Preserve Your Eggs for Winter!

Homesteading Family
Published on Apr 15, 2017
Do you know how to preserve your eggs? Water glassing is a long standing historical method that is very easy and very effective! While there are several different water glassing mediums, here Carolyn shows you how to use the cheap and readily available hydrated lime (also known as pickling lime and slacked lime) to easily store your eggs for up to 2 years without refrigeration!

Check out how they did 8 months later here....

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LCJC Family
10 months ago
Hi Caroline, i did this process, i started around July and i just started eating the eggs this January and their is no difference, it is awesome, thank you so much, i bought the 50lb bag at the feed store and your right it will last forever.

Canning Meat (Super Easy Raw Pack) : Homesteading Family

Homesteading Family
Published on Dec 22, 2017
Homemade Convenience Food! Can your own meat.

Keeping some jars of your own home canned red meat on the shelf makes a quick meal really easy... and so yummy!

But does canning meat scare you? If you follow the basic guidelines it is actually very safe ( and much healthier than any commercial product!).

In this video I show you how to can venison, beef and lamb to keep some easy meal components on hand for busy homesteading days.

I know that pressure canning makes many people nervous; it made me nervous when I first tried it years ago. But the new canners are nearly impossible to blow up... believe me, I’ve accidentally tested it a few times! They have too many safety features to explode.

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Canning Stew: Make Your Own Convenience Food: Homesteading Family

Homesteading Family
Published on Jan 15, 2018
Canning your own beef, lamb or venison stew is so easy. Having healthy food waiting on the shelf for a busy night means no more running to town for a pizza or other take out. This is a great way to save time and money on your homestead.

Using a pressure canner is safe and easy, and, especially if you have a large pressure canner to maximize your efficiency, it is a really timesaver too!

In this video Carolyn shows you how to take some veggies and meat and make a delicious and nutritious meal in a jar.

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