area.

The article, now deleted, promised to blow the lid on “Powder Keg Paris.” It was advertised as “a devastating report”about 300,000 illegal migrants living in one French suburb, which was described as “a community at odds with mainstream society."

After one Paris Muslim began pointing out inaccuracies in the article, dated July 27, the Mail’s staff pulled it, and blocked archive sites from accessing it.

The first mistake pointed out by Marwan Muhammad was a basic one. Throughout the piece, the author apparently confused the Saint-Denis suburb of Paris – the setting for the story – with the administrative department of Seine-Saint-Denis, located to the city’s northeast. Seine-Saint-Denis covers 236 square kilometers, of which Saint-Denis is but a small part.

From there, the article painted a picture of a lawless “no-go zone,” where Muslim residents run Sharia courts and openly defy the country’s ‘Burqa ban.’ In Saint-Denis, the piece claimed, Christmas markets are canceled and Muslims refuse to shake hands with infidels. Stolen goods are bought and sold in public, and illegal “basement mosques” preach holy war against the West.

One by one, Muhammad debunked the inaccuracies. Chief among them was the article’s claim that 300,000 illegal immigrants call the neighborhood home. According to Muhammad, the area is only home to a total of 110,733 people.

Muhammad’s quick-fire fact-checking was applauded by French Muslims and foreign journalists who shared their own pictures of Saint-Denis. Pictures from one BBC journalist showed a neighborhood indistinguishable from many of Paris’ other suburbs.


Random snaps from a recent afternoon in St. Denis. Terrifying.

Local councillor Majid Messaoudene described the article as an attempt to “stigmatize” the neighborhood’s population. After the Mail took down its inaccurate story, Muhammad called on supporters to get behind a campaign to force the newspaper’s advertisers to withdraw their financial support.

The complicated reality

While Muhammad earned points on the internet for shooting down a shoddy piece of journalism and blasted the “far-right websites” for spreading fake news, he did not address the problems described by a major source used in the piece. The 2018 government report, while not matching the Daily Mail reporting, still appears to tell an alarming story of illegal immigration and crime in the wider Seine-Saint-Denis department.

The report does not mention the existence of ‘Sharia courts’ or Muslim-controlled “no-go zones,” but it does paint a picture of a department at odds with Muhammad’s fact-checking tweetstorm.

For example, the government report describes rampant street crime, which contributes to a climate of insecurity” among residents of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Drugs, counterfeiting, and human trafficking are massively present in the real economy of the department,” it continues. Poor social services have made Seine-Saint-Denis a “ghettoized” department, beyond the measure or control of the state.

The department’s proximity to railway stations, as well as Charles de Gaulle Airport, has made it popular with immigrants who are new to the city.

According to the report, the state does not actually know the illegal immigrant population of the area, and places the number anywhere between 150,000 and 400,000. While this indeed conflicts with the exact figure of 300,000 people given by the Daily Mail, that is still a sizable chunk of the department’s 1.5 million residents.

Authored by Rodrigue Koukouendo of President Macron’s centrist ‘La Republique En Marche!’ party and another center-right politician, the 2018 report recommends that the government lifts its ban on recording the ethnicity and religion of arrivals, in order to better understand the area’s problems.

The lack of positive coverage of Saint-Denis is not exclusive to “far-right” websites, either. A BBC article on the neighborhood, written in the wake of the November 2015 massacres at the Bataclan Theater and throughout the city, portrayed Saint-Denis as a hotbed of radicalization, where residents see themselves as separate from the rest of cosmopolitan Paris.

This is the most dangerous place in Paris,” a Moroccan woman working in the area told the BBC. “Not a day passes without incident.”

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, believed to have been the mastermind of the attacks, was killed in a police raid in Saint-Denis that November.

Since 2012, the French government has declared the area a priority in its fight against crime. TripAdvisor reviews warn tourists, particularly solo female travelers, to steer clear of the area, and travel forums abound with articles and posts urging visitors to stick to the safer center of Paris, just a few miles away on the Metro.

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Bye, bye, France, you've become a Third World dump.

Quentin HoltLeader


Actually France colonised Third World countries and taught them to speak French. Looks to me like the chickens are coming home to roost.


What goes around comes around!.

Wiseguy JohnInfluencer


Not Normski from The Word? You is reprazentin' on RT? Respeck!

Jean WarnerLeader

A truthful article and its pulled! You only have to see the French news and the fact that its a terrorist breeding ground to know that its correct.


