The reason for the following Scientology post:

Claudia, who is former Sea org, has said that when people take antidepressants an E-meter won't read anything from them, to the meter they are dead. And more often than not, even after quitting antidepressants, they stay dead to an E-meter permanently. That's huge, because if true it would prove beyond any doubt whatsoever that antidepressants destroy people.
I had this posted earlier but decided to take it down until I talked to an auditor directly about what happens when people take antidepressants. Then someone wrote to me, ripping me for mentioning Scientology favorably at all. Quick response: This is not a scientology site, it is a news site, and if people get fried by antidepressants so bad an E-meter can't read them anymore, THAT IS NEWS, pure and simple!


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