Cancer and YOU- Whistleblower Dr. Judy Mikovits - 11 Minutes

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Published on Sep 8, 2018
www, - "My 15 Day Testimonial Results From Somaderm Gel From NewULife" --~--
We have reached out to Dr. Judy and hoping that she will agree to interview with us in the near future.

Courtesy of - Mike Adams
(Natural News) In one of the most shocking science videos you’ll see this year, molecular biologist Judy A. Mikovits, PhD, reveals the disturbing true story of how she was thrown in prison for blowing the whistle on deadly viral contamination of human vaccines.
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People & Blogs

- Elizabeth Mapplebeck
3 months ago
She was dragged out of her house in shackles. Grateful she was/is strong and did not renounce her work.
- HeyYouGuys!
1 month ago
Jade Green
2 months ago
In 1986 the gov gave family settlement money to family over vaccines, I knew 30 years ago about this, if your read prevention magazine's in the 70s you knew.. my son is 31 years old, has never been sick, I have never had to take him to doc only for check ups. I grew up with my grandparents who did not trust doctors..... Thank God for that . So many of my clients have sons who are very sic... Doctors are giving flu shots to pregnant women now.. it's so crazy.
- Jesus Trujillo
3 months ago
Thank you. My masters thesis was on Pfizer and it is an eye opener. One issue was very clear Pfizer is not there to help people but deep down, I believe Pfizer and all other mega pharmaceuticals will be a party to killing a large portion of society in the future.

Between Amgen, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Mark & Co., Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, Pfizer, all these companies can do a lot of damage.
Jason Avera
1 month ago
My cousin son has Autism because of vaccines. The minute I woke up with the red pill I stopped all Flu shots and anything else Big Pharma had in store for me. Thanks guys for helping the House Ranger get this out. What sucks is most of my family is still asleep and the think I'm crazy because I woke up. So unfortunately it's even harder now to get through to them, because of my tinfoil hat I have on. It's sad to have to sit back and watch people keep going through this because they won't listen to myself you and anyone else that is awake
Ephesians 5:11
3 months ago
" Dr. Mary's Monkey " ---- In the early 60's Dr. Mary Stults Sherman had linked the Saulk Polio Vaccinations to the spreading of late onset Cancer viruses and she was silenced - murdered in 1964. Polio vaccinations, developed on Monkey tissue were discontinued in 1963.
I've found astounding that such a significant revelation gets lost and goes largely unrecognized today. Unfortunately, links to The JFK assassination distract from this epic discovery.
" In 1995 Edward Haslam published Mary, Ferrie & the Monkey Virus: The Story of an Underground Medical Laboratory. In it he claims that Sherman was involved in carrying out secret research into developing a vaccine to prevent an epidemic of soft-tissue cancers, caused by polio vaccine contaminated with SV-40. "