Jean Warner

they shouldn't have pulled the article but published a correction. very unprofessional of the tabloid, both the inaccuracies and the attempt to cover up.

jimmy hendrixInfluencer

Jean Warner

imperialist countries like france who invade other countries and leave the population poor are the terrorists

Paco Jacky

jimmy hendrix

we, people of France are not responsible for their kings and dictators , 3 century later, we pay the bill of their behaviours

Helene GeigerLeader

There are an estimated 300,000 undocumented migrants in Saint Denis..and growing..I will let the readers draw their own conclusions...

Eddy SchmidLeader

Helene Geiger

Just imagine, if the French had not invaded and assisted the Americans, in the destruction of these people's homelands, there wouldn't be a problem. Talk about Blow Back, L.O.L.

William Cosby Leader

Eddy Schmid

So that justifies these migrants behaviors?


William Cosby

Victims of the West's Muslim-killing wars, and evil Empires.

William Cosby Leader


You failed to answer the question


Eddy Schmid

Aren't most of these folk from Africa? Mohamar Gadaffi warned Libya was the cork in the bottle ... and France was instrumental in bringing him down. So I guess there is some justice in there somewhere ...

Wiseguy JohnInfluencer


Perhaps you should have said "the French government" instead of "France". No justice there!

Wiseguy JohnInfluencer

Eddy Schmid

Just imagine if the French and other Western peoples had known what their governments were really up to, they would have resisted the "invade and invite" policy altogether.


Eddy Schmid

Sweden never participated in the invasion, nor was it a colonial power yet it also suffers the same fate. The formerly christian nations have gone collectively mad. The reason is because they are formerly christian.

Jean WarnerLeader

Eddy Schmid

Those people are good at destroying their own countries with tribal wars and corruption. They do not need help from the west. Trying to give them a future was the west's mistake.

Paco Jacky

Helene Geiger

Just have a trip to Paris, then go to Lyon, then go to Marseille.......any small town, village, compounds , nest of rats are infested


Paco Jacky


Helene GeigerLeader


You are missing the point..Would you say the same thing if two million invading migrants would suddenly enter these cities? They are abusing the system and people like you support the smugglers.




Wiseguy JohnInfluencer


Don't worry, you smarmy leftist creep. Your government will even betray you, and dump third-worlders on your doorstep. Then all you will have to worry about is your property and your family. Well done for spelling "xenophobic" correctly though. I guess it's all you're up to.


Helene Geiger

If they are destitute, they need our help.

Wiseguy JohnInfluencer



And if they are economic migrants, what then? We have poor people of our own. Why not look after them instead?

‘Explosive situation’: Pro-migrant group forced to end its crucial work in Paris due to violence

Published time: 2 Aug, 2018 04:51Edited time: 2 Aug, 2018 13:00

Solidarité Migrants Wilson / Facebook

Tensions between asylum seekers and police, aggressive drug addicts and government inaction – the volatile atmosphere in a Paris district is forcing a pro-migrant group to cut off their vital volunteer work for newcomers.

Solidarité Migrants Wilson has been distributing food for migrants near Porte de la Chapelle station in Paris' 18th district for 20 months. Yet since August 1 the group has decided to stop their work as they can’t cope with the growing level of violence in the area.

“From the beginning our mission was to serve hot drinks and bread and we have done this for 20 months, every day. During the last month though (July), we started questioning our mission, as we don’t want our volunteers to be put in danger,” Philippe Caro from Solidarité Migrants Wilson explained to RT.

According to Caro, the situation is becoming tense. Migrants cluster in terrible conditions and some of them don’t even have tents, and just sleep on the ground, he said. “Sometimes they are being woken up by police early in the morning, they kick them and use tear gas to move them,” Caro states.

The situation gets even more dangerous when drug addicts show up at food distribution events and cause problems. “It creates additional tension,” Caro says. “They’re aggressive, including towards the volunteers. So this is an explosive situation,” he admits.

Read more

The activist blames both the French government and the Paris administration for their inaction which lead to the growing level of violence in the district. “The state is responsible for people on the streets, for taking in migrants. Meanwhile, the authorities in Paris are restricting access to water taps in the summer. It’s irresponsible,” he laments.

Solidarité Migrants Wilson wrote a letter to the Paris administration, explaining that their volunteers won’t be able to work in the area due to tension between police and migrants, as well as the massive presence of drug addicts. The group called upon the city authorities to improve conditions in the district and solve the problems. The volunteers are planning to meet in September to discuss what the group will do next.