3 months ago
Her book “Plague” IS Mindblowing! Just as Dr.Leonard Horowitz proved in his books, along with actual military and gov documents!
Miriam Jewett
1 month ago (edited)
I have had diabetes since 1984 and have been thru just about every generation of diabetic drugs, as well as cholesterol meds.
All made me very sick, put weight on me and eventually, invokana put me in hospital. The doctors had never heard of invokana, so new on market. They didn't have in dispensary. That's when I knew these hospitals have no idea what they are doing when it comes to drug interactions. I told them my bp dropped because I was also on an ace inhibitor, which combined with invokana, drops the bp.
Of course, they didn't listen.
I could go on with these drugs and what they put me thru. A cholesterol drug took me to emergency room with pancreatitis and statins attacked my muscles.
I have a HUGE list of drugs I won't take. Including meds that raise sugars.
I piss off doctors and have been told early on, it's all in my head.
I would go thru periods when I stayed away from docs.. but you need a primary care for stuff like antibiotics, injuries, etc.
I recently had my doc tell me maybe I need another doc because she felt she wasn't helping me. I told her I would sign anything she wanted, absolving her of any liability. She thought she wasn't tough enuf. I told her it would not matter what doc I saw, and that id had two doc's tell me I was going to die from diabetes and won't see grandkids grow up..this was about 20 years ago.
I have decided, at almost 60, I am better off doing the best I can and take Alpha Lipoic Acid. I will live longer.
My friend has same diseases, she faithfully takes these meds. Sugars go up and down. Unless you've ever had a blood sugar drop due to medicine, you have no idea what the heart goes thru. She now has afib. I know it's from the yoyo of diabetic meds.
These drugs cause disease, then they give you another to treat what the other pill did, and on and on. And when you die, they blame your original disease, not the damn poison pills we as a society are being given as guinea pigs.
And pharmaceutical commercials on tv should be illegal.
Yeah, I knew the government protected the pharmaceutical companies and their vaccines ..
I have tremendous hatred for big pharma.
- Miss Diva
1 month ago
As soon as a parent says no vaccine doctors, school, and others call child protective services and they will give you the option of immunizing or having your child removed from the home. Vaccines are forced.
- Colie Mort
1 month ago
Crystal Clear
3 months ago (edited)
Your passion 'not being money', THANK YOU! That is a rarity in most minds of the world. Keep up the great work lady :D It's a slow progress on this medical mess but in time things are evolving and changing for the better because of people like her. Was sad with that sick Cancer event for all donations that was on tv recently. I was feeling so bad for the blind who don't know the true facts of the medical field, people can't 'see' what's right in front of them and so much manipulation going on. Medical is one of the greatest gifts to they're concept of Money...many have been so manipulated to only help themselves and not Each Other. Many don't support anyone, until It Happens To Them, or friend and family. Come on society, Help All.
Dan Golthing
1 month ago
what confuses me the most is not the corporate corruption and lust for money behind vaccines as well as most medicine, such as so-called cancer treatment. What confuses me is the rage encountered when you merely suggest that we should open a dialogue on vaccinations, how many should kids have, which ones, why do the pro-vax adults not have their adult vaccinations, and so on. And these disciples are not insiders. They are everyday people voicing their support for vaccinations on forums, at work, and so on. We are not allowed to even question vaccinations!? And many of these people are left-leaning who hate corporations!
1 month ago
Research Senomyx. They are putting human fetal tissue in our food, drink ( all Pepsi drinks and Gatorade), vaccines and cosmetics. They want to make cannibals out of us for their Luciferian/Satanic agenda. Pray and make up your own mind about this. I don't put it past these evil sick people. Chelsea Clinton, Anderson Cooper, Meryl Streep, Katy Perry, and many other "elite", are members of the Cannibal Club in LA. They all pay the government and law enforcement people in charge to keep this disgusting place open. No morals, just greed and blindness...Satan's way.
- Paul Kearns
3 months ago
Should be listened to twice 😉
Yes, ask questions, put things in writing, request things in writing...
Always give "clinical symptoms (your mouth to Dr's ear)" in writing you may see someone stammering and or what's that...
Power corrupts absolute power absolutely corrupts, "the love of money is the root of ALL evil".
Heavy medical education debt sets the wheels in action plus pharmaceutical reps feed the fire, ect... 🔻🐐🔺☠🤘👁👌. 👊😎🇺🇸
2 months ago
Listen, all your big pharma is families like owners of A.G.Farben that were producing poisons to kill people during World War - I and putting experiments in concentration camps during WW-II. They needed source of money after all these wars so they come up with an idea to put people of the world on retainer - coming back paying guinea pigs. PHARMA is a poison makers!
Rob Widdicombe
1 month ago
This made me weep (I'm a man and I don't care!). I have a PhD and for years have been dismayed at the leverage which mainstream scientists with Big Pharma wield and the corrupted influence they have. It is the same in every field - destruction of someone's reputation and life is nothing to them. Dr. Mikovits, my heart and utmost respect goes out to you.
- Whitey J
Whitey J
2 months ago
I was diagnosed with c.m.l. last december. The oncologist said that 80% of my red blood cells were inmature and not carrying oxygen. I was suffecating from the inside. He also informed me that nobody knows where or how leukemia is formed. I accidently got shot back in 1996 while repairing someones' heating stove. I was told by the surgeon that I came within a pint of bleeding to death. So I had to get a blood transfusion. Now I cant help but wonder if I got leukemia through the blood transfusion! Because I have been experiencing these symptoms for decades. I quit working 10 yrs ago. It took the medical community that long to find what was wrong. The differance was that I either didnt have insurance or all I had was state insurance. It wasnt until I could get private insurance that it was found. By then I was on the edge of death. I had made peace with this life and told my wife that we dont have too many days left together. The hippocratic oath is just something that is a relic. No longer practiced. Just like the justice system. I got shot while helping poor people in my community. The owners of the gun were not held accountable for their negligence whatsoever! They had sawed the barrel,stock and the trigger guard off! With no safety at all! As I walked into the room to tell them I was done and they now have heat,the wife knocked the gun over and it went off. I was standing right in front of it! It blew a hole through my leg! I lost 75% use of it. But I still rehabilitated myself and returned to work for the next 17 years. Until 11mm of lead somehow migrated into my spine and hip. Which causes so much pain that between the damage to the leg,hip,spine and the leukemia I cannot work. I can barely get outta bed most days. I have always paid my taxes. I have always helped my community. I dont have a criminal record. Yet,I have been denied disability,that I paid into for 20 yrs,for the 2 times that I have filed. Pay close attention to what I say! Be very very careful to not get hurt or catch a disease such as cancer. Because you too could lose your home and everything that you have ever worked for due to the actions of others! My motto now is "no good deed goes unpunished!"

1 month ago
But why don't they come get her now and take her back to jail, since she's written a book saying the same thing they put her in for the first time? How come now they don't care? And how come she doesn't even seem worried that they might come and take her back to jail?
And how come she doesn't hire lawyers and sue them for false imprisonment?
I want to believe her, bros and hos, but something doesn't add up here.
Teresa Wright
1 month ago
The early vaccines gave my Mother Lymphoma after 30 yrs. It explains how her little sister died at age 10 of leukemia and a baby Brother of Brain encephalytis. These evil sonsabitches.


- Jules Peace
1 month ago
My son was a 6 weeks premature baby and they gave him the HepB vaccine the spot where they gave the vaccine he grew a tumor at 2yrs old he had surgery to remove it. That was 17rys ago. I wish I knew what I know now. If you read the insert to All vaccines the list of diseases you can get is endless. I met Suzanne Humphries when she came to Australia with the Vaxxed movie which had to be at a hidden location due to our tyrant government. Suzanne is a wonderful human being but noticed that patients that were getting the flu shot ended up on dialysis thats why I as a outpatient I never took any vaccines which they kept pushing me to have before my transplant they wanted me to have 7 vaccines but I said to them I WOULD RATHER THEY SHOT ME WITH A REAL GUN IN THE ARM THEN GIVE ME SHOT OF VACCINETHAT CONTAINS A COCKTAIL OF POISON. The pharmaceutical companies are the real cartel of our society they make Escobar look like a saint. Notice every commercial has a pharmaceutical drug advertised..

Melissa Grosse
1 month ago
MORGELLONS DISEASE. Sprayed on us through chemtrails..... Julian Assange was trying to tell us about smart dust before his last transmission was cut...
- Queen Alice Kingsley
1 month ago
The data that shows H.I.V in vaccines, polio vaccines, and taken to Africa can be followed by the infection and facts from each village to village.....theres eeven a book written about it, IS NUTS, AND FACT. The CDC is supposed to keep all vaccine originals but interestingly enough THAT ones missing
1 month ago
2011 was the year medical murder shifted into 4th gear...2018 it shifted into 5th!
- Melissa Grosse
1 month ago
THIS is why I will not take flu vaccines or any other USA vaccines. I'm so sorry I recommended the HPV vaccine to my daughter. Within a year she had developed autoimmune disorders, which I also have severely. Is this dr. STILL alive? Just wondering...
Heaven is the place 2B
1 month ago
all these immunizations we are required to have are just ticking time bombs for cancer to set in your body this is why certain times they require you to receive them in your life a lot more should be looked into for this
Tony Silva
1 month ago (edited)
Use a natural path doctor and have your child go through Natural Therapy and vitamins through intravenous detoxing as well, let them guide you because doing detox could cause other complications or problems unless it's done right, so look up a natural path doctor near you and call them see if they have a free consultation, ask about the services they provide what do they provide vitamins intravenously, some vitamins are required and high dosages and if they're done oral causes diarrhea the only way to do it is intravenously such as some types of cancers are dealt with high doses of Vitamin C given intravenously... PS you have no right to be free you have the responsibility to be free.... these issues are really a symptom of what's wrong with the way Society is planned and managed, or entire planet world revolves around central planning of every aspect of everybody's life socio-economically financially geopolitically as such it has a limited carrying capacity because of its artificial global economic system and so it has an ideal human population that it can manage once the human population succeed a manageable number those so call human resources numbers need to be reduced and that's where Pharmaceuticals come in as the soft technique by which human populations are curtailed for management purposes then we have hard techniques such as Wars, which bring about the greatest results cuz two things are achieved One Things Are destroyed human populations are reduced to a manageable number there is no longer a unemployment crisis and the remaining human capital can be put to work to repair the damages to infrastructure brick-and-mortar so on and so forth. But there is a better way and wish to manage Society without the moral hazard of having to curtail your human capital numbers by direct intervention, and that is by the means of economic freedoms and sound monetary policies by which we can have a global Society that will bring about a natural progression towards the stability sustainability of so-called human resource numbers. Economic freedom is the most efficient method by which two bring about a complete balance through people's individual merits and energies apply to creating the quality of life based on individuals requirements. If we look up today is monopolistic corporatist operating mechanisms we see system that operates on a Heidi inefficient and artificial consumer demand paradigm, which consequently requires massive amounts of resource extraction impact on the environment all for the sake of Mass producing things that people really don't need while at the same time the inefficiencies of these corporatist monopolist requires subsidized capital by taxpayers to keep the inefficient and artificial prosperity on a continuous and rapid progression. As global economic system based on individual merits will do the exact opposite it would function much more efficiently as it relies on personal merits and Ingenuity artistic nature and creativity and input and in turn from their by virtue of these mechanisms you have a balance of Natural Resources extraction and utilization. And it is through economic freedoms and sound money that the individual is able to reason negotiate life on their terms. Money also simply a proxy for humankind's ability to reason I means by which one can preserve their past present and future labor and something that has value and purchasing power through time. It is essentially energy that is stored as a means to trade for other goods and services. This is going to get too long but I would have you refer to Austrian economics Ludwig von mises, the misery index and the two components responsible for misery, I would have you refer to the slavery index, fractional Reserve banking, the nature of private property, maritime law, anarcho-capitalism, the purpose of the birth certificate, the difference between Keynesian economics and Austrian free market economics the moral hazards of communism Marxism socialism. And finally a sweet video entitled what anarchism isn't
- #Banana#Republic#USA.
2 weeks ago (edited)
Big pharmaceutical companies benefit from the miss fortune of others. If they can create this misfortune they will profit even more.