France, like other EU states, is currently experiencing the worst refugee crisis since WWII. The number of asylum seekers in the country reached 100,000 in 2017, according to

In June this year France was among those states that said they have no intention of opening refugee facilities on their soil following a summit between EU leaders. At the gathering, a solution was reached which would involve EU members propping up so-called controlled centers on a volunteer basis

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 - True, this what we see in Canada : Organised monetary invasion, they buy all they can with the money sent to their country, and back here, leaving the poors in their fallen land and buying massively here, with our money, and kicking whites out of their home, out of their jobs, out of peoples peace...!

- Most wouldn't be there if it weren't for the greed driven destruction by NATO member countries. Many are just economic migrants exploiting the turbulence created by the warmongering beast. And many of the individuals constitute a fifth column there among you; and all the the control freaks are happy now, including G SOROS.\\


- That is not justification to rape our women and abuse our children. There will be hell to pay. I still have 25 more good years I can dish out and I shall when the moment is right. Leave now while u can

Yeah, just look at all that stuff, fruit, nutella, bread, jam and who knows what else... all of that stuff costs me plenty of money when I go and buy and that's the only way I can get it without going to jail

- I wonder how many of these do-gooder migrant worshipers actually considered helping the poverty stricken native French first, before inviting in hordes of unskilled violent men.

- AN immigration law as been voted, those activists are not sanctionned, the food is not verified, they are putting ppl at risk, they have to be dismantled, as for the Porte de la Chappelle: its not the druggies who attack, that's the arabs gangs who dont want to loose their turf of prostitution and drugs to new african gangs...but you can say that on tv, isnt it? Seen any womens or kids lately? i dont think so...

Europe has not been attacked, europe is not a country, the so called european project is a failure. People are known by their nation states. The country in question is France. France is a country that looted, pillaged and extracted wealth from the people of the dark continent for centuries, now the people of those places are in France carrying the sacks of IOU's that France wrote many a year ago.

Oh, this Old Testament thing, French of today have to pay for what their ancestors did. Wake up Ali, France is a Christian country where every person has their own free will and have to pay for what the person did not pay for what their fathers and grandfathers did. If you don't like it, go back to a country who believe in OT.

- Last I checked France was a secular country, actually christianity does not allow things that France has regulated and legalized, so your point and statement are void of truth and logic. I am NOT in France or Europe, but yes...I firmly believe the right of returned goods to those who have been stolen from. I know in the west there is this culture, of taking with no recompense, but that is the reason why theses african immigrants want to take back once what was legimately theirs.

The white man in Europe and elsewhere has become a victim of his complacency and softheartedness. The white man's political and demographic downspiral around the world will only end when he shakes off his political correctness and the self-imposed feeling of guilt for being white, and puts his own intetests first.

The aim of the French Government is to get the immigrants to riot - by the looks of it, this summer. The 100,000 immigrants who burn down parts of Paris will give those in charge the excuse to turn France into a police state through the introduction of new draconian emergency laws.

Im a bit concerned that some politicians in Europe might accept a quickfix, such as someone in North Africa offering to solve their migrant problem for them through the use of armed force in return for accepting military rule. Just to be safe it might be best if the GNA in Libya didn't offer Haftar the post of Defense Minister, in case he does a Sisi.

- Obviously, these naive and dangerous pro-immigrant groups need rounding up and jailing for treason. All they do is make it comfortable and easy for illegal immigrants to permanently stay in the country, ILLEGALLY.

They tries to help because the government don't mind if people get hurt and killed. Bring them back on big ships, they still got relatives in their own countries. No one decide to become drug addict, it is because of sickness and homeless people can't cope and it seams as if it is the meaning to target some people to make them fall through. The family ties havs been broken, their believe in something bigger then life have been broken to pieces what in the world would they want to fight for if they feels as they are like hamsters running around without any way out?

- Won't help legal citizens that are suffering from addiction but will help illegal invaders that have no right to be in the country. Nice priorities.

- "Sanitation became a big issue in the makeshift camp as there is only one toilet and just a single water tank to service 500 people" Where did they get the toilet? Where did they get the water tank? Maybe if the didn't get the toilet they would have stayed home. And where did those tents come from?

This is so ridiculous, the Africans are not only skin and bone, in the belt over the African continent plant grows 4 times faster then our do in south Europe, they don't need to come they want to come to get a better life. That is why they get so many kids. But hallo, then all of you have to go back and build up your countries because million of Europeans are buried in Europe soil because they fight for it they worked for it for pennies. Not so other people can come and take it and leave Europeans to be drug addict and homeless.

I agree its the elitests that are pulling the strings from their chateaus and multi million $$ estates, all the while sipping on 200 year old wine.

'People aren't pleased’: Posh Paris neighborhood alarmed by new migrant shelter

Published time: 1 Jun, 2018 16:31Edited time: 2 Jun, 2018 12:14

A makeshift migrant camp is cleared away along a canal in Paris, France, May 30, 2018. © Benoit Tessier / Reuters

The residents of a luxurious area of Paris told RT that they’re afraid troublemakers are among the newcomers after the authorities settled around 170 migrants in the area.

Earlier this week, hundreds of migrants were cleared from their makeshift camps along the canals in the French capital, and some of them were moved to a newly-built shelter in Bois de Boulogne park.

The green area is located along the western edge of the wealthy 16th arrondissement of Paris, which hosts the home of former president Nicolas Sarkozy, the Parc des Princes arena of PSG football club as well as the Roland Garros tennis stadium where the French Open is currently underway.

The move came as a surprise for the locals, who said that they now have security concerns. “I think that people here are not very pleased that this people [migrants] are here,” one of the 16th arrondissement residents told RT. “They are afraid that some of them must be very difficult… some of them are very-very nice, I’m sure, but a little part of them are, maybe, bad.”

Not everybody had grim expectations though, another resident told RT that her life was unaffected after the migrants moved in. “We don’t see any changes. We don’t communicate with migrants because we don’t see them at all in the area,” she said.

This view was countered by a local woman, who said that moving migrants to Bois de Boulogne was a mistake because the area around it “is populated by many old people, who aren’t really open-minded. So I think that this area isn’t the most welcoming.”

This week saw the migrants being evicted from their improvised camps in Paris for the 34th time during the last three years. But it doesn’t seem to solve the problem as thousands of people continue living in makeshift tents along the canals and more than 500 new asylum seekers arriving in the capital every week.


“I thought it was a joke at first.”

EAG News - SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 

Parents in Vernon, New Jersey are outraged over a local middle school teacher’s lesson on September 11, which skipped over the world’s worst terrorist attack and instead focused on the plight of an imaginary Muslim boy named Osama.

Ed O’Rourke, a former U.S. Marine, and his wife, Jodi, told the New Jersey Herald that their daughter’s sixth grade teacher at Glen Meadow Middle School assigned a story titled “My Name is Osama” for students to read on September 11, which his daughter described over dinner.

The Herald reports:

The story … tells a made-up account of an Iraqi immigrant boy named Osama who faces taunts of “terrorist” in school by several students who tell him his mother, who wears a hijab, has “a bag on her head.” After pushing back against his tormenters, the boy is suspended from school for fighting.

The story included no mention of the ideology behind those who carried out the 9/11 attacks, which O’Rourke said should have been a part of the class discussion as well.

“I thought it was a joke at first,” Ed O’Rourke said. “I couldn’t believe it.”

“It would be like, on a day about the Holocaust, doing a made-up lesson about a boy named Adolf being bullied by Jewish kids and saying we shouldn’t blame all Germans – or don’t pick on the poor kid named Adolf on the Jewish holidays,” he said. “It’s grotesque.”

O’Rourke contacted Glen Meadow principal Edwina Piszczek, who relayed his concerns to the district’s acting superintendent, Charles McKay. The next day he met with them in person and removed his daughter from the teacher’s class, according to the news site.

“They couldn’t have been better as far as letting me vent, and agreed that the timing couldn’t have been more horrific,” he said. “They said they were unaware the teacher was planning to do this and that it fell through the cracks, though when I asked if they were planning any disciplinary action against the teacher, they said they weren’t sure at this point.”

District officials have not identified the teacher and refuse to discuss how they are handling the situation, which was reportedly resolved “internally.”

McKay issued a statement Wednesday that doesn’t offer any details parents don’t already know.

“There were concerns expressed by a parent about an article one of our teachers gave out to a class on Tuesday, September 11th,” McKay wrote to the Herald. “I met with our teacher this morning to relay those concerns and then I met with the father to make sure his point of view was heard. Each meeting was civil and instructive.”

O’Rourke told the news site he simply wants teachers to explain the facts about the tragedy that claimed the lives of 3,000 people, including the truth about Osama Bin Laden and other radical Islamic terrorists who carried out the attack.

“I know a lot of firemen and cops who lost family members on 9/11, but unlike the religious extremists who would have no problem blowing all of us up, our society is not going out blaming all Muslims,” he said.

“But there’s also an ideology of people that causes some people to want to kill us and to not respect women’s rights, and that should be taught as well. Instead this teacher was able to influence an entire class with a tainted story made up to show Muslims as victims.”


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