Four instance; The opioid/heroin epidemic of the 60s and early 70s was nothing compared to today’s opioid epidemic.
Because the biggest dope dealers are protected by the federal government and local authorities. The biggest drug lords and drug cartels are the big pharmaceutical companies. They have used lobbyists to push their drugs onto the people. It seems that the people that actually need pain management are not the people that are getting these drugs. These drugs seem to be falling into the hands of local illegal drug dealers. These opioids are mass manufactured beyond there actually needs.


We (MUST)make pharmaceutical companies non-prophet organizations. Before they killed us all.
2 weeks ago
I am required to get a flu shot every year. I work in a hospital. If I want to work in ANY hospital I must submit to a flu shot. If I refuse, I will no longer have a job in healthcare anywhere.
- Kaff777
1 month ago
30 years ago. I had a flu vaccine and got so ill I had to teach myself to walk. again. I never fully recovered. I have had a life of hell since. So i believe this. I always suspected it.
- A R
3 months ago
Yep the autistic kids actually have parasites that are sometimes a meter in length they can’t even figure out what these parasites are made of they are like viral pathogenic type thinfa
Colie Mort
1 month ago
Look up the sealed pfizer lawsuit against about 40 States suing fizer for lying about anti psyco drugs given to children that wasnt even suitable for a full grown male w schizophrenia. ITS FILED UNDER SEAL IN 2005. BUT THEY CONTINUED LETTING THEM GIVE 5 6 7 YR OLD CHILDREN THESE DRUGS. THE FDA WAS SO BUZY THEY DIDNT HAVE TIME TO DO THE TESTING ON THEIR DRUGS SO THE FDA TOLD THE PHARMA THEY COULD DO THEIR OWN TESTING AND AND APPROVALS.
-IIA Target Analyst
2 days ago
Dissertation; root cause of Chronic Fatigue syndrome and or Fibromyalgia, those that suffer from it, are allergic to mold, mold on corn Corn has a natural mold that cannot be killed via cooking or processing. Corn is used in most foods as a filler (bulk up food generate more profit) Omit corn products from diet, there are 30+ labels describe corn, you'll experience within days free of inflammation 👋

Dr. Judy Mikovits, with pure intentions to reveal the truth, and exposing the lies, was blindsided by the deep state. May God Almighty continue to protect her and her loved ones. May God continue to bless the work of her hands. Thank you, Dr. Judy Mikovits. Your personal and professional sacrifices are very much appreciated.

Published on Sep 8, 2018

www, - "My 15 Day Testimonial Results From Somaderm Gel From NewULife" --~-- We have reached out to Dr. Judy and hoping that she will agree to interview with us in the near future. Courtesy of - Mike Adams (Natural News) In one of the most shocking science videos you’ll see this year, molecular biologist Judy A. Mikovits, PhD, reveals the disturbing true story of how she was thrown in prison for blowing the whistle on deadly viral contamination of human vaccines. Mikes's Video Platform - How you can support us – Patreon – PayPal – Our Preferred Way – Become a Zeal For Life Preferred Customer Our HPB CBD & Essential Oil Online Store - Where else you can find us- Website – Bitchute – Facebook - Twitter – Jim @thefreedom2live Angie @mrsjab3 Daily Motion - ROKU – Channel VLTV **** VL Coffee Mugs now on Sale for $9.99 Plus Shipping Reg $14.99 Email me @ - You can see the Mugs Here -



My 5 year old son, three weeks after being vaxxed for kindergarten, came down with Kawasakis disease. It took 5 doctors to realize what he had and he almost died. I was told he contracted it from contact with another kawasakis carrier. At the time this happened my son was one of only two children to have contracted this disease in BC. 1 in 1 million i was told. He never spread it to us or anyone, and they never found a carrier BUT he was vaxxed. It took me years to realize that its plausible he got it from his vaccination. If you think this cannot happen? THINK AGAIN. I started researching and reading inserts and blah blah. Looking at where the vaccines come from. This is terrifying believe me. For your child to contract an extremely rare auto immune disease out of nowhere? NOTHING is out of nowhere.

They tried to pull a Wakefield on her....downright diabolical folks, there is an agenda, and when good folks get to close to the heart of the truth such as Judy Mikovits, Andrew Wakefield, Sherri Tenpenny, or Schaeffer Cox, TPTB attempt to squash these good folks while allowing SRA, pedos, and the like to continue degrading, and shedding darkness on humanity (God’s creation)!! Please if you haven’t spent some time watch The VAXXED stories, Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and most importantly the PARENTS and families!! Dr.Judy you are an amazing God fearing woman! God Bless you💗 “All that’s done in darkness, will be brought to light in the end of days”


people like this help me restore my faith in humanity one baby step at a time. What a hero this lady is!


i have said so many times i wish i knew this prior to immunizing my kids...we ran on blind faith until we have educated i will fight tooth and nail to prevent my grandchildren from being injected with poison....i will home school them before i let anything knowingly happen to them

KO KRIJE ISTINU OD SVETA: Naš lekar iz Švedske otkriva velike tajne do kojih je došao istraživanjem!

Gost na YouTube kanalu "Nauka i Misterije Balkan" bio je DR. Jasmin Topalović, medicinski istraživač i nutricionista. Čovek koji živi u Švedskoj i koji je tamo rođen, ali izuzetno dobro govori srpski jezik. Preporučujemo Vam da pogledate celu emisiju i saznate više o brojnim zanimljivim temama. Emisiju je vodio novinar Aleksandar Pavković.


Kao i uvek, svaka reč vašeg cenjenog gosta kojeg visoko poštujem je iskrena i istinita. Ovakvi ljudi su bili potrebni uvek a naročito sada u ovo teško i složeno vreme puno prevara u svim oblastima života.Dr. Jasminu veliko hvala za sve što radi u cilju pomaganja ljudima i vraćanja nade u ozdravljenje.


Odslusala sam cijeli intervju sa gospodinom Topalovicem, mnogo mi se svidio ali sam se na kraju ipak razocarala jer sam se nadala bar nekom savjetu, bar nekom recepticu, pored ostalih problema koje imam najvise me interesuje gojaznost i dijabetes. Ocekivala sam bar neki konkretni savjet ili objasnjenje za bilo koji zdravstveni problem, medjutim na kraju krajeva nista od toga. da je barem ostavio broj tel. za kontakt kako bi svi oni koji su zainteresovani mogli pitati sta ih interesuje.

Koliko sam od svega razumela i jednostvano rečeno jeste da je;- LEK JE NAŠA HRANA - NAŠA HRANA JE MEDECINA!

Ovo sto kaze Doktor to je istina jer kako kazu izreka "kakve su ti misli takav ti je i zivot ".

